Chapter 77 Marriage To E.M.M. in Illinois

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SEPTEMBER 24, 2001 – E.M.M.  

I met E. M. M. one night at work when he came into Les Brother’s with his friend R.C., I had decided that I really did not want to be with anyone really and was not looking to be with anyone due to my financial situation. However, E. M. M.  came into the restaurant and when he did, he walked over to my boss S.V. He spoke to S.V. for a few moments, then S.V. looked at me and put him in my station. I was bored as I did not have many customers so I kept giving he and R.C. coffee. R.C. ordered a rice pudding and I put lots of whip cream on it like I always did and he was happy.

When they were ready to go E. M. M. gave me the check and the money to pay the check and said before you look at that what is your name, I responded A. V., he said and said A.E.V.? I said yeah, and he asked me why? Like why did you marry him in the first place. E.M.M. said he used to know him and they went to Brother Rice together but they were not friends. He asked me if I would go out with him and I replied I have two kids. He handed me a card that said he was a fire investigator with his number on it and asked me to call him. I was not impressed by the card as T.C. is a fireman and I did not like that about him as it is a dangerous job. I would worry too much about him while he was at work plus, they get called out whenever there is an incident or fire.

I had seen A.E.V.  earlier that day and he had tried to kiss me and get up on me in the car. I was missing my nylons for work and felt incomplete and it threw my whole day off at work. Another man who was heavyset and was there with his mom had also given me his number. I called E.M.M. because I liked him. When I did page him, I heard “Ding Fries are Done” and I laughed on his pager recording but did not realize it was an insult to me. E.M.M. used to say the only thing worse than a retard was a retard that did not know they were a retard to me. I am not mentally handicapped therefore did not realize he was insulting me to my face.




While I was at T.S.M. E.MM came to visit me and the day, I was told by my cousin C.B.G. that J.S. Jr.  died E.M.M. was standing outside the door a few moments after I hung up the telephone. C.B.C. called and told me J.B. had been killed in a drunk driving accident. I did not believe her entirely until I went to the crash site the next day. D.B. alleged that the accident site was staged. There is an obituary online for J.S.Jr. and newspapers do not write obituaries without a death certificate.

D.B. insists that John is alive and tried to tell me multiple times to have him exhumed to prove it. He kept saying that I was supposed to marry J.S.jr. and not E.M.M. It is not possible to marry someone who is dead. He told me that John was living using his father’s house and name in Connecticut, I found the house and drove to Connecticut but no one was home. D.B. also alleged that there were policies taken out on John and that he was thin because his family had tried to collect. He also alleged that my cousin C.B.G. was one of the people who had a policy and had poisoned him out of jealousy.

My Aunt D.L.B had come to my grandma’s house and was screaming at me because I was dating “C.B.G’s Friend” I asked her if they were just friends what was the big deal. We were adults and it was no one’s business who I was dating or what I was doing with John. I told her that C.B.G has another boyfriend who was M.G. and J.S.jr. knew that and did not want to share the woman he was with.



During the divorce from A.E.V., we were having an argument. We were in the apartment in Hickory Hills and I was walking out the door. He said he was going to get his buddy in the MOB after me. I laughed at him as I had no idea, he knew anyone in the mob and from what I could tell all he hung out with were stoners and kids. Later I found out that E.M. was allegedly A.E.V.  “buddy in the mob”. My entire relationship with E. M. was a complete lie and as a result my life was stolen. They purposefully conspired and set out to harm me from before I ever even met E. M. This is no different than any of the sex-traffickers that have sex-trafficked me. Handing me over from one person to the next without my knowledge and pretending to create a relationship based on completely false pretenses with malicious intent in mind. This is a form of rape; my love was used to hold me hostage to him as was my sickness that was being brought on and caused by him. It was alleged by D.B. that this was pre-conspired and done to me under his direction in an effort to take my life and abuse me so that I would remain silent about what I had seen and crimes I heard about from family members.


D.B. alleged over the telephone that he traded my life for his own. He alleged that he used those around him to keep himself out of prison and to abuse me because of the body I found in Palos Hills and conversations that I heard in relation to my grandfather being killed as well as his other crimes.

Additionally, he reminded me that he had gotten a loan from American General Finance to buy a boat using his truck for collateral, this was during my marriage to A.E.V that was not ever going to work out and needed to come to an end.

American General Finance is a super large insurance carrier they do not just handle finance but some of the oldest insurance company’s in the country. The list of company’s that is associated with them in regards to insurance is enormous. E.M.M.’s mother MA. M worked for this company for thirty five years and was a chief loan officer at the Bridgeview Il location D.B. had gone to American General to get a loan prior to me meeting E.M. and being with him.

