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The week that A.E.V. and I were married we moved to Summit Il. We were married on Sunday at All Saint’s Lutheran Church in Palos Park. The pastor their D. Bo. was very forgiving of the fact that I was pregnant. A.E.V. was Catholic and his church wanted me to apologize for getting pregnant outside of wedlock in order to marry us or to baptize the baby. I refused to apologize as I had nothing to be sorry for in bringing life into the world. I spoke to K.M. and she suggested I try All Saints.

A.E.V. and I were married on Sunday, I went to work on Monday and lost my job due to being told that I had to listen to Pam the assistant terminal manager that was hateful. I had told my work that I had no problem working there but I was not going to take orders from her and if they said I had to I would quit. They thought I was bluffing but I was not, I was called into the terminal managers office and he said to me “Pam is now your boss how do you like that? I replied I quit how do you like that? I gathered my things and left.

I went home and told A.E.V. that I quit my job, my legs were swollen all the time from pedia-dema and was having kidney problems including sugar being found in my urine during my prenatal checkups. I was being given a hard time at work and about leaving work for my doctor’s appointments. There was too much stress and it was getting to be too hard on me. We had a little money from the wedding and A.E.V. was going to have to find a job and work.

A.E.V. contacted the Daily Southtown and got a job that night as an Assistant District Manager. That night or the next the apartment was broken into while I was asleep in the bed. I was woken up by A.E.V. who seemed to be scared and afraid that I was killed.

Someone had broken the front room window and there was blood on it, everything we owned other than my TV and the three monkeys Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil, See No Evil, who saw it all, heard it all, and ain’t sayin’ were stolen. The telephone had been disconnected from the wall and the bedroom door had been shut. I had stayed up late to make sure A.E.V. got up for work which is what I usually did throughout the marriage he had to be at work at 3:00a.m.

The police were called and I asked them to fingerprint and take blood samples but they refused. They insinuated that we had robbed ourselves, I asked them why we would do that when we did not have any type of insurance to replace our electronics. A.E.V.  had a $1500 stereo, we had two separate game systems, games, and it was all gone. The night after the robbery D.G. came to stay with me at the apartment because I was afraid to be alone and A.E.V. had to go to work. D.G. stayed on the couch all night because the cords and remotes to the stereo were left behind and I was concerned that whoever robbed us would come back for them.

That week by the following Sunday my car started on fire while A.E.V. was working and it was destroyed. Gasoline had gotten onto the manifold and started the car on fire. The car was gone. The firemen came and cut a big triangle into the hood. A.E.V. was arrested at the scene of the fire in Bridgeview Il. because he had a warrant out for his arrest for not doing his community service for stealing $11 worth of Mortal Combat cards from Omni food stores. There was an assault and battery charge as part of the theft as well due to A.E.V. punching the security guard in the face during his apprehension. A.E.V.’s parents bailed him out of jail and we were not going to get our kitchen set that was promised to us as a part of our wedding gift.

D.B. purchased us a $600.00 YUGO to get around in, I had to pack up the apartment and go back to my grandmother’s because the neighbor’s whose name was Rh. F. had a man there and he was swinging a gun around in front of me after they had invited me over to their apartment. They lived upstairs from us and I did not feel safe.

D.B. offered me his 22 but I declined an opted to return to my grandmother’s instead. The money we had left from the wedding had not been stolen and A.E.V. and I started to look for another place to live that was affordable and not on the ground floor.




None of my family members or friends spoke to me for years and years after I chose to have M.M.V.M. none of them had anything to do with me or with her at all. Once in a great while L.B. would call me drunk but she never wanted to hear about M.M.V.M. my aunts never talked to me at all, my friends all disappeared and the only ones that did talk to me were D.B. and A.E.V.’s family and extended family. They had become my family and were good to me and to first M.M.V.M. and later A.J.V.M. They pretty much adopted me into their family because mine was so hateful toward me for choosing life. I was an adult and at the time I thought it was my choice to get married, and it definitely was my choice to have M.M.V.M. no matter what anyone else thought or wanted. M.M.V.M. was the best thing that happened to me and she became my world as did her sisters later on. I did not want or need anything from people that were not only abusive and manipulative but so unbelievably controlling and hateful in my life or in M.M.V.M’s life that did not want her to exist in the first place. They disappeared and I went on with my life without them happily.

D.B. had said that he had secretly contacted all these people and shunned them including my friends. D.B. said he was teaching me a lesson by doing so. I don’t know if that is true or not but the way i see it, they listened to him and treated me badly because of what he told them to do leaving me alone and without them so I must not of been that important to them in the first, second, or third place.  I do not need to be taught any kind of lessons nor do I go around “teaching” other people lessons, I do not go out of my way to harm or hurt anyone, destroy their lives, or manipulate them and the people around them. I do not control other people, or try to control other people, or keep them from running or participating in their own lives, and I usually don’t judge.

However, the reality is that my life was literally stolen from me and it was not because I chose to have a baby, it was because of the other people around me including A.E.V. and those that shunned me leaving me with someone who D.B. alleged everyone knew was poisoning me and intended on taking my life for life insurance. M.M.V.M. is not to blame for this and she was not just wanted by me but she was also needed and very loved from the second I knew I was pregnant with her I loved her and started to fight for her so she and I could be together and the same goes for my other three daughters. 

It was not just D.B. it was everyone else in my life who participated knowingly or unknowingly and that is why I made the choice to omit all hateful, resentful, controlling people from my life that did not respect me enough to respect my choices, my body and most of all my daughters life which is how I felt about it then and still feel about it now. 



I was supposed to be on bed rest during my pregnancy because I got a placenta abrupt-ion, but A.E.V. would not help at all around the house. He worked at the Daily Southtown during the night and he made big messes throwing his clothing on the floor and he left newspapers everywhere. He even wanted to bring home a guy from work that was his boss named TROY. I was upset at the conditions of the house and even though I was not supposed to was down on my hands and knees scrubbing the kitchen floor because it was so gross.

A.E.V. sister L.V.W. earned my trust and her position as god mother of my daughter and all my other children later on because she had helped me by contacting the doctors and finding me a new one that was a specialist, she found me Dr. V.P. a high-risk specialist from Christ Hospital. She also cooked for me and brought me food that she made. She made sure I took my medicine every four hours and she was one of the people that called me every four hours to make sure I kept the contractions at bay. L.V.W. later lost my trust completely because of what she did during the 2012 incident.

D.B. alleged that there were women in Gangs that A.E.V. had told what was going on in regards to me being poisoned and that some of them had tattoo’s that said Troy4 or 4Troy four being my four and Troy being me because I was A.E.V.’s boss. The tattoo meant they were protected by A.E.V. and by those in that gang. I do not know what gang it was but did see women wearing that tattoo. Helen of Troy was another one D.B. alleged was also related to the protection of the kids. 





M.M.V.M. was born a whole month early,  I had been walking around three centimeters dilated for over a month. M.M.V.M. was born an entire month early and healthy but small, she was only five pounds. She dropped down to four pounds nine ounces and I had to wake up every hour and a half to make sure she gained weight. I was the one that primarily took care of MMVM as A.E.V. “WORKED” so he really did not help and no one else was around because they did not agree with my choice in having her. I did not mind, I enjoyed being a mom, it was important to me that she gained weight, I had to take her to the Dr. often to be weighed and there was a nurse that came periodically to ensure she was growing. There were people out in the community and A.E.V.’s family that helped me learn to be a mom because I never had one. 

