Please watch all V episodes you can find and Star Wars there is more truth to what you see then not. both are flying and hovering above. The two stories are connected. There was also an alleged parody if you can find it watch that as well. The answers on how to fix this and beat them is all right there for you. Its all real extremely real. Unfathomably real. World we have a big problem on our hands and you need to open up your minds.

I need pickup by CIA or Secret Service who work for USA Government PROPER. I live at 2726 Clay St. Lake Station In. 46405 my telephone number is:

219-400-1026 and is listed under Sarah Covington. I am listed on paper as Anna Marie Boettcher, Allen Boettcher, Elizabeth Kristine Boettcher, Anna Victors Anna Malik. Clandestine Soldier, CIA, Secret Service, MS 13 Admiral, First Infantry Division of the Third Revolutionary Army, Illuminati, UN Ambassador, Alien Ambassador, World Ambassador, and Interpreter for the Grays, and was elected President during a special Election that was held due to the criminal corruption before Trump was elected therefore the rightful President. The wife of Corey Haim, the mother of all Madalynn’s, Alyssa’s, Mackenzie’s Makayla’s, daughter of all Dave’s and Carols.


I  am also a Pagan Minister & High Priestess. Why am I living in poverty and don’t have any cash and bumbling cigarettes from people who own life insurance polices on me and are participating in Witness Intimidation and Witness Tampering?

I am unarmed and so should you be. A check of the government site found money will be assessed before I will go with you do to the corruption, mistreatment and drugging of me and mutilation and rape of me be prepared to show proper ID and provide a badge and ID card and Drivers license that all match up.

Monsters In Closets: Introduction Crime Victims Rights




8/19/2019 4:30 PM CST. War was declared upon the US due to TRUMP & HIS REGIMES Refusal to step down. 

The Regimes game playing, lack of respect, refusal to step down and do the right thing has left me with no choice but to declare a revolutionary war to restore our government to its former pre-infiltrated state. So freedom may ring once again and justice can be restored. The game is over. While I am ill-prepared, nothing worth having has ever come easy, you have my blessings. Do whatever it takes to fix it before a world war starts and we are invaded by communist mason countries. Wake the people up. Rape and sex trafficking are still crimes and under Marshall law which I declare is to be punished by death immediately even if caught in the act. Relief of command laws will protect the good upstanding citizens of law enforcement. This is disgusting. This is also a state of emergency. If you have not done so yet, we are headed for war you might want to take out all your stocks to protect your assets. I am sorry it has to be this way but there is no alternative anymore. There is simply no choice the illusion of freedom the visitors proclaim is not even an illusion anymore it is a outright bold faced blatant lie. What they have done to the government or planet and to us who used to love but can hardly feel love anymore and what was done in regard to my life my kids my family my body and other victims as well, I am not the only victim here, just the one willing to stand and tell. Plus the special election and n regard to my presidency is proof of that. As Illuminati I hereby change my vote and the votes of my daughters all part of the Boettcher Covington Family to YEAY for a war rather than NEY. I give to you this warning, be careful what you ask for you might just get it. I hope you understand fully what you are getting yourselves into and are willing to fight to the death. War is not to be taken lightly you must posses perseverance, dedication, love for your country and for man and most importantly true grit, that of which I have yet to see. If you plan to go to battle you must reach deep down inside yourself and find  your will to survive. The alternative is world damnation and being devoured by green lizard aliens sit there and think about that when you need to add fuel to your true grit fire. Prepare for and engage in war. We are in a state of emergency world wide please let the people know. The target is the Alien Lizard Invaders. Trump is in a partnership with the Korean’s, China, Russia, which is why he says nothing and does nothing about the missiles. The US should arm themselves prepare for combat and engage immediately, due a suspected forced invasion and attack on the US coming near the end of this month by them. Protect our boarders and our country from this NAZI invasion. They walk talk and feel like NAZI’s they march like NAZI”s and that is because they are which means they are also Lizards and VISITORS. They must be annihilated. 

When I started to write this site, I did not know many things. I did not remember I had been abducted, that I had so many fathers, that I was raped viciously by aliens, and most importantly I did not remember that we had been invaded by them. I did not recall all that I forgot but by use of clairvoyance, and telepathy as well as my environment and psychic dreams that lead me to today and have lead me through every day up until this point for the last two years exactly to the day including me writing this. There may be some dependencies. My family are not vigilante’s or serial killers. All killing that happened was job related and done by persons holding a BADGE and the right to do so as given to them by the government. 