I do not know if it is related or true but E.M.M. alleged that his parent’s apartment building was hit by a car when someone smashed into the front window of his apartment on the lower level. The use of cars has been used to harm people that were harming me or intending to do harm to me. There is more on this in another post. 

W.E.V. was a big wig at Lucent Technologies, and worked at the Chicago 911 center it was one of his main projects that he was heading up for his job. C.M. was allegedly a Gang & MOB surveillance Detective for the Chicago Police Department, MA.M. is 100% Italian and an immigrant that came over from Italy when she was allgeldy 7 years old, she and E.M.M. speak Italian to each other so they can talk without me knowing what they say.

D.B. alleged they were MOB and that E.M.M. was a made member of the Mob and had killed before I met him which D.B. knew of but I did not, nor did I know he was allegedly in a mob or a made man.

E.M.M. had gone to a dance with B.D. whose father is also a Chicago Police officer, and who also went to Stagg Highschool. 

10 / 2001


J.S.jr. apparently chose to be with a woman named Shelly that he had dated in-between C.B.G. and I. I did not want to deal with it so I stopped talking to him. Then I was told he was killed anyway. D.B. alleged that he had talked to John about poisoning me and that John had refused so D.B. had to find someone else and that was E.M. J.S.jr. had knowledge of what was being done to me and had refused to participate, he was either killed or forced to go into hiding. “No Witnesses” are what D.B. had said. D.B. alleged that many people had to go into hiding and that many of those people were the people that love me. The meaning behind it is that I used to say “nobody loves me” he gave me a list of names and said it was a play on words and that it was the “no bodies that loved me” there are no bodies in the ground.

I was taught that people do not come back from the dead, unless they are not dead, once they are gone, they are gone forever. He has told me multiple times throughout the years that these people are still alive and well and told me how they made themselves disappear. The only problem is, it is nearly impossible for me to find out anything and he insisted and made it part of my “Alleged Directives” that I have them exhumed. Perhaps they were poisoning victims, or were killed some other way, or perhaps they are simply dead and he wants me to accept it. I do not know as I have not been able to get authorities to do their job. In any event he not only seems to know a lot about them but insists they are alive. If they are not alive it is another form of abuse inflicted on me by him.



I met E. M. M. one night at work when he came into Les Brother’s with his friend R.C., I had decided that I really did not want to be with anyone really and was not looking to be with anyone due to my financial situation. However, E. M. M.  came into the restaurant and when he did, he walked over to my boss S.V. He spoke to S.V. for a few moments, then S.V. looked at me and put him in my station. I was bored as I did not have many customers so I kept giving he and R.C. coffee. R.C. ordered a rice pudding and I put lots of whip cream on it like I always did and he was happy.

When they were ready to go E. M. M. gave me the check and the money to pay the check and said before you look at that what is your name, I responded A. V., he said and said A.E.V.? I said yeah, and he asked me why? Like why did you marry him in the first place. E.M.M. said he used to know him and they went to Brother Rice together but they were not friends. He asked me if I would go out with him and I replied I have two kids. He handed me a card that said he was a fire investigator with his number on it and asked me to call him. I was not impressed by the card as T.C. is a fireman and I did not like that about him as it is a dangerous job. I would worry too much about him while he was at work plus, they get called out whenever there is an incident or fire.

I had seen A.E.V.  earlier that day and he had tried to kiss me and get up on me in the car. I was missing my nylons for work and felt incomplete and it threw my whole day off at work. Another man who was heavyset and was there with his mom had also given me his number. I called E.M.M. because I liked him. When I did page him, I heard “Ding Fries are Done” and I laughed on his pager recording but did not realize it was an insult to me. E.M.M. used to say the only thing worse than a retard was a retard that did not know they were a retard to me. I am not mentally handicapped therefore did not realize he was insulting me to my face.



When I met E.M.M., he offered to get the girls and I an apartment in exchange for a painting of him and his parents that was to be made from a photo that was taken of them from a wedding they went to. I was skeptical about moving out of T.S.M.’s and going with E.M.M. but T.S.M had made me feel unwelcome when she came home drunk and attacked me verbally in front of E.M.M. E.M.M. looked at me and said “I gotta get you out of here”. 

D.B. alleged that T.S.M. had been seeing E.M.M. prior to me dating him and had helped in setting me up. T.S.M. was married but had cheated on E.M. only T.S.M., E.M.M., and D.B. apparently know if this is true.

E.M.M. had impressed me by showing me his paper weight collection, and he was a collector and sold some of his baseball cards to get the apartment that we got in Bridgeview. He also brought the girls gifts when he first met them, he brought A.J.M. a Monster from Monsters Inc. and M.M.V.M. was brought a Barbie and fixed my tire that I had accidentally shredded on my way home from work.  I thought he was thoughtful and caring I was not being treated kindly by anyone. He earned my trust over time, and it was impressive to me that he was willing to accept kids that were not his and help me as well.