One day A.E.V. and I were in the bathroom and I was crying and he looked at me and said something about killing her and that no one would ever know. I did not really think he would do anything to her as I had no real reason to think that he would, I did not know that D.B. had set me up with A.E.V. or that he had killed or been present for a murder or anything of that nature. Shoplifting and taking tools from a garage are not the same as taking your child’s life and poisoning for money had not even been mentioned to me by anyone other than my dad if it had the comments did not click, I did not think I was in any kind of real danger or that M.M.V.M. was and did not even know that A.E.V. had poisoned me later on toward the divorce until D.B. told me after the poisoning incident in 2012.

At the time, A.E.V. seemed like he was trying hard to be a husband and somewhat of a dad. He worked seven days a week a lot of the time and was tired a lot, and we were young and I knew that. After many years I started to realize that I had grown up and A.E.V. had regressed that was when I started to question what I was doing with him. 

When A.E.V. said what he said about M.M.V.M in the bathroom, I was angry and a little scared I could not believe he could think something like that let alone say it, and that is a huge reason I was afraid to leave him alone with M.M.V.M. especially when she was a baby. A.E.V. said it was the weirdest face he had ever seen me make when he said what he did to me. He said my face was all cockeyed level which meant I made a crooked face.  He always said the most horrible things, for attention or shock effect, I did not think he was funny.

A.E.V. was always saying stupid hateful things, including negative things about me being pretty, or skinny enough,  starting a business, getting an education, or having a job, or even being a good mother or person. A.E.V. was extremely damaging to my self esteem and my self worth, and this is why we fought every day. A.E.V. is a chauvinist, calling me woman in a condescending manner as if I were a lesser person for not having the same “parts” as he had, calling me the fat lady, telling me I was not pretty, that I was stupid, telling me he never had to worry about anyone ever stealing me as I was such a F@@king bitch they would bring me right back to him, laughing at me when I told him I wanted the divorce and laughing all cocky and arrogant, asking me “Who the F@@K would want you with two kids? Your stuck with me, Where do you think your going to go?” and every day was filled with put downs, insults, just total hatefulness.

We fought a lot, and a lot of the time the arguments we had turned into literal fist fights started by him, I was defending myself. It was not a good thing for the girls to be seeing and eventually I got tired of the arguments and the hate talk, and the constant frustration and divorced A.E.V.  in 1999 but not until after our second child A.J.V.M. was born.



Often times I would wake up from sleeping because I could not feel my foot, he would have taken an ace bandage and wrapped my foot up as if it was hurt. This upset me a lot and we used to get into arguments about it. I view this as a form of sexual abuse as he alleged that he was masturbating while I was asleep and while my foot was wrapped up because that is what he said he was doing.

I would get very upset and angry about A.E.V. porn addiction, I had two children to care for and no telephone to call for assistance if I needed any or if there was an emergency because he had spent the money on porn magazines called LEGSHOW magazine. His addiction was so bad that he claimed he did not want to go alone to get the muffler fixed on the car because the place he needed to go was located next to the adult bookstore.  I found these magazines stashed all over the bedroom, car, house, closets, and even drawings at his work. There were enough magazines from my bedroom alone to fill a large black garbage bag. When I had the magazines in the garbage bag I woke up as A.E.V. had come home from work between complaints to go to the restroom. I heard him rifling through the bag. He used to go to the bathroom with the door open, I got up quietly and looked and there he was with a magazine and a look on his face like he had his hand caught in a cookie jar. He had no respect for me, my wishes, how it made me feel, my body, or the marriage and family.

I was always finding magazines and if it was not magazines it was sales ad’s that he drew on to represent women in casts, on crutches or with their legs wrapped up.  I viewed it as a mental illness and tried to go to see a psychiatrist to learn how to deal with it myself. I went to the library to try and learn about it in psychology books, I realized that the problem was bigger than I was and that I could not solve it.

Before A.E.V. and I got divorced, we went to Marriage Counseling for a while.  At the marriage counselor I told the doctor about  A.E.V. ‘s fetishes and how it made me feel and what it was doing to my self-esteem and self-worth. I was not an ugly woman and I was married to a man who had a sex addiction but did not want to have sex with me because I had two legs. His addiction to the porn magazines and his fetish was the root of the problem and later it seemed to me he would trade one addiction for the other, he would either feed his sex and porn addiction or he would feed his drug addiction. Ultimately he would rather trade all his addictions for the wife that loved him and kids that she gave her body and life up for. 

The doctor that we went to counseling to see gave me the name of a book about porn addiction and I sat down and read the book all the way through from cover to cover. When I was done reading the book I cried because I realized that he was never going to change, it was not a phase, and there was no hope for my family. I also decided that I was tired of kicking a dead horse and having the same arguments over and over again. It was nothing more than a vicious cycle of lies, cheating, fetishes and later drugs.

I discussed A.E.V. fetishes with his parents W.E.V. and with B.J.V. and with his sister L.V.W who was a psychologist. No one had any answers about the fetish other than “We told you not to marry him”. W.V.  called his son “a sick puppy, and stated he did not know what was wrong with him, maybe he’ll grow out of it, I’m hoping he’ll grow out of it.” I also talked to D.B. about it and he told me that just about all men have fetishes of some kind and that was not out of the norm, then he told me his which was T.M.I but that was how D.B. and I were. D.B. said that what A.E.V.  was doing was out of the norm and he did not know what to tell me, it was up to me to decide if I wanted to continue to put up with it or not.

It was said that A.E.V.  used to go in L.V. W’s room and do the same thing with her nylons and she would become angry and upset about it.  I attempted to look on the internet using web TV and find information and the library to search as well but all I found was that there were other people out there like him and that they were called devotees. A.E.V. saw a photo of a man wearing nylons in the back of LEGSHOW and decided he was normal since there were other people out there like him. 

I recorded what I found on WEBTV onto a video tape and gave the tape to W.E.V.  After a while I decided the marriage was a lost cause, between his lying over the littlest things, his cheating and the fetishes, it was enough. Then add in the physical abuse worsened when we went to marriage counseling and what it was doing to me emotionally it all just needed to end. While at counseling A.E.V. alleged that he had killed a cat by putting it in a bag and beating it to death. I did not believe him because he was smiling and smirking at the doctor at the time, and I don’t think the doctor did either his leg was moving which he usually does when he is getting really angry and ready to explode.


The doctor had me stand up and put his hands on my shoulders, he told me to jump, I could not jump because his hands were holding me down. Then he took his hand off my shoulders and told me to jump, obviously then I could. I thought about this alot when I went home over the next few days. He was telling me to just jump and get it over with so that is what I did. After the divorce I called him and thanked him because the things he said including this helped me make a hard decision that I did not take lightly. One of my dreams was to have a normal family with a mom and dad and kids but this was far from normal and never going to work. 

With A.E.V.’s behavior and me always having these stupid repetitive kicking a dead horse arugments which were not just about this but everything I was A.E.V.’s mother and not his wife, no one wants to make love to their mother that’s just gross. I need to find a real man that did not treat me the way he did, respected me and my body and the family as a unit. 