They are CIA contracted by the Government to infiltrate, protect me and the government resulting in protection of the world. Some of them may of been abducted themselves and may have memory problems as well but I have heard some of them on the airwaves and the ones who i can hear do mostly love me. Even though they won’t admit it to themselves or to anyone else.  I dedicate this site and all that is written to all of you and to this world, and my daughters who are my inspiration and my life’s work.

Without you all I am nothing, I am no one, I would of ceased to exist long ago. A whole new world and brave yet calm new future is up ahead. 

It is now time to band together and face our enemy not ourselves or each other,but band together against  the common enemy the NAZI MASON ALIEN LIZARD regimes. Created all over the world. 

They have invaded this planet, robbed us of our own lives, others of theirs, you of yours, prevented any of us from getting ahead and leading the way we were always meant to lead.

We fight not just for ourselves, not just for our love, not just to lead, not just for the money we are owed, but for our love of each other and the love we hold in our hearts for all fellow man and humanity as a whole.

Unless of course if your green and slimy and plan to harvest us for money or to eat, or harvest our earth resources and steal them for yourselves, then empty your toilets on us from above, eat us for lunch, bomb our cities, rape our wives, daughters, mothers, men, boys, girls, babies while asleep in their beds, then of course your not welcome, not loved, not wanted, which you were told yet refuse to leave. And especially if you want  to cash in on insurance. Which is what we know you do and enjoy doing, hunting us for your own personal benefit. 


NOW we WAGE WAR! In the words of Cornwallis THIS IS WAR, ITS GOING TO BE AN ALL OUT BRAWL,  PREPARE TO DIE! YOU REFUSE TO LEAVE AND DO THE RIGHT THING & MEAT OUR SIMPLE & SMALL DEMANDS SO NOW YOU, Become luggage, belts, shoes, boots, and skirts or whatever else we decide to do with your hide which we are tanning for our future and for the future of the world. You may not spray piss on us, poison us with your venom, mutilate our privates, keep us from procreation, sex traffic and rape us and our children, take over our minds, control our airwaves on the TV, take over our minds, posses us, tempt us, or abuse us by use of clairvoyance, esp, dreams, or through telepathy, you torture us, mutilate us, rape us, sex traffic us, steal our offspring, separate us and keep us apart in an effort to silence us, try to make us forget we each knew each other at all, you do all this to get us to lay down arms and submit to you, and give up the fight. I will not submit, no real human would, I will not become lizard food nor should you submit to become lizard food either, 

To the VISITORS If it is a fight you are looking for you looked int he right place so to speak right place for us, the wrong place for you. WE will mop the floor with you, and destroy you for once and for all. 

Good over comes evil and our love concurs all. 



Most of the allegations on this site were made by D.B. who alleged he was dyeing of Colon Cancer as a result of being poisoned and confessed his crimes to me, as he has done many times over the years. D.B. alleged that since he was dying and I am Legal Representation in my Lawsuit and his statement should be accepted as a Witness Statement and Confession to his Crimes and not just as Hearsay.

The phone calls had with D.B. were allegedly recorded telephone calls, and in those calls were a combination of allegations and confessions made by D.B. who is my biological father. Some allegations made have turned out to be false, most hold some clout, all need further investigation which is what I am seeking.

I have been the victim of crime and my children are victims of crime, these are not ordinary crimes these are serious and severe crimes, there is a high level of criminal corruption and organized crime activity involved, and witness intimidation and witness victimization have been used as tools to silence, intimidate and control me, by persons depicted herein. These people may or may not be facing charges for assisting him in his crimes against me or others, and all  have used authorities as a tool and form of abuse in an attempt scare, discredit and further abuse me.

Some of the events depicted herein I have lived through and experienced myself, others I was informed of by D.B. either way what has been done as far as intimidation that has gone on and the misuse of authorities is illegal and malicious. I  the things that D.B. alleged are not true then it  shows malicious intent on his part, and his intention to cause serious and severe harm to me and my daughters. And to everyone else herein named.