The paper weights and baseball cards and his gentlemanly demeanor also impressed me. I thought he was a dork and I needed a dork after being with A.E.V.  for so many years. He was raised very similar to the way I was, born in the same hospital in the same year, and knew how to speak to people he was not a thug.  I was deceived severely by him and he kept that up for a very long time. He did not get angry very often at first and he was protective of me at first and made me feel safe from A.E.V.  and his friends.


In 2001, and while I was living with T.S.M. I did not feel safe because of losing my home and because of A.E.V.  and his putting a large deer hunting knife to my throat. A.E.V.  had done some things that were out of character and was acting erratically.  E.M.M. pretended to hate A.E.V.  and he was pretending that he was protecting me from A.E.V.  and his friends.  We got along very well and during a conversation that was had at T.S.M. in which E.M.M. and I became a couple,  I explained I was not a good cook, or “Susie homemaker”, E.M.M. said that is fine I love to cook, he explained how he was the only child the same way I was and his mother had taught him how to cook.

I was attracted to him in every way, and that nearly cost me my life as a result.  From pretty much the very beginning E.M.M. said he was going to marry me; he took me to meet his parents right away. I did not want to get remarried after what I had gone through with A.E.V. I was interested in starting my career and raising my children. I had no problem being in a monogamous relationship or living together but I had no interest in giving up my newly found independence and marriage, I was tired of being controlled and wanted freedom to make my own choices without being put down. I also wanted to be able to leave if I had to without having to go through a divorce or the emotions that went along with getting divorced.



E.M.M. had not moved into the apartment and we had not even had sexual intercourse until after I lived there for a while. This also impressed me because he was not pressuring me. I called him a keeper, and the things that he did for me meant a lot at the time. However, I now know it was all a form of manipulation to get me to trust him and stay with him.

Not long after we lived at the apartment E.M.M. and I had a talk at the kitchen table about building a business and future, he had knowledge of business from selling baseball cards and collectibles and antiques with his father. I had knowledge from studying and trying out things that I learned about in books and from what I saw other’s doing. I thought that we would be a good fit together and made a good team. E.M.M. called me an investment during that conversation. During that conversation he was bragging to me about having $20,000 that I do not believe he had. He has also mentioned Gerber Grow Up plan life insurance and said his parents had a policy on him.


 CHRISTMAS at E.M.M.’s Parents

When we took the kids to Christmas at E.M.M.’s parent’s house that was located on or around Kostner Ave. which boarders Hometown Il. on the Chicago side of the street it was a three flat apartment building. My daughter A.J.V.M. threw up all over the kitchen floor. E.M.M. also was given a $2500.00 ring with five diamonds in it that year and clothes. His mother made a big deal out of A.J.V.M. throwing up and because of that I wanted to go home. After that we did not go to their house often maybe two or three times more. 

That was the only Christmas that we spent with his family due to the things that were said to him over the telephone and that he told me about in private. Which was they did not like me, and E.M.M. separated himself from his family because they did not like me and I was not welcomed into it. He would become angry because they would page him and wanted him to go home to talk to him in private or he would say they want me to “Do some stupid shit.”

They hated me from the minute that he introduced me to them.  His mother glared at me constantly and was extremely fake to my face, his father did not seem to hate me but he and I have had words a few times. Because his family did not accept me E.M.M. chose the girls and I and removed himself from them. His mother had been in charge of E.M.M.’s money from his tile job, she was in charge of his bank account and he wanted to be in charge of his own finances as he was an adult. He also had a curfew and had to be home by a certain time and called him at the apartment and had him run home for what he called stupid things that could have waited or been handled at another time.

This made E.M.M. angry and he felt they were trying to control his choice in being with me and the kids because I had been married before and had two kids. They felt the kids and I were not his problem and he should not be with me for that reason only. He never gave me any other reasons for their hatefulness toward me other than those reasons but he did separate himself from them and life became pretty much he, the girls and I until 2015. They entered our lives sporadically but they were not a part of our lives and we were not a part of theirs.



It had been decided by W.E.V., B.J.V. and the family that A.E.V.  was not going to be allowed at any family functions due to his abuse and drug use. He had been stealing, breaking into his parent’s house, and causing all kinds of problems for the family. He was also the primary reason for the divorce and the kids had already lost their father and I had lost my husband and therefore it was decided that they were going to help me and keep me in the family and not A.E.V.  E. M. was also accepted into the family with open arms, and we attended just about all family functions up until the poisoning of me in 2012. This includes Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter sometimes, and grouped birthday’s which occurred in January and in March and again in August.