The Biggest “C@@t” You Ever Seen

When I had the delivery of A.J.V.M., I was awake for the surgery, because I was awake A.E.V. was allowed to be present in the operating room for the delivery. I had gotten post-operative phenomena and was in a lot of pain. A.E.V. brought M.M.V.M. to the hospital to see her new sister, she was very young and she did not understand that I was hurting I asked A.E.V. if he could take M.M.V.M. home as it was late and I was hurting. He snapped on me and called me a “C@NT”. We were arguing and it was so bad that the nurse came in and told him she was going to call security. I called his dad and asked him to talk to his son to make him stop acting the way he was. It was like he just snapped out of no where for no  real reason,  I just had his baby and he was being unbelievably mean and hateful.

D.B. told me over the phone during one of our phone conversations that Dr. M. had a needle and that A.E.V.  saw her take eggs out of my ovary and he knew what he saw was not right, but did not know what to do, and that why he was upset. If this is true that could explain his behavior as that would cause him to act that way. The statement he made that day lead to our divorce.

In addition to the fetishes, porn, physical and emotional abuse and his constant lying which I can detect just from hearing his voice over the telephone and is also another reason we fought all the time because he would try to lie to me over nothing, stupid things that did not really matter, he could not tell the truth to save his own life. He once mailed an envelope out without the check inside, took me to his parents and went inside to tell me he was asking her to write the check for the car payment. He comes out of the house and puts the envelope into the mailbox like its being mailed. I check the mail everyday I get the paper from the car payment place that the payment never got to them.

WHY LIE? Did not think you were going to get caught? When someone lies to you every day and then tells you that your grandmother put a hit out on  your life, or that they killed someone or even that they are making drugs using poison you tend not to believe them especially when all you do is fight and argue on a continual basis and you know that the person loves to see you angry and upset and it turns him on and you know it turns him on because he told you that it did and you can see it on his face that it does. This never made any sense to me either because if I am not happy no one in the entire house is happy so why anyone would want to antagonize and provoke me every day is beyond me and again goes back to kicking a dead horse. 

I can not stand it when people lie, if you lie in a relationship it puts a brick between you and the other person, eventually the bricks build up and there is then a wall between you and them and you can’t even see each other anymore. I used to call this “To much Shit” there was just to much shit, but the brick analogy is better because that is the way it really is. I don’t lie to you do not lie to me because all it does is destroy the relationship and then there isn’t one anymore. This is true in all relationships especially close relationships like with your parents, children, and it should definitely be that way with your husband or wife. 

1999 After I Brought A.J.V.M Home from the Hospital

I brought A.J.V.M. home from the hospital A.E.V. was supposed to stay home from work and help me with the kids but he refused to help and my incision got opened up and became infected. I would ask him to help me and he would say I’m on vacation. I stayed in my room and did not come out for much of anything. At first, I was hurt, then angry, then I was just completely done. After about a month I started to come out into the living room but everything that came out of my mouth was hateful and mean. I was not kidding when I said I wanted a divorce and A.E.V.  knew it, not long after I said it he brought a friend home from work named B.S.






60th and Menard




B.S. is the name of a guy that was the boyfriend of a girl from the beauty school Cameo. She had said her boyfriend B.S. had been wrongly accused of rape. My stepmother C.P.S.B.S.B.  had a sister named M.S. who decided to go to Cameo and before she did everything was fine there for me. But once she started to go there the teacher started to give me a difficult time. I ended up quitting Cameo because of the difficult time that I had while I was there and because of A.E.V.’s cheating.  Later I tried to go to a different beauty school but was hurting so bad from standing on my feet I quit. I decided it was not worth eight dollars an hour to stand on your feet all day and cut hair and I needed to look into something else.

Sometime after leaving Cameo I met B.S. as A.E.V. brought him home from work. A.E.V. we’re fighting and I told him I had wanted a divorce when A.J.V.M. was a month old and he knew I meant it. I decided to go to Moraine Valley again. I decided that I was going to do that before I chose a real college to go to as I felt myself that I had a problem with what I call stick-to-itness. I wanted to take a class and see if I could handle it with two kids. I went to Moraine and took painting I painted a painting named Passion, and Mother and Child, and later I painted Bored, and built Stella a nearly four-foot-tall statue and later Broken Home, and Alone. I worked on my artist sketchbook project that was stolen.

The design for these pieces has been stolen and have been used publicly. This was my gallery showing which was supposed to consist of ten total pieces. I had six pieces done and wanted to finish my showing but now I cannot due to the fact that it needs to be original. My final for the class I took was named walk all over me before the final A.E.V. to the painting and twisted it and it had to be fixed.

 1999 – B. S. & 2018 JUDGE S.

I was told by D.B. that B. S. was a known rapist but that rape is difficult to prove. I was also told that his aunt was going to be my judge in Lake County for extradition. When I got to Lake County I was brought before Lake County Judge S. I was told that he was trying to protect her nephew and the other judges from the lawsuit and helping them to get away with what they did. I was kept for six months in an attempt to silence me.

I do not know if there is a correlation between B. S. and Judge S. from the Lake County courts but it was alleged that there was a correlation by D.B. It was alleged that Judge Sullivan was the aunt of B. S. I was also told by D.B. that B. S. is a repeat offender rapist and that he was reported by other women.


  1. 1999 and M. 2016 & 2018

In 2016 and in 2018 the last name of the public defender in Lake County that was chosen to represent me was M. she has been fired by me three times due to her attempts to push me into accepting plea agreements even when I told her I was not guilty and asked for a trial. She attempted to tell me that a deferment is not the same as pleading guilty even though I know that it is. The woman appears to be from the same family as Dr. M. and has the same demeanor. The woman put her hand in front of me at the podium with her fingers spread out meaning five which from D.B.’s code means mob or gang affiliated. When in jail I asked to see the public defender again to re-hire her and I wrote a letter and gave it to the guards.

I was told it was put in a box for her. She never came to see me and I did not see her again until the end when I accepted the deferment because I had been held and abused for six months, I felt I was being held captive as the entire arrest was against the law and pre-conspired and I knew the only way out was to accept the deferment which is coercion. I had a perfect record before my daughters were taken from me in 2016 those charges had been dropped after I filed a Federal Case in Hammond, and I kept it that way for a reason, I had a perfect record other than parking tickets that I had gotten in Lyons Il. as a result of street sweeping. That record represents who I am as a citizen I am a law-abiding citizen and not a criminal.

D.B. and his co-horts have done everything they can to turn me into a criminal through any means possible even making things up and having false charges placed against me for reporting crime. From what I was told erecting unlawful laws to prevent me from speaking and to silence me which is corruption.

D.B. explained that people thought I was mentally-handicapped and would not realize that people were purposefully not doing their jobs to get me to use my skills and sue them for not doing their jobs and breaking the law while doing so. It seems to be that way but I also think that there are many hidden agendas and that I am being used for their political gain and other purposes. I believe I was groomed for this on purpose and I am infuriated about it.

I do not know if there is a correlation between the two M.’s meaning the woman that was my doctor and the public defender for Lake County but I do wonder if there is, due to the unlawful actions of those involved, and because there does seem to be many “coincidences” in this case. I also wonder why these two women have been hateful toward me and if so, why they are attacking me as I have never done anything to them.