I would have to question anyone’s actions making any allegations, and any and all investigators actions in regard to further harassment. I would have to question as to why they are allowing the herein depicted to constantly antagonize me in every way imaginable and why they allow themselves to be used as tools to inflict further abuses upon me and my children if they were not involved themselves.

My daughters are my family and primary concern,  and we are all victims and all have rights as American Citizens to speak what we learned through experience, by being told, and have learned in its entirety. We have a right to be safe, not be controlled, not live in fear of repercussions for speaking. We have a right to be safe from the actions of any criminals or authorities that may be acting in error due to the false accusations being made against me and my children coming from those herein named or anyone else due to the sheer level of the alleged and legally Defined Organized Crime Involvement, and Legally Defined Organized Crime Stalking involved due to the fact that there are many families, organizations, mobs, gangs, and other associations also involved. 

Before You Judge Me you Should STEP BACK Try Walking in My Shoes

18 U.S. Code § 3771.Crime victims’ rights


(a)Rights of Crime Victims.—A crime victim has the following rights:

(1)The right to be reasonably protected from the accused.

(2)The right to reasonable, accurate, and timely notice of any public court proceeding, or any parole proceeding, involving the crime or of any release or escape of the accused.

(3)The right not to be excluded from any such public court proceeding, unless the court, after receiving clear and convincing evidence, determines that testimony by the victim would be materially altered if the victim heard other testimony at that proceeding.

(4)The right to be reasonably heard at any public proceeding in the district court involving release, plea, sentencing, or any parole proceeding.

(5)The reasonable right to confer with the attorney for the Government in the case.

(6)The right to full and timely restitution as provided in law.

(7)The right to proceedings free from unreasonable delay.

(8)The right to be treated with fairness and with respect for the victim’s dignity and privacy.

(9)The right to be informed in a timely manner of any plea bargain or deferred prosecution agreement.

(10)The right to be informed of the rights under this section and the services described in section 503(c) of the Victims’ Rights and Restitution Act of 1990 (42 U.S.C. 10607(c)) [1] and provided contact information for the Office of the Victims’ Rights Ombudsman of the Department of Justice.

(b)Rights Afforded.—

(1)In general.— In any court proceeding involving an offense against a crime victim, the court shall ensure that the crime victim is afforded the rights described in subsection (a). Before making a determination described in subsection (a)(3), the court shall make every effort to permit the fullest attendance possible by the victim and shall consider reasonable alternatives to the exclusion of the victim from the criminal proceeding. The reasons for any decision denying relief under this chapter shall be clearly stated on the record.

(2)Habeas corpus proceedings.—

(A)In general.— In a Federal habeas corpus proceeding arising out of a State conviction, the court shall ensure that a crime victim is afforded the rights described in paragraphs (3), (4), (7), and (8) of subsection (a).

(B)Enforcement.—(i)In general.—These rights may be enforced by the crime victim or the crime victim’s lawful representative in the manner described in paragraphs (1) and (3) of subsection (d).

(ii)Multiple victims.—In a case involving multiple victims, subsection (d)(2) shall also apply.

(C)Limitation.—This paragraph relates to the duties of a court in relation to the rights of a crime victim in Federal habeas corpus proceedings arising out of a State conviction, and does not give rise to any obligation or requirement applicable to personnel of any agency of the Executive Branch of the Federal Government.

(D)Definition.—For purposes of this paragraph, the term “crime victim” means the person against whom the Stateoffense is committed or, if that person is killed or incapacitated, that person’s family member or other lawful representative.

(c)Best Efforts To Accord Rights.—(1)Government.—Officers and employees of the Department of Justice and other departments and agencies of the United States engaged in the detection, investigation, or prosecution of crime shall make their best efforts to see that crime victims are notified of, and accorded, the rights described in subsection (a).

(2)Advice of attorney.—The prosecutor shall advise the crime victim that the crime victim can seek the advice of an attorney with respect to the rights described in subsection (a).

(3)Notice.—Notice of release otherwise required pursuant to this chapter shall not be given if such notice may endanger the safety of any person.

(d)Enforcement and Limitations.—(1)Rights.—The crime victim or the crime victim’s lawful representative, and the attorney for the Government may assert the rights described in subsection (a). A person accused of the crime may not obtain any form of relief under this chapter.