Christmas was held at W.E.V. and B.J.V.’s house, Thanksgiving alternated usually between W.E.V.  and B.V. and Aunt J.K., and L.V.W.V. also had Thanksgiving, I was told when to be where and was there when I was supposed to be. Christmas day was usually at L.V.W.V. but I did not attend that as I saw the family with the kids on Christmas Day and was supposed to spend Christmas with D.B. which later turned into Christmas as a family at home with my own kids. E.M.M. and I decided to make our Christmas on Christmas Eve so Santa came to our house early and they would not have to leave their toys and go elsewhere.

During the first Christmas we were together we went to W.E.V. & B.J.V. house and E.M.M. was taken upstairs by W.E.V.  and they were talking alone in his office. E.M.M. came down the stairs with a big smile on his face like a cat that just ate a fish.  I did not know what was said but figured it was not my business either. Barbra was very thoughtful and had gifts for Ed including Dreamsicle soda which he said he liked and a weird fireman ornament.

A.E.V.’s family loved E.M.M. and thought he was a “good fit for me” and that was true of the entire family including A.E.V.’s sister, aunts and uncles. His aunts and uncles did not say much about him at all they just accepted him and allowed him to come to the parties as my boyfriend and husband. A.E.V. was not allowed or invited anymore because of the abuse. The family said they loved me and that was not going to change because of the divorce. I was close to his Aunt B.C. and used to talk to her all the time, and his Aunt J.K. as well. I did not speak to his uncles much as they are men and used to just talk to each other but I did not ever feel hated by any of them. This was not the normal arrangement that usually occurs after a divorce but we all knew that and decided it was what we wanted to do for our family.





E.M.M. had pets when I met him and one of those pets was a big Hamster that he called fat-ass. He had this hamster for five years. When it passed away, he buried it in the forest preserve. I got him another hamster to replace it and he said it committed suicide by jumping off or falling off the wheel inside the cage. The third hamster which was given to me by a friend named Becky had been found dead by me on Christmas.

I made a rule that there was not to be any other type of animal that did not make noise to be fed as it was E.M.M. job to feed the hamster and it was dead. E.M.M. also gave me a small toy doll hamster with nun chucks the hamster sang and danced and sang the song KungFu fighting. E.M.M. also had fish including old and large gold fish, and a sucker fish that lived all the way until after E.M.M. left the residence in 2015.

E.M.M. also alleged he had been to Canada and had allegdly purchased 40 acres of land in Thunder bay Canada, it was undeveloped land.  he said he owned a large number of acers in Thunder Bay. I cannot remember if it was 30 or 40. I did not pay attention to it as it did not impress me only his behavior did.



When working at Les Brothers I had a friend named Jackie. Jackie went to college and did not live at home as he had problems there. She asked Ed and I if she could spend her break with us at the apartment. Since I trusted Ed and Jackie, I allowed it. However, later when living at the condo I E.M.M. showed me a photo of a woman in a porn magazine that I found in his possession that looked to be Jackie. He alleged that was why he bought the magazine because he thought it was funny. I do not know if it was Jackie or not. When living at the apartment on 87th and Harlem E.M.M. handed her a pair of kneepads because she had a date she was going out on. Jackie and I stopped being friends while living at the Condo as she wanted me to stand up in her wedding and wanted me to pay $250.00 for an orange dress. She was very overbearing and bossy and it was just too much for me to handle. I have not heard from her since that time.



D.B. had purchased a car for me which was a RED SUMMIT EAGLE the kids called it the “Magic Schoolbus.” The car payment was only $150.00 a month. I was working and had discussed with E.M.M. about returning back to school as I was not making any money at Les Brothers, and wanted to return to Robert Morris to finish obtaining my degree. E.M.M. and I discussed this and he was in agreement because I was coming home with next to nothing in tips, I would work six or eight hours and come home with $17.00. It was ridiculous and I was extremely stressed out and worried all the time because I was trying to pay the rent at the apartment. I saved up all my tips and barley spent anything and paid the landlord $700.00 in singles.

I had a small accident with the car in which a woman smashed into the passenger side car when I was turning into the driveway of the apartment. D.B. did not want to fix the car but sent me up to State Farm to pick up the insurance check and bring it to him. It was $1500.00. When I brought him the check, he said I was good on car payments for the next ten months. Then not long after he contacted me and demanded that I bring the car back to him because he found out that I had returned to school.  E.M.M. stepped in and contacted someone at his work and took me to purchase a car as he had done so for a friend of his named Al’s sister. The car was already picked out for me when we got there it was a forest green Sunfire. Eventually the car was repo’ed because E.M.M. did not make the payment and paid his truck payment instead but lied to me and acted like he did not want the car to be repo-ed when he did.