Further investigation is needed due to the allegations made about my left ovary as I do not believe that I ovulate on the left side as I never have any pain on that side all pain is constantly and consistently on the right. Additionally, a conversation had been had between D.B. and I in the basement in regards to egg’s and egg’s being stolen as he stated that once you run out you run out and can not go to the store to purchase more. When a woman hit’s menopause it ages your body, skin and face due to hormone imbalances that are caused by the aging process. He also alleged that he wanted to make money off of me any way he could and that I was a genius and beautiful therefore would make a good candidate for theft of ovarian eggs.



I was working at Michaels making eight dollars an hour and A.E.V. was doing everything in his power to make me lose my job including walking into my work wearing a hat with a pot leaf on it. When we got in the car and while the car was moving, I took the hate and threw it out the window. He bought me arose in a glass and I threw that out the window to. I was the front-end manager at Michael’s and I took my job seriously. I quit my job due to both the lack of respect I got from other managers and because I had been accused of stealing in an indirect way.

Someone stole a $400-dollar cash drop that I was in charge of out of the office I had no keys to the office. The drop was four hundred dollars. I was called at home and asked to check my apron I did not have the money I had turned it in. The next time I went to work the drop was found in the customer service area where I worked, I did not touch the money instead I called the manager and asked him to come to the front. He came up there and I pointed to the money where I found it. He took the money and went back in the office. A few minutes later he came back up there and said something to me that was accusatory in nature.

I told him it was not me again. He walked away a few minutes later I took my keys off my neck and went to the office and quit the job. I told them that if they could not trust me then I could not do the job for them. They tried to call me and talk me back into the job but I would not take the job back. They said I was the best that they had seen in a long time and that no one else seemed to care the way I did about the job I told them it did not matter as there were people there that obviously had a problem with me and I was not respected and that they had tried to set me up and I was not going to jail for anybody.


When she was born, she had a hernia in her abdomen that I detected while changing her. She needed laparoscopic surgery. A.J.V.M. was less than six pounds when she was born and when she had the surgery, she was only one month old. She only had the hernia on one side but there were two slits one on each side which makes me worry because she also gets her period every other month. When they took A.J.V.M. out of my arms to take her for surgery I began to cry because I was scared. A.E.V.  looked at me and said maybe she will die. I looked at him and said I want a divorce.  My voice cracked a little and he knew I meant what I said. I do not say things like that unless I mean it.

 Dr.P. 1996 AND A. P. 2018

When I was held in Lake County, I met a woman and was housed in 5SD with A. P. She and her friends including R.C. started a fight with me and were attempting to provoke and antagonize me. I was put on lock down and then put in the hole where I was made to stay in a 5×7 cell in E1 for almost a month. I had reported to the guards that they were about to start a physical fight in an attempt to have additional charges placed against me and was punished severely for telling the truth.



A.E.V.  and I lost the apartment and moved to Hickory Hills; I was a toothpick by that time. I weighed 105lbs on the scale if the scale was correct. Many times, I have found that scales tend to tell me I weigh ten pounds more than I do. I had no stomach and my pouch from having both babies were completely gone. I was not upset about my weight I was happy about it but I did not understand how or why it was happening to me. I spotted every day of the month for an entire year and did not stop spotting until I got away from A.E.V.  completely.

I also had stomach attacks constantly but I was so upset all the time and D.B. said I was not eating enough and it was my nerves. I was also very congested and had no voice, my face was twitching and my hands would shake. I could not sleep, I smoked three and a half packs of cigarettes a day and was constantly upset. I slept in a recliner with my belt on so A.E.V.  could not molest me while I was asleep which I caught him trying to do and was very upset about because I was seeing someone else and had told him we were not together anymore. I also came home with hickies on my neck and kept asking him what part of divorced did he not understand. He refused to leave the apartment and because he refused to leave, I was infuriated all the time. He had quit his job a day or two before I was to start school at Robert Morris.



A.E.V. and I were living in Hickory Hills Il. and we decided to go to the beach. T.S.M. took M.M.V.M. and A.J.V.M. for the day and A.E.V. drove us to the Indiana Dunes. We drove through the city of Lake Station and stopped at Family Dollar. Then went on to the beach. I did not think much of the area as it seemed like it was depressed. I had no idea that someday I was going to buy a house that I love and be attached to that area as much as I have become after the ten years that I have lived there. I ended up getting really bad sunburn at the beach that day and after I got home I had very bad itching spells. It was so bad that I thought that A.E.V. had put itching powder down my back as I could not stop itching no matter what remedy I tried.

D.B alleged S.K. & HE set me up with S.P. To make me lose all my stuff since I was getting divorced I had to start out from scratch it was punishment for leaving an severely abusive relationship

A.E.V. and I were fighting constantly he had quit his job to get me to quit school and I was infuriated. He started to sell drugs and there were kids running in and out of our apartment all the time. It was not the type of environment that I wanted the kids to live in. A.J.V.M. was a baby and because of our fights she would often get woken up from naps from something hitting the wall. M.M.V.M. was a nervous wreck and so was I. One day S. K. who I have known since she was nine years old asked me if I wanted to go to a club as there was no cover charge. She wanted me to meet a man that she knew and who was friend with her boyfriend Frank. I said I would go but then tried to back out but she was very insistent and I decided to go. I was still married but had told A.E.V.  that I wanted a divorce and was not backing down on it.  This was September of 2000.

I met S. P. that night and he did not think much of me because I had a big sweatshirt on he looked at me and said “You’re not that much” like I was undesirable. I took the sweatshirt off, he all of a sudden became very interested. He wanted me to have sex with him but I was married and refused. He exploded on me and started yelling I sat there for a while and listened to him and then left. I thought about what he had said for a while afterword and he was not wrong in what he said but how he went about saying it. He said I was being abused and questioned me on why I had not filed the divorce if I wanted the divorce and said it should have already been filed. He sounded a lot like D.B. and later I found out from D.B. that I had been set up with him by him and by S.K.



Soon after I went up to the Bridgeview courthouse and went to the law library and asked the librarian if there was any way to get a copy of divorce papers that I could use to make my own divorce filing from. She handed me a copy of a divorce to use as a sample. The papers were set up for a non-contested divorce for un-reconcilable differences which is usually what people use when they want the other party to agree to the divorce, this is for a non-fault filing. I decided that I did not want to go that route and chose mental abuse instead. I copied the filing closely and did not hide what I was doing. A.E.V.  was aware that I had gone to the court house and was working on the papers for the divorce in the kitchen right in front of him. He did not change; he continued to sell drugs and have people running in and out of the house. The police had been called on us several times for the fighting. We were getting into big fist fights in the Living room, bedroom and he would shoulder check me when I would walk by him. The atmosphere was not just thick it was filled with hate and frustration and so was I.

I typed up the papers and it took me a little time to get up the nerve to file them. The situation was unbearable but I had given my word in church for better or worse and then I had to ask myself how worse was worse, I also had to decide that if there was a god and he could see what was going on than he would not blame me for what I was doing. I knew there were millions of men out there that would want to be with me even though I had two kids even though once A.E.V.  had laughed at me and said who in the world is going to want you with two kids? He stood there laughing at me, it had been when we lived in worth but I remembered it as it infuriated me and still does.