(2)Multiple crime victims.—In a case where the court finds that the number of crime victims makes it impracticable to accord all of the crime victims the rights described in subsection (a), the court shall fashion a reasonable procedure to give effect to this chapter that does not unduly complicate or prolong the proceedings.

(3)Motion for relief and writ of mandamus.—The rights described in subsection (a) shall be asserted in the district court in which a defendant is being prosecuted for the crime or, if no prosecution is underway, in the district court in the district in which the crime occurred. The district court shall take up and decide any motion asserting a victim’s right forthwith. If the district court denies the relief sought, the movant may petition the court of appeals for a writ of mandamus. The court of appeals may issue the writ on the order of a single judge pursuant to circuit rule or the Federal Rules of Appellate Procedure. The court of appeals shall take up and decide such application forthwith within 72 hours after the petition has been filed, unless the litigants, with the approval of the court, have stipulated to a different time period for consideration. In deciding such application, the court of appeals shall apply ordinary standards of appellate review. In no event shall proceedings be stayed or subject to a continuance of more than five days for purposes of enforcing this chapter. If the court of appeals denies the relief sought, the reasons for the denial shall be clearly stated on the record in a written opinion.

(4)Error.—In any appeal in a criminal case, the Government may assert as error the district court’s denial of any crime victim’s right in the proceeding to which the appeal relates.

(5)Limitation on relief.—In no case shall a failure to afford a right under this chapter provide grounds for a new trial. A victim may make a motion to re-open a plea or sentence only if—

(A)the victim has asserted the right to be heard before or during the proceeding at issue and such right was denied;

(B)the victim petitions the court of appeals for a writ of mandamus within 14 days; and

(C)in the case of a plea, the accused has not pled to the highest offense charged.

This paragraph does not affect the victim’s right to restitution as provided in title 18, United StatesCode.

(6)No cause of action.—Nothing in this chapter shall be construed to authorize a cause of action for damages or to create, to enlarge, or to imply any duty or obligation to any victim or other person for the breach of which the United States or any of its officers or employees could be held liable in damages. Nothing in this chapter shall be construed to impair the prosecutorial discretion of the Attorney General or any officer under his direction.

(e)Definitions.—For the purposes of this chapter:

(1)Court of appeals.—The term “court of appeals” means—

(A)the United States court of appeals for the judicial district in which a defendant is being prosecuted; or

(B)for a prosecution in the Superior Court of the District of Columbia, the District of Columbia Court of Appeals.

(2)Crime victim.—(A)In general.—The term “crime victim” means a person directly and proximately harmed as a result of the commission of a Federal offense or an offense in the District of Columbia.

(B)Minors and certain other victims.—In the case of a crime victim who is under 18 years of age, incompetent, incapacitated, or deceased, the legal guardians of the crime victim or the representatives of the crime victim’s estate, family members, or any other persons appointed as suitable by the court, may assume the crime victim’s rights under this chapter, but in no event shall the defendant be named as such guardian or representative.

(3)District court; court.—The terms “district court” and “court” include the Superior Court of the District of Columbia.

(f)Procedures To Promote Compliance.—(1)Regulations.—Not later than 1 year after the date of enactment of this chapter, the Attorney General of the United States shall promulgate regulations to enforce the rights of crime victims and to ensure compliance by responsible officials with the obligations described in law respecting crime victims.

(2)Contents.—The regulations promulgated under paragraph (1) shall—

(A)designate an administrative authority within the Department of Justice to receive and investigate complaints relating to the provision or violation of the rights of a crime victim;

(B)require a course of training for employees and offices of the Department of Justice that fail to comply with provisions of Federal law pertaining to the treatment of crime victims, and otherwise assist such employees and offices in responding more effectively to the needs of crime victims;

(C)contain disciplinary sanctions, including suspension or termination from employment, for employees of the Department of Justice who willfully or wantonly fail to comply with provisions of Federal law pertaining to the treatment of crime victims; and

(D)provide that the Attorney General, or the designee of the Attorney General, shall be the final arbiter of the complaint, and that there shall be no judicial review of the final decision of the Attorney General by a complainant.