D.B. took the money and decided to move out to live at J. G.’s duplex in Lyon’s Il. he gave the car to my brother R.A.B. At the time he took the car from him I said to D.B. “When they took your foot did, they take your balls too?” I also said to him “Do you like being C.P.S.B.S.B. and Grandma’s puppet?” I was infuriated because he was complaining that the two were on his case over the car and car payment which he said I was good on for ten more months.

D.B. demanded that I bring the car back to him and stated “Don’t make me get nasty”. Which was a threat. I parked the car out front of the house, left the key inside and his Father’s Day card on the front seat. Because D.B. took my car away I was now completely reliant on E.M.M. and tied to him as how could I leave with a car that he bought irregardless of anything he did after that point. D.B. knew E.M.M. was a criminal and in the MOB set me up with him and then kept me tied to him and told him to abuse me and how to inflict those abuses.  

May or June  2001



When the car was purchased, we went to E.M.M.’s uncle and Godfather, S.D. or Del.’s residence who lived in Plainfield Il. his wife owned an insurance company. The insurance company was called Del. Insurance. It was a brokerage type insurance company that she ran from home.  We purchased car insurance from them and at that time my driver’s license had to be taken and photocopied and my social security number was given to them.



 We left the apartment because there were mice, and the plumbing was being held together with duct tape, people in the building were starting arguments with both of us for no reason at all. There was a large amount of mold in the apartment and it kept coming back no matter how many times E.M.M. cleaned the walls with bleach and A.J.V.M. was getting sick from the mold by coughing and throwing up as a result of coughing. It was not safe and not healthy as we had woken up on Christmas freezing due to the lack of heat in the apartment. It was so cold we could see our breaths.

E.M.M. decided by JUNE OF 2001 to purchase the Condo in Chicago Ridge Il. He went to look at the Condo and picked it out himself without me present. If I wanted to go to live at the condo I could go, so I did. He made it clear from the beginning that even though the Condo was in his name only it was our house.

 10 /2001


E.M.M. quit his job and became depressed after his cousin called him stupid at work. I explained to him that he should not put up with being called stupid by anyone and when he stood up to his cousin, he was fired from the shop that he was working at.  E.M.M. became depressed and was sleeping in the bed all the time and refused to go to unemployment. He worked for the union and was entitled to unemployment when he was in between shops. His behavior reminded me of what I went through with A.E.V. during the divorce and I was upset. We got into an argument and I was shoved into a bookshelf by the front door pretty hardly. I was very upset about it and wanted to leave because he had hit me but could not go back to my grandmother’s and had no transportation if I left.

D.B. had taken away my car causing me to be completely reliant and dependent on E.M.M. for everything. After what D.B. told me and going over memories and piecing my life together, I believe that was the point behind taking my car from me in the first place. E.M.M. was very apologetic at the time and cried and made me believe that he was sorry. I later realized that he can make himself cry falsely. E.M.M. alleged that he must have learned the behavior from his father and promised he would never do it again but he did, not often at first but the injuries that I now live with are permanent pre-conspired injuries that I was told were going to happen by D.B.


I had suspected that E.M.M. was looking at Porn sites while I was at College at Robert Morris College. I had found an application that I could put on the computer in stealth mode so that he would not have any idea that I was making a record of the URL’s visited this program made a list of every site visited and photo that was clicked on only and put it in a hidden text file where only I knew where it was. Both the sever that he used to access the internet were my computers as one was used for my business and the other was used for designing. He usually only played games on the computer or watched Youtube. The computers were located in the living room where the children would be playing and watching TV. 

While I was at school, I realized I had forgotten my homework, and needed to obtain access to a file which contained my homework remotely. I went to the Library at the school as that was where the Windows based systems were located and the only way to attempt to access the file. When I logged into the system at home, I saw the homepage that was a custom homepage that I had created for my system and contained the title at the top of the page. This page was created to run my business and contained my shortcuts for things that I need to do every day.

When I saw the page, I was slapped in the face with Porn. I was in a public place and trying to hide the screen. I kept getting kicked off the system as that is how remote access works, if someone is on the system remotely and someone else logged on as soon as you moved the mouse it would disconnect. I had to go to the payphone and call E.M.M. and tell him to get off the system so that I could obtain access to my homework. I then got into the system remotely and accessed the logger and my homework. When I accessed the logger there were an enormous amount of URLS listed almost all of which were Porn Sites and photos. I decided to print off the list of URLs before I knew it, I had forty pages of URLs printed. I stopped the print job early because it was taking too much time and paper.