One day during this time or a short time after the divorce A.E.V.  said to me that my grandmother had put a hit out on my life. He was always saying things to try and infuriate me he thought it was sexy when I became angry and he liked to provoke me. I felt it was his way of getting attention. D.B. used to tell me that when he was acting that way not to give him any attention and that he was like a little kid seeking out any form of attention even negative attention. This is not good and is a form of abuse, I used to become infuriated and was a big walking ball of hate and resentment. I knew things had to change and made the decision to go forward with the divorce even though I did not know what I was going to do for money. He was going to have to pay me child support but to get him to sign the papers I was extremely fair about it making it only $400.00 a month for all three of us.

About a week or so after I typed up the papers, I decided to take them and file them at the courthouse but before doing so I had to get him to sign them. I made him stand there and read the papers out loud to me to ensure that he understood them. Then he picked up the pen and signed them like they were nothing. He said there now are you happy. I was upset but I did not show it. The next day I was ready to file the papers and could not find them.

A.E.V.  was sleeping and I woke him up because he had hidden them on me. I was screaming at him and he went to where he was hiding them and gave them back to me. There was $300 dollars on the counter and I took the money and the papers up to the courthouse and filed them. I was a nervous wreck and it felt like I was going to pass out, but I did it because it was what needed to be done and the right thing to do. I had not told anyone what I was doing other than S.K. and S.P. and after it was done, I called Steve and told him it was done.

S.P. and I kept breaking up and getting back together he was playing ping pong with me. I like you I don’t like you. My cousin C.B.G. came over with J.S. Jr.  and I liked him and he said he liked me. My cousin had another boyfriend named M.G. J.S.jr. said he did not like sharing C.B. and he wanted to see if we would mesh. He also stood up for me with A.E.V. and they were fist fighting in the parking lot of the apartment in Hickory Hills.

My brother R.A.B. had showed up around this time, he was seventeen and did not go to school anymore, I heard a knock at the door and when I opened it, he was standing there with his army duffle bag and asked if he could come in and stay with me for a while. I told him he could and honestly, I was relieved that he was there. The fighting was terrible at my house and had been that way for a long time, I was overwhelmed and scared and frustrated and sick of it all. I could not take it anymore and was glad to see him. He and A.E.V.  also had a fist fight in the living room because A.E.V.  was trying to hurt me over Play Station games that he wanted to sell to get money to buy drugs with and I would not let him.

I was also told later that A.E.V.  had gotten into hard core drugs and had tried something called black tar heroin without me knowing about it. R.A.B. told me that the day A.E.V.  was sick the had tried the drug and that was why he was so sick. I was infuriated when I found out but it was around that time I started to question if A.E.V.  should see the girls anymore. A.E.V.  then robbed a lady in our apartment building and ran off to Mexico with is two friends Chuck and Rob, Rob’s dad is a Lawyer that works for the court, and I kicked a man out of my apartment that said he was Chucks dad that looked to me to be a Narc. The police used to sit outside my apartment all day long you would look out the window and there they were blocking the thoroughfare. I was talking to people on the computer and one said he was a cop; I did not care though because I was not the one doing anything wrong.

A.E.V.  was selling weed and hooking people up with weed and skimming off the top, he used video games as a code with his dealer whose name was Scott. Play Station One games was an eighth and PlayStation two games was a quarter. Weed was not called weed it was called cabbage. A.E.V.  said that his friend Scott was making acid and they were using small mint drop containers to package it in. They would take out the mint drops and put the liquid acid inside. From what I understand the acid was made from poison mixed with Vodka. I told he Hickory Hills police what was going on and I do not know if they did anything about it or not but I did get a call during the summer from Scott who threatened to have my kids taken away and destroy my life for being a rat.

I had told the D.for Hickory Hills everything I knew at the time including that A.E.V.  had told me that his friends Rich and Chuck had come upon a homeless man in a field and killed him to see what it felt like. There was a coroner at Resurrection Cemetery and it appeared that they were pulling a body out of the big sewer pipe off Roberts Road. After I saw the coroner at the Cemetery, I thought I should say something about what he had said to me. A.E.V.  was heavily into drugs and had been licking the vials of acid pretty much all day every day.  A.E.V.  also alleged that his friend Scott was a chemist and a brain and Scott had Chemistry books.

The New Years of the divorce there was a party at our apartment and A.E.V.  spiked my drink and later told me he had put five drops of acid into my Amaretto.

I went to the doctors and told him about the cramps in my legs, my face twitching, how skinny I was without trying, I could not breath, and the abuse. The doctor also knew from hospital records that had been sent to him from when A.E.V.  broke an arrow back chair over my back, he hit me so hard with it he broke the chair. I had to go to the hospital, I tried to call D.B. because I had no way to get there instead, I got ahold of K.M. who left her job in the middle of the day just to take me there and drop me off. D.B. met me at the hospital and he was infuriated, he did not speak much.

I was embarrassed and humiliated they were counting the bruises that were all over my body and measuring some of them. Some looked like hand prints. I sat there looking at them all and the female doctor there she was all successful and here I was beaten. I had also called the police in Worth, but because A.E.V.  had gotten into the car and drove away, they refused to do anything about it. They would not chase him and they said I had to go back to the station to fill out a report. The problem was there was no going to the station without a car and car seats for the babies, and D.B. took him directly to C.P.S.B.S.B. ’s and then to grandmas. A.E.V.  got away with it, and it was not the first time he hit me but soon it was going to be the last.

D.B. made me get in the back of the truck with the kids and would not take me home instead he took me to C.P.S.B.S.B. ’s then to Grandma’s. D.B. wanted me to stay with him and help me get on my feet he told me he would help me with money until I got a job and a car. The kids and I could stay in my old bedroom and maybe he could build on to the basement, he offered me grandpa’s workroom and said I could use it as a studio to paint and do my art.

He really did not want me to go back to A.E.V. I think this is when he sang part of demons to me while we were eating toast but I am not sure. It is also when he talked to me about a guy who had rejected some women that he knew because she had already been married and had kids. D.B. said that the woman was a good woman and that the guy did not know who or what he was rejecting. I had no clue who he was talking about, but he said that the woman’s brother and even the ex-husband were offended. He also said the guy thought the woman was a gold-digger and not a good person for leaving her husband the way she did.

I do not know how he knew where I was but he just showed up at the correct hospital. When I was at my grandma’s D.B. and I talked in the basement a lot, my grandma ended up pushing me back home by starting a fight with me. She got me upset and I told A.E.V.  to pick me up and only god knows why. A.E.V.  said he was getting a job at the post office and my grandmother was listing on the telephone I did not care but she yelled at me when I went upstairs for something and said “Post office Ann?” in a sarcastic way.

I became infuriated that she was listening in on my telephone call. I was twenty-two or twenty-three years old and she had no right to be listening to my calls. I told D.B. I could not stay there because of grandma and that’s when A.E.V.  came and picked me up. Nothing got better everything got worse and worse. A day or so later A.E.V.’s mom came over for something and I was embarrassed because of what had happened. She took one look at me and seemed agitated she asked me what I was doing in my own apartment. Her son broke a chair over my back and all of a sudden, I was the one that was wrong.