Monsters in closets is almost the same as there being closet drinkers or closet haters, or closet alcoholics, they are closet killers and criminals. They use guises like their professions, or the professions of loved ones, family history, and friendships or other types of affiliations like affiliations with churches or respected organizations to hide the fact that they are monsters. You would never suspect that they are Monsters if you are only looking at the surface. In order to see these Monsters, you must look deeper, below the surface and then you may or may not see it until you send the evidence that you may or may not find to a crime lab.

These are people most of which are regular Joes, and the poor, it would surprise you that they were criminals as the question would be in your mind of if they are involved in criminal activity where are the flashy cars, houses, clothing and all the money?

Many of these people only “Seem” poor and hide their financial gains so they do not get caught in the illegal activity that they are involved in. Some are still involved in illegal activity but are poor due to money mismanagement and partying.  Some have managed to make themselves affluent by working and in some cases by other means. These people who will do anything to get ahead, and get away with the crimes that they have participated in and perpetrated against me as well as others. They are hateful, spiteful, mean spirted, and crewel, they say and do things that make you scratch your head and wonder why, but wondering why is not going to do you any good, only accepting that they are monsters will. 

Many of the key persons involved in the attempts made on my life, the hits that were placed and carried out on others lives and the unlawful abduction of my children and unlawful abduction and or pushed and unlawful adopting out of my grandchildren to strangers against their wills are Mob and Gang Members and leaders. They do not walk or talk or act like criminals, they do not seem like thugs or street criminals, they seem like normal people. Like anyone else you would find at the grocery store or even at the library. Many act or seem religious and engage in church functions, or belong to organizations like Knights of Columbus, they seem to astute to be gang members but they are which is part of why they are monsters in closets. 

Monsters, can really be anyone such as your mother, father, your brothers and sisters, your friends, neighbors, and primary care takers, they can be doctors and nurses, or even people that are supposed to keep the peace.  They are fueled by hate and resentment and most of all greed and envy all of which can and often does lead to murder.

Monsters are criminals, and can be found all over the place in every walk of life. While I am not a monster, I have been dealing with monsters throughout my life and even though there are barely any closets in my house, these are the monsters from my closet, as this is my story.



The persons involved in these crimes do not wear colors, do not have gang tattoo’s, are able to switch from street slang to using well educated verbiage including A.E.V., they are sneaky and underhanded and cut throat.

A prime example of this is D.B., and A.E.V. Both are capable of switching back and forth between Gangbanger and regular Joe simply.  A.E.V. has some gang tattoo’s an Maltese cross on his right back shoulder blade, and a T&A on his leg which looks upside down from an onlookers angle. The “T” is for his name and the “A” is for mine. A.E.V., K.M., T.M.S. refer to me as “A” and do not call  me by any other name usually. A.E.V. is allegedly a 2/6 and Latin King. 

E.M.M.  alleged to being in the Insane Popes, and D.B. alleged he was Italian Mob and a Made Member. E.M.M. does not wear gang colors or have gang tat’s, he does not use slang when he speaks at least not around me. E.M.M. comes off as kind hearted, a nice guy, educated gentleman, he is eager to shake your hand and introduce himself. You may see him opening car doors, carrying everything, and “taking care” of the women he is with, all of this is an act and he deserves some sort of award for his acting abilities you would never suspect that he is a criminal and would think he is just a regular guy.

D.B. alleged that  he joined AL Capone’s Chicago Street gangs which was the Kings. I do not know if this is true or false but do believe D.B. is a criminal as I am one of his victims and have seen what goes on under his direction and between the families on both my mothers and father’s sides first hand. D.B. joined this street gang because my mother L.B. was being abused and targeted by her family which D.B. alleged were 2/6 and I believe he was being candid about that. When he saw that the problem was out of control and more than he could handle he then used his Mason heritage and went to the government to become CIA. They had no idea about his former serial killings at the time. 

C.P.S.B.S.B. also allegedly belonged to a Chicago Street Gang called the Queens or Lady Queens which was at the top of gangs just like D.B’s street gangs but for women. C.P.S.B.S.B. also alleged to me that her family is the MOB. C.P.S.S.B. She was married to my Uncle on my mother’s side before she went on to be with D.B. around the time D.B. took custody of me from my mother. D.B. knew she had ill intent in doing so. 