That night when I returned home, I confronted E.M.M. with the list of URLS in my hand. I had over forty pages of URLS printed and hard evidence right in front of him and he sat there with his arms folded, legs crossed acting smug and arrogant speaking curtly and in short responses to my accusations. He insisted that he had not accessed any porn sites. This argument went on for over four hours the entire time he insisted that he had not done it. He sat there lying to my face even though I had caught him red handed. I told him that if I took this to any judge on the planet, they would say he was guilty. He did not care, eventually out of anger and sarcasm I told him that he had needed to take me to the hospital because I must be hallucinating even though I was not.  Later after the divorce E.M.M. was talking to me on the front porch and he said “are you hallucinating again?” I looked at him strangely as I had no idea why he said that to me but suspected he might be trying to illegally create evidence of some kind to try and take the girls away from me or to defame my character.


2001 or 2002 A.V. & A.V.

A.J.V.M. was sick and needed to go to the doctors, I made an appointment with a doctor that I picked out of the book and not the usual pediatrician. When I got to the doctor’s office and was signing in A.J.V.M. I saw the name AL.V. listed as a patient right above where I had to sign in A.J.V.M. I knew that was A.E.V.’s new baby’s name. I was sitting in the waiting room and V.DeL. came near me with the baby and sat down. While she was standing there, I witnessed her hit the baby because it was squirming in her arms. She was there with her mother who is also allegedly a drug addict. 

While there it was awkward but A.J.V.M. needed to see the doctor to get a referral for her speech. The doctor finished up with them in the next room and came into the room where I was with a very strange look on her face as I was dressed professionally and V.D. and her mother were not. I was also very adult and mature about the situation. She asked me if there was a correlation and I informed her that I was the ex-wife and she was the new girlfriend and left it at that.



2001-2003 A.E.V.   BILLS

I had an order of protection against A.E.V.  for two years and he was not supposed to be around me nor the kids for at least that long. For whatever reason I was still getting his bills at the condo where E.M.M. lived and where my phone number was listed as A.V. due to its androgynous nature. I paid extra to not have my number listed because of A.E.V.  One day I received a bill from McNeil hospital for $1,000,000,000.00. 

Another time I received a tax bill that he owed due to an error or something that had been done on the taxes and I gave the bill to his father W.E.V.  and told him to have A.V. pay it as I was tired of going around behind him with a broom and cleaning up his messes. He was not my problem anymore and he needed to pay his own bills. My stepbrother A.J.D. worked or works at Mc Neil Hospital and may have been sending me a message about life insurance as the policies were supposedly $1,000,000,000.00 policies.

 4th OF JULY 2002

E.M.M. and R.C. decided that they were going to have a fourth of July display at the baseball fields near E.M.M. parents house. He and rob purchased a very large number of bags full of fireworks. At the time I did not have any clue what Ed did with his money or his bank accounts I was only his girlfriend not his mother nor his wife and I liked it that way as far as finances went. E.M.M. purchased large salutes I think they were called three or four-inch salutes. He took the salutes and buckets which he put sand in the bottom of and strung the salutes together and put them on the ground when he lit the salutes they exploded on the ground and I had to grab the kids and hide behind the truck. It was literally like being on a battle ground.  E.M.M. had said he had pyrotechnics’ experience and he had magazines about pyrotechnics and had alleged that he had done fireworks for a wedding and accepted payment for that wedding. He also was a fire photographer and showed me photos of a warehouse fire that he took photos of that burned for three days.  

While at the fireworks show on July 4th Jackie secretly told me that E.M.M. was planning to buy me a ring and ask me to marry him for my birthday which is July 31st.  When my birthday came E.M.M. had spent the money on fireworks instead. R.C.’s girlfriend Vicky who had been hitting on E.M. in front of me and wrote him a letter pledging her love for him told me on the balcony that E.M. was never going to marry me and she had heard him say that to R.C. I became upset and started to pack my belongings and told him that I was not there to “play house”. 

I was upset and did not really want to play house. I did not realize it at the time but E.M.M. used my father’s technique of reverse psychology to change my perspective on marriage. After that day on the balcony V.  was no longer welcome at the condo as I felt she was being manipulative and E.M.M. alleged that what she and Jacky had said was untrue and that he did want to marry me but that I said I did not want to get married repeatedly.




I had gotten a swollen lymph node in my groin area and had to go see Dr. L. to get it checked out as it was hard and it hurt. When I went to have it looked at Dr. L. said that it was a swollen lymph node and that if it did not go away, I would need a biopsy for it. That night E.M.M. had asked me to marry him and gave me a ring that I had picked out and he had on layaway. The kids were there at the time as it was family a dinner.




When I graduated college, I called D.B. and invited him to attend my graduation. My mother decided to fly to Chicago from Las Vegas and attend. My stepmother C.P.S.B.S.B. did not want to attend nor did my father. I explained that I had worked very hard to graduate, and that I was graduating at the top of my class and had a 3.75 GPA, I also explained how I had earned a scholarship and made dean’s and presidents list for my grades. I wanted him to be proud of me as I was the first person in my family to graduate college.