I made sure he knew what was going on and told him not to talk to A.E.V. about my health business as he was a perpetrator of abuse. The doctor thought it was my nerves and anxiety and put me on Paxil. I used to get that a lot and then found out later that they were so unbelievably wrong that it was not funny. It took me forever to get through to them but eventually I figured out what was wrong. The problem was not in my head or in my stomach the problem was not just my lupus the lupus was being brought out by poison which I did not know about poison back then, D.B. did but he did not tell me because I was such a nervous wreck all the time and was already so afraid of A.E.V.   



            During a fight that happened during the divorce period of time A.E.V. and I got into a verbal argument that escalated to A.E.V.   taking a large serrated deer hunting survival knife and holding it to my throat. He told me that it would be 99% worth it to watch me bleed, while he had the knife to my throat, I was screaming at him and daring him to do it. I went to the Bridgeview Courthouse and asked for an order of protection and one was obtained at that time. I took every knife in the house and threw them all in the dumpster in the parking lot and hid the survival knife where he did not know where it was. A.E.V.   did not argue the order of protection and one was granted and put into place for two years.



When I was visiting S. P., I was paged by my brother R.A.B. when I returned his call, he informed me that a woman in my apartment building had been robbed and that the police had been to the apartment. I was asked if I had any idea who it could have been and I replied I can think of one person who might have done it. When I got home R.A.B. and the woman that was allegedly robbed informed me that A.E.V. had broken into her apartment with his friends Rich and Chuck. The three had been looking for money and drugs. They stole the woman’s special keepsakes including locks of hair and baby teeth that she had saved from their childhood. The woman also alleged that A.E.V. had kicked the teeth in of a bunny that she had been allowing to run around the apartment freely.

This caused the bunny not to be able to eat.  A.E.V. played center field in soccer and had been trained in Soccer since he was three years old and has a strong and accurate kick. A.E.V.   paged me and told me to say goodbye to his girls for him, he had run off to Mexico with Rich and Chuck. The three took Chucks car and headed north to Canada and then toward Mexico. I told the police what I knew and kept them updated as much as I could. A.E.V. ’s parents stepped in and brought him back from Mexico and then they proceeded to assist him legally in getting out of trouble for the crimes.

When he returned, he was on the phone with me, I was outside in the parking lot of the Hickory Hills apartments, he was screaming that he wanted to see his kids. I refused to allow it and hung up the phone went to the Bridgeview Courthouse and requested an order of protection against him. The Hickory Hills D. that I had been speaking to went with me to the court and also told the judge and A.E.V.  was no longer able to see the kids. A temporary order was put into place and A.E.V.  did not fight the two-year order that was put into place a month later.

It was put on the paperwork that he was a flight risk because of what he did, Rich who was his friend was a minor at the time. Additionally, I had concerns about A.E.V. obtaining money as he had told me one before that he and his friend Scott were planning on going to Mexico and bringing back pills to sell on the streets. A.E.V. said he had a way to make a fast $10,000.00 and I did not know if that was what he had done or not but did not want to take any chances because his behavior had become out of character, violent, and erratic. He had gone from a guy who worked seven days a week a lot of the time to someone who refused to work and only wanted to do and sell drugs and rob people.

I informed the Hickory Hills police of A.E.V. confession to me of killing a homeless man and that I saw the coroner pulling a body out of the sewer at Resurrection Cemetery. I do not think I was at all believed as the officer did not seem interested in what I was saying and nothing was done about it. Had the officer done something about A.E.V. my life and my children’s lives would be completely different and less harm would have been done to us.


The day before the divorce was final A.E.V.  had come home from working at Addeco, I had taken all his stuff and packed it up for him. It was all in the living room piled up. It was in the living room and when he came home, he asked me “what is all this, I said it’s your stuff you are leaving aren’t you?” A.E.V.  became infuriated and I had decided beforehand if we got into a fight, I was going to stay calm and keep my hands on my sides and not fight back. I knew he would probably hit me and he did.

When he did, I called the police and had him arrested he was taken to cook county but not until after the Hickory Hills police allowed him to contact me multiple times via the telephone and make threats and false accusations against me. He alleged that I was not believed by the police and that they had purchased him Mc Donald’s for dinner, I called up there and spoke to someone on the telephone and asked them why they were allowing him to contact me after I had just had him arrested for domestic violence.

 I was not stupid I knew that if he hit me, he would go to jail and I knew the police wanted to put him jail and were looking for a reason to. I also knew that A.E.V.  could not show up in court and gum up the proceedings and try and stop the divorce at the last minute even though he signed the papers he had the opportunity to contest it all the way up until it was finalized. A.E.V.  got arrested after M.M.V.M. told the officers that Daddy hit’s mommy all the time and she was tired of it she told them that it was driving her up the walls. When A.E.V.  got out of jail, he called M.M.V.M. a snitch and was hateful toward her, which hurt her and infuriated me.

I was proud of M.M.V.M. that day and called her my hero for doing the right thing and being honest. I let her talk to the officers alone in her bedroom. I did not want to lose my girls because of his drug dealing and I started to work with the officers later on by telling them what he said he did in killing and what he told me in regard to his drug manufacturing with his friend Scott. 

The situation was not healthy and I kept walking around saying to A.E.V. this is not healthy kids, should not grow up like this this is not what I signed up for.  I tried to get a job as a photographer for my training I had to go to Wisconsin my brother R.A.B. with me and stayed in the hotel room. I was told by my boss he ordered porn movies while in the hotel room with my kids which embarrassed and infuriated me. I decided to take the girls back home and drive back and forth every day for my training. I became a Church portrait photographer for Lifetouch.

The job did not work out because the woman that ran it kept having my partner and I set up all this equipment in the wrong rooms in churches. It was extremely heavy and hard for me to do. There was not enough work either and it went on for quite a while, I was never was paid for anything. I do not think I ever got one paycheck from the company as there was never any sales. I quit the job due to the woman’s incompetence and lack of work I also reported her to the supervisor who did nothing about it.




D.B., I told right away after it was finalized and A.E.V.’s family found out when I started to cry at thanksgiving because I was losing them. Which they promised me was not going to happen.

I figured if I told D.B. I was divorced he would probably help me as he had helped me in the past. When I did that is exactly what he did. He took me out and bought me a car and instead of it being a Junker it was a nice car that I was told I could use and keep to get the girls and I around in. D.B. was not sick at this time he did not get sick until a few months later when he got gangrene after helping me move from the apartment to the north side to be with Steve.

Before that happened Steve and I broke up several times, I still had to contend with A.E.V. before the divorce was finalized, I kept reminding him day after day that he should change his ways. He refused until a few days before the divorce when he tried to lie to me and tell me he would quit everything. He would quit hanging around with the kids, he would quit selling drugs, and he would somehow find a job. He got a temporary job at a company called Addeco. I did not believe him at all and refused to back down.

 THEFT OF $1200.00 BY S. P.

A.E.V. and I did the taxes he took his half and paid the rent I took my half and took it to S.P. and asked him to hold on to it for me so I could get the girls and I an apartment. S.P. took the money and stuck it in a DVD case on his shelf and told me he would not touch it. Then when I went there, I noticed he had a bunch of new DVD’s. I knew he took the money, he then asked me if he could borrow some for his dad’s medallion, Steve and his dad drive a cab and he cannot work without a medallion they shared the same one and Steve put his picture over his dad’s while he is working. No one ever looks he said.  he said he would give it back pretty much immediately it was a short-term loan.