L.Chorn.’s daughter K.S. gave me light blue sweatpants which is the color for 2/6 which lends credence to D.B.’s statement that my mothers side was all 2/6. While there, L.Chorn had spoke of mobs in Cicero and on the north side. L.Chorn.’s mother was a stripper and stripped at clubs where mob members hung out. 

Allegedly my great grandmother on my mothers side was married five times, on my mother’s side and two of those marriages were to MOB Members.

There has been talk of a baby that had died that was born to my grandmother’s side named A.S.G. L.B and D.B. have alleged that baby L. was starved to death and died when he was a month and day old. 

W.E.V. who is A.E.V.’s father was a member of Back of the Yards which was another Chicago Street Gang from the old days.  W.E.V. is supposed to be deceased but I was told he was not and that he had staged his death. This is a problem because that means he is what is called a “dead man walking”. This amounts to he can participate in any kind of crime including murder and never become a suspect. 

J.E.B. was alleged to being Mob affiliated according to D.B. he had been in the Army and he was allegedly a political activist and Mason. 

C.B.G. is his daughter and affiliated with A.E.V. and D.B. and has participated in severe abuse of me in many ways. D.B. has made allegations that she worked within “the system” and was “Hands” holds a law degree but was not “used” for political pushing because she did not want to lose custody of her kids, go to jail or break her nails. And J.E.B. did not want to put his “princess” in harms way instead they abused me poisoned me, taught me everything I needed to know about the law, did not tell me why, nearly killed me, had me raped repeatedly, had my kids raped, nearly killed them, took my grand-kids away, lied to officials, and when the officials did not listen to me repeatedly,  unleashed me on them.

D.B. alleged that his criminal activity had been kept down to a bare minimum when I was growing up and being raised that he really didn’t do too much until he got back with C.P.S.B.S.B. and that he did not really start back up again until I was an adult and out of the house. D.B. also alleged that part of why we lived in C.B.B.G.G.’s basement was because he was afraid of drive-by’s because of the stuff he had done to other people. I was not allowed to use slang and was taught not to, if I picked up slang verbiage from my friends or anyone else and it was heard coming out of my mouth I was yelled at and immediately corrected. I was raised to speak fluently and not to allow other’s behavior and mannerisms to influence my behavior or mannerisms.



D.B. Alleged that there were 55,000 then 75,000 life insurance policies sold against my life across the U.S. but none of them were any good and no one was ever going to see a dime. 

One day while in class at Stagg Highschool I was brought down to the office by one of the people that worked in the office. They said D.B. was in the office and that he needed to speak to me as he had locked his keys in the apartment when he was taking out the garbage. This was not like him and confused me, I gave him the key’s and he said he would see me at the end of the day. There has been symbolism that has been used by S.J.G., D.B., and E.M.M., A.E.V., and C.H. leads to the stars, and M.M.V.M., A.J.V.M., M.R.M, M.L.M, and possibly C.B.G., K.M, and C.V. as well as MA.M. may be key to this investigation. An odd set of unique keys were found at my residence. In the use of Key’s to symbolically show me who are key people involved in this case these are mostly victims. 


K.M worked for Allstate insurance company and warrior insurance.

MA.M. worked for American General Finance one of the largest Insurance Providers.

E.M.M alleged to obtaining a job in Insurance selling life insurance. E.M.M.’s Godfather, and Aunt owned an Insurance Brokerage using their last name D.I.

C.V. Allstate Insurance in L.S. and who was friends with E.M.M, and whose family is affiliated with the FD and PD in LS, and whose father who’s father work’s at L.S.H. 

R.Y. & E.Y. worked for Shelter Insurance, D.B. alleged to being a shareholder.

D.B. alleged that C.P.S.B.S.B. obtained an Insurance License and sold insurance and that an “umbrella company” had been created under Met Life.




DB alleged they were “plucking each other off” for money resentment and hate and retaliation. One person poisons someone and they get mad and do it back and it keeps going back and fourth. I once heard C.B.B.G.G. yell at the kitchen table, “oh this is utterly ridiculous why don’t they just round em all up and put em in some form of camp like a concentration camp and give em a truckload of poison and let em have at it rather than waste the tax payers money on this nonsense”.  I had no idea what she was talking about at the time but I do now and its not good. 


Chapter 1