 During the two hours that it took me to beg and convince him to attend he said he was angry and upset with me for not coming to see him in the hospital when his foot was amputated. I explained that C.P.S.B.S.B.   had taken me aside and told me to stay away from him and alleged that when I did go to see him, I upset him because I would start to cry.

C.P.S.B.S.B.  alleged that I was making his sugar go up from being upset and that I was inhibiting his healing process. During another call my father had stated that C.P.S.B.S.B.  felt that if there was a hurricane somewhere on the planet it was my fault. He stated she held a great deal of hate and resentment toward me and was vengeful and vindictive.  D.B. and C.P.S.B.S.B. did not attend the party that was held at the Condo after my graduation they did attend the ceremony.

A.E.V. parents B.V and W.E.V.   and sister L.W.V. and D.W.V. attended the party as did R.C. and I think his girlfriend as well. We had a party after the graduation during which W.E.V.   took me into the kids’ room and was asking me questions about A.E.V., he felt that I somehow held the key to A.E.V.’s inappropriate behaviors and drug use. He implied that he wanted me to go back with A.E.V. I told him that I was happy with E.M.M. and that he had done nothing wrong and I informed him I was never going back. A.E.V.  could throw what I called “The biggest temper tantrum in the world” it was not my problem anymore.





One day while sitting at the computer desk E.M.M. and I were talking, for some reason he decided to tell me that he and his father C.M. had been taking antiques out of houses in Chicago. He alleged that they wore police clothing to get into the houses without the neighbors calling the police. They would go into abandoned houses that had furniture inside of them and take whatever they wanted from inside. Once while in the house they came upon a squatter, E.M.M. alleged that the squatter was killed by gunpoint by either him or his father.

I was stunned by what he had said and did not believe him but wondered why he told me this information. If he did not want to be with me all he had to do was say he did not want to be with me instead of divulging this information to me. I do not know if he was making it up or not but the next question that comes to mind is why would he make up such a thing? Many of those who have killed have confessed their crimes to me including C.G., D.B., L. Chor, A.E.V., and E.M.M.

Others have talked about poisoning victims that were allegedly killed for insurance including W.E.V., and L.V.W., and people that were killed because they were not liked in the L.M. family tree. 



I had been given a scholarship that paid for my first year of my Bachelor’s degree. I had decided to stay in school and finish my bachelor’s degree. E.M.M was not happy about the choice but after the scholarship came, he said it was fine. We went to dinner one night and E.M.M. stated he wanted a child of his own which was understandable to me as he had been taking care of M.M.V.M. and A.J.V.M. and I thought he was a much better father than A.E.V., E.M.M. had been good to me for the most part, and we were engaged I had agreed to having a baby but did not think it was going to be right away. E.M.M. was put on four ten’s and I got pregnant with MRM., E.M.M. and I chose her name together her first name being my choice and her middle name allegedly being from his grandmother’s name.

During my pregnancy I became very sick with the flu, I had to be hospitalized for six days and kept on a pulse ox meter the entire time. I was working on my business and had been working extremely long days and not taking any breaks. I worked myself sick is what E.M.M. said and he was not happy about it. I also had to quit smoking. It was at this time that I tried to quit but E.M.M. and my brother R.A.B. refused to. R.A.B. had come to stay with me because I was so sick I could barely breath to walk and was close to the end of the pregnancy and had two children to take care of. While in the hospital I was diagnosed with Placenta Accreta and Placenta Previa and was put on bedrest until the C-Section day when it would be safe to take the baby out. I was eight months along and only had about a month to go. They told me at that time that I had a fifty-fifty chance of dying due to the complications. My brother R.A.B., L.V.W.V., and D. W.V. banked blood for me so that I would not need donor blood should I start to bleed out during the c-section.

E.M.M. allegedly had not told his parents that I was pregnant until I was about to have the baby. He had not been on speaking terms with them as they did not want us to be together and he had allegedly had a fist fight altercation with his mother at Montana Charlies and had come home with scratches all over his neck and infuriated at her. He alleged that his mother and father were there when he went to the flea market to sell things to get money for bills and that he pulled up right behind the van. While he was there his mother and he had an argument in which she was infuriated and called me some kind of names. E.M.M. became angry and allegedly told her that if she did not like who he was married to then to f@@k off. She became infuriated and physically attacked him in front of everyone at the flea market. E.M.M. was infuriated and said he embarrassed and unbelievably angry he did not speak to his parents for a very long time after that day. 