I said it was fine he asked me for $700.00 I had given him $1200 and needed more for an apartment than that as I needed two bedrooms. Not long after I found out all the money was gone and the rent was due at the apartment. I had to tell A.E.V.  that it was stolen, A.E.V.  was infuriated and we were headed for eviction which wasn’t really a bad thing. Steve and I broke up again and I took the kids back to D.B.’s along with some of my stuff including my TV and other things.

 S.P. 2000 & 2001

S.P. asked me to go see him I only took the kids and a duffle bag of clothing because I did not plan on staying. While he was at work he stopped at my grandma’s and spoke to D.B. alone. I do not know what was said but from what I gathered it was a hate filled talk about me. Steve brought my TV and Microwave back to the apartment without asking me. I was not happy about it. I had already left him and most of my belongings behind because I had no place to keep it and no way to get it to my grandma’s.

I lost everything I owned because of S.P. and his ping pong games, I believe he did it on purpose and was told by D.B. that it was done to me on purpose. He said it was because it was from my marriage and if you get divorced you do not get to keep the stuff you had during your divorce no matter what it is including furniture and houses.

When I was dating S.P., my ID went missing from my wallet, I had to go to his house to get it. When I did, he had a great big pair of oversized sunglasses like police wear. I thought it was odd, I also noted from our conversation that he had gone to see A.E.V.  and they had words. A.E.V.  told me something about a man coming up to him and pulling him out of a car that was wearing a big pair of sunglasses. I do not know what happened but Steve also said something about Chuck. He was jealous of Chuck and I told him not to be as Chuck was 18, bald because he shaved his head, and A.E.V.’s friend, he was also a convict, and not my type. I laughed it off but Steve was serious.



There was a guy at school named Ben he went to Robert Morris with me the first time I went. I talked to Ben a lot as he wanted to be with me except, I did not want to be with him. I told him that several times but he would not drop the issue. He was in all my classes and I was starting to feel uncomfortable going to school. I have a rule that I will not date or be with people I go to school with or work with. It messes everything up as if you break up then there are always problems. Ben was a draftsman and he was very tight I am not that way and could not be that way. He is the type that lines his socks up in the drawer perfect and by color whereas I just throw all the socks in the drawer unmatched and figure it out when I need them. It never would have worked out and I knew that.

Ben and I were talking one day in my car and he were still trying to convince me to be with him. He was sitting in the car and saying “Horney little Ben wants to kiss A”. He would not stop and kept on saying it over and over again and would not get out of my car. I ended up getting really loud and kicking Ben out of the car I never wanted to talk to him again after that.

I went home and was late, A.E.V. asked me why I was so angry and why I was late he knew something was wrong and would not let up until I told him what was wrong which is what Ed and A.E.V.  do have to do sometimes to get things out of me.

I told A.E.V. what happened and he was not happy I don’t think it was a jealousy thing either as that is not how he seemed he was mad because he made me feel uncomfortable and he told me that it was not cool and not safe. He and chuck put me in the back of chucks car and drove up to the school the next day chuck got out and went up to ben and they said they just wanted to talk they were not going to hurt him and they promised me that. I saw chuck hit Ben in the head and Ben’s head bounce off the wall. I could not get out of the car I was stuck. I was upset and thought that it was wrong and not funny.

The next day A.E.V. helped me bring my statue Stella to school she was very heavy and weighed about 65lbs. I told him not to drop her as she was a prized possession and not finished which she still is not finished. The counselor was there and so were the police I told the police exactly what happened step by step I also told them that I had reported what was going on with Ben to the school. I told them that it was A.E.V. ’s fault and not mine because he had promised he would not touch ben just talk to him. The police did nothing to me or to A.E.V.  and I was released. I do not know if anything happened about chuck. Not long after I quit school for a while because of the divorce. I went back later and ben was gone and I was relieved.

I was told that E.M.M. was told that I had cheated on him with Ben. Ben was not going to school with me at Robert Morris the second time in late 2001 I enrolled a second time he had already left school. I had been gone for about 9 months and had about 9 months left to do. I do not know Ben’s last name; I never even kissed him or had his telephone number or Email.

D.B. had said that Ed had turned on me and started to poison me because both A.E.V. and Ben had lied to him about me cheating. Ed does not take cheating lightly nor do I but he is crazy enough to do that I am not. I just divorce you and never look back. I was told by D.B. that A.E.V.  paid Ben $100.00 just to lie to Ed. I do not know if it was true or not but I almost lost my life and if was over a lie that Ed did not bother to check out first because he just wanted money. I also think D.B. said insurance money was promised as well but I cannot be sure. Which is part of why D.B. needs to be interrogated.

I do not cheat and never cheated on E.M.M. E.M.M. does he was cheating on me with N.A.T. the entire time we were dating and while we were married. I cheated on A.E.V.  but not until after I got divorced and after I was raped, I did not have sex with anyone until after the papers were filed for the divorce. A.E.V.  was in denial and did not believe that I was really going to leave him for good. He kept saying you’re not going to be gone forever I know you’re not.

A.E.V.  just was not getting the picture; has said I will always be his wife. He still does not seem to understand what the word divorced means he did not then and D.B. stated he still did not. There was no getting through to him no matter how many times I told him I was done. If I got angry and yelled, he thought it meant that I was angry because I still loved him. I learned that if I stayed calm and talked in a calm tone of voice, he would finally get it. As much as he infuriated me with his mouth and his abuses it was not an easy thing to do. I kept on telling him that the divorce was coming and he would not change he simply refused to change and he chose drugs instead of his family. I felt like I broke him going out with John and Steve I could see that he was hurt but I was done and there was no going back the relationship was not healthy and I called it venomous.

A.E.V.   ended up homeless, he did not get a job after the divorce he eventually got arrested and because of the robbery he could not see the kids and I felt guilty about it like it was my fault even though it was not my fault it was his choices that got him in trouble not anything I did or the kids did. He was addicted to drugs and living a dangerous and unhealthy lifestyle he also was not safe for me to be around or the kids to be around because of his super short wick and his jackal and hide personality. He could be screaming at you and jumping around in aggressive way one minute and see an officer standing at the door and stop immediately and turn around and be super and calm. It was like nothing I saw before but what I did see was that it was a big problem.

A.E.V. ripped the phone out of the wall multiple times, and then we did not have a telephone at all because we would not pay the bill. If you needed to call out you had to use the computer and internet phone service when it was still free but not good. One time he ripped the phone out of the wall and I had to go to Rich’s house upstairs to use the telephone to call the police I think that is the day A.E.V.   got arrested and went to Cook County for physical abuse. A.E.V.  ’s dad bailed him out and then expected me to leave the apartment so A.E.V.  could have it. He was angry at me for refusing to leave as the apartment was given to me in the divorce and A.E.V.  was supposed to be the one to leave but refused to and the landlord refused to make him leave as did the police because his name was on the lease also.



W.E.V.   mentioned C.H. to me in the kitchen of his house, he said that he had interest in me I was not paying attention to him and I think I laughed at him. I was distracted by the kids and W.E.V.  like D.B. often said things to me that made no sense to me and mumbled things under his breath in my presence about other things what he said about C.H. made no sense  at all as how would he even know who I was or what was going on in my life. I thought W.E.V.   was drunk and teasing me to see what I would say. I thought the comments came out of nowhere and did not pay attention to what he was saying.



After the divorce from A.E.V.  he and I still lived in the same apartment for about six months, I slept with my belt on and in the recliner in the living room so he could not molest me while I was asleep. We were divorced on November 17, 2000 and did not separate completely until May of 2001. During that time my brother R.A.B. was staying with us. I was trying to work and get enough money to get the girls and I an apartment and had been seeing S. P. who played what I call ping pong with me which means he would act like he wanted to be with me and then break up with me, then call me back a week or two later and say he could not sleep and missed me.

This went on for a while and eventually I got tired of it.  I went to live on the Northside with S.P. as he had lost my money and I needed a place to stay with the girls. I went to see W.E.V.   and he had stated that his son had made death threats against me and he had concerns that his son was going to make good on those threats. A.E.V.  had also told me that my grandmother had put a hit out on my life, and he threatened that he was going to get his buddy in the mob after me. In both instances I discounted what he said including the threats and laughed in his face. A.E.V.  was doing a lot of drugs and the relationship was venomous, I did not believe anything that came out of his mouth because he lied so much even about the smallest simplest things.

W.E.V.  and B.J.V. and I spoke about me relocating to the Northside and he told me to go there and gave me $1800 cash to obtain an apartment. The apartment was in my name and my name only after what I went through with A.E.V.  S.P. and I were to reside there together which I did not really think was going to work and did not. D.B. and brother helped me to move to the Northside. D.B. had a blister on his foot that turned into gangrene and he was sick from it.

I came home to the apartment to find him sleeping on the couch in my new apartment. I did not mind that he was there but knew he must be really sick to of stopped by my house to take a nap. Not long after D.B. ended up getting his foot amputated and it was because it had gotten infected and turned to gangrene. D.B. alleged that he was being poisoned by my grandmother and C.P.S.B.S.B. and that she had been doing so in an effort to get to me.

I did not know anything about D.B. being poisoned or myself being poisoned at that time, I was not told until 2009 and later. He said to me then that the information had been kept from me because I was such a nervous person but that he felt the time had come that I needed to be told so I could survive, he explained what it would feel like, what the symptoms were and what to do if I thought I was. This was during a warning telephone call that was placed to my house from the house D.B. was renting from me in Lake Station in which he told me that E.M. was going to be poisoning me and that I was supposed to be killed on specific dates which were June 10, 2012 the incidents described to me during that telephone call happened the exact way D.B. had described to me in perfect chronological order on the exact days.

As a result of abuse that almost turned into physical abuse from S.P. and his cheating and screaming, I left the residence and lost all my belongings. I was now homeless and jobless with two children to care for.

On my way to grandmas from the apartment on the Northside I stopped by D.G. to talk to him about what happened, he was my friend at one time and I needed to talk to someone who I thought cared. When he came out, he was standing in the driveway and he said “A.E.V.  said you were a gold digger”, he had an attitude and because of what he said I put the car into drive and drove away as what he said made me cry. I attempted to talk to D.G. in early 2019 about the situation with D.B. being a serial killer and our conversation in 1993 but was ignored.  I attempted to contact him via Facebook as his phone number was changed and had no way to get to his residence as I believe certain conversations should be held face to face especially regarding important things such as the turning in of criminals for their criminal activity.

I went to my grandmother’s house and did not ask if I could before I got there, I just showed up at home and told her I had no place to go. I was told to stay in the basement apartment that D.B. had built as he was living upstairs in grandpa’s old bedroom due to his foot amputation.

While I was there, grandma was focused on the money aspect of D.B. being hurt. “What am I going to do now D.B.? How am I supposed to pay all these bills?” D.B. told her not to worry about the bills he was going to claim bankruptcy. I was upset and told my grandmother to layoff and told her she was attacking his ego which had already taken a hit from losing his foot. She was being abusive.

During that summer, I worked at Les Brothers, and spent time with T.C. we were not a couple as he had a girlfriend and said she might be pregnant and then said she was. He came over every day in the evening and we would sit on the front porch and talk about what had happened. The kids were usually asleep by the time he came over. I was working as well and had a broken hand. M.M.M. started school at Hale and my grandmother would not allow me to say that I lived with her and made me sign her up as homeless.

While staying at my grandmother’s house I tried to contact J.S. Jr.  and I thought it was him on the telephone and told him I loved him but he did not respond. Instead I was told this is his brother R.S. D.B. alleged that he heard me on the telephone that day.  I did not get to talk to J.S.Jr. and do not know if he got the message but he had told me he loved me and I did not respond and thought about my feelings and decided I should.

My grandmother would not allow the kids and I to eat at the house, cook on the stove or keep things in the refrigerator. D.B. took his credit card away from me, and my grandmother listened to my phone conversation with my brother and I was complaining about how she insulted me when I got Milk for A.J.M. from upstairs as I had run out of milk. I told her I was trying my best and she said “It’s not good enough is it Ann?” We got into an argument in the basement when I asked her what kind of grandmother and great grandmother she was for starving her grand kids, I felt she was being selfish and greedy as there was a large stack of bread and I think I counted that there were seven loaves yet the girls and I were starving and I had to go to a food pantry but the pantry could barely give me anything due to my inability to cook or refrigerate anything. She even got angry when I attempted to use a small electric camping grill to cook the girls and I hot dogs in the back yard. Complaining that I was using too much electric.

After she heard me speaking to my youngest brother J. Bu. on the phone, she told me to leave and take my kids to a shelter. She said I was defaming her and I responded I did not know you were famous. That day she came downstairs and was putting notes all over the place that said no smoking. I had not been smoking inside the house she had oxygen in the house and I knew it was against the rules. It did not matter, and she also put a gallon of milk on the table with a no-smoking note on that as well.

I have dealt with this from all my family members in that their hate is mixed with seemingly nice things. Their actions and words do not ever seem to match up. To yell at someone and make them feel bad about using milk for a child and then buy them milk does not make any sense. It leaves you stunned and wondering to yourself about the sanity of the persons who are behaving in this manner. It’s a form of abuse and causes confusion and insecurity as well as anxiety. It causes you to feel as though you’re walking on eggshells all the time as if you say the wrong thing your head will get bitten off then they either rethink their statements or they do something nice so they do not drive you away completely. Which is what happened.

My grandmother told me to go to a shelter with the kids, I called my friend T. S.M. and told her what was going on and she spoke to her husband and invited me and the kids to stay with her in Lockport. I did not tell D.B. or grandmother where I was going, I spoke to Terra hung up the telephone and then grabbed what few things I had and the kids and packed the car and left without a word.

I went to Terra’s and stayed in her guest room, while in her guest room I woke up one night with Terra and three men standing around my bed. I was laying on an angle and thought why are they in here If I ignore them, they will go away and went back to sleep.

I was working in Hickory Hills, driving to Chicago to drop MMM off at school and living in Lockport. I was driving at least sixty miles each day and all the money I made waitress-ing was going into the gas tank. I was not getting anywhere and was considering taking L.B. up on her offer to go live with her in Las Vegas as she seemed to want me and was the only one helping me out. She offered to send me a plane ticket and move out there with her but because of her alcoholism and her wanting me to be a cocktail waitress and not an artist I did not want to go.