When I was going to have the baby, he told his mother and told her about the complications that I was facing and possibility of me dying during the delivery. When I had her she came to the hospital and was standing on the side of my hospital bed crying and saying “Anna we thought you were going to die”. MA.L.M. did not have a happy to see that your alive face on her, was crying, and was very fake toward me. I do not remember if I told E.M.M. to get her out of the room or not but I did not want her near me. 



My stepbrother R.A.B. had been staying with me from the time that I had gotten sick and was kept in the hospital with the flue. He stayed until he and E.M.M. had gotten into a argument over E.M.M. playing roughly with Shadow my dog. R.A.B. kept trying E.M.M. to stop and saying you don’t understand your going to get bit repeatedly and became so upset he ended up packing his things and leaving that day. Before he left he and Ed had a conversation and R.A.B. told me about the conversation that they had he said he told E.M.M. that he said “E.M.M. your F@@King with the wrong bird, you had best stop what you’re doing to my sister,  my sister knows the law, and she will F@@K your ass up in court, I aren’t playing she knows her shit, our father made sure she does.” When R.A.B. told me what was said, I looked at him strangely and asked him what he was talking about but he would not tell me he just said my husband was an asshole.    

The day he left R.A.B. looked at me while he was closing the door and said “A., I love you, my sister but your husband is an “ASSHOLE” and I can’t stay here. He was extremely upset, he closed the door and left and I don’t think I saw him again until he asked to come to live with me again in 2009. 




W.E.V. and B.J.V. were the head of the family and what they said usually was the way that it was for the most part. Once while at L.W.V.’s house for some type of party W.E.V.  said “It will be a cold day in hell before someone pulls the wool over W.E.V. eyes”. He was angry about something but I had no idea what.

Another time he told me that his family had done something “really wrong and that he had some thinking to do about what he was going to do about it”. W.E.V.  usually takes his time and thinks a problem through before taking any real actions.

It was alleged that A.E.V. had been breaking into his parent’s house allegedly “religiously” he had gotten into his father’s office and found his financial portfolio and he stole all the grandkid’s savings bonds. Wes purchased a cheap alarm system from Radio Shack thinking that the sound would detour him but A.E.V. would simply take the batteries out. I attempted to tell Wes to put a deadbolt on the front door but he did not listen. The information inside the financial portfolio was kept private by Wes but he alleged to being a millionaire which did not detour me from divorcing his son.

A.E.V. used his parent’s wealth to try and scare me into staying with him saying that they would take me to court and take the girls away from me if I did try to divorce him. I spoke to his mother and his father and they both assured me that that would be “hurting the girls” and that they would never do anything like that or allow that to happen. Considering what they stated I went ahead with the divorce.  

W.E.V.  referred to him as his “jag off, son” and their “asshole son” for his abuse of me, neglect of the girls, and drug use and abuse and selling. They wanted to see me go to College and make something of myself and were helping me by watching the girls and helped me to secure an apartment. This infuriated A.E.V. as he was not allowed to return to his parent’s house and had no place to live. He alleged that I stole his family, he made the choices he made and as a result he was shunned. 

W.E.V.  had been suffering from GURD and Kidney Problems and complained often about his digestion. He had become aggravated with the medical doctors and started to go to a naturopathy medicine doctor looking for alternative treatment. He was sweating profusely in pain and he did not say why. He also complained of symptoms of a heart attack to me in that he complained he was having pain in his arm.  A.E.V. had been breaking into the house very often and an alarm had been installed by W.E.V. which did absolutely nothing to keep A.E.V. out of the house and then I found out that A.E.V. had been living at the residence in the garage as he was not allowed in the house due to his drug use and theft. A.E.V. was in the neighborhood and working at the pizza place which was Rosatti’s where E.M.M. and I had purchased our pizza every week on Monday.

Two weeks before W.E.V.  had an alleged heart attack, he and I had gotten into an argument about he and B.J.V. taking only M.M.V.M. to the store for some reason. He did not want to take A.J.V.M. but I had just had M.R.M. and A.J.V.M. was having severe speech issues and was feeling displaced. I wanted him to take both kids and not just one as it would hurt A.J.V.M.’s feelings to see her sister go with her grandparents and come back with gifts and she did not get any. The argument was a valid argument but it was not getting anywhere and instead of arguing I simply told W.V. that I loved him and respected him and had worked too hard on the relationship to continue on with the argument. I told him that I needed time to cool off before things were said that could not be taken back.

While at the Condo he was looking at M.R.M. in her swing and admiring her, he called her the newest little angel just like he called M.M.M. and A.J.V.M., A.E.V.’s parents and family were accepting of M.M.M. and treated them all equally.

Two weeks later, W.E.V.  called and decided to take both grandchildren to the store and they both got gifts. When they returned to the Condo W.E.V.  had his Dunkin Donuts coffee cup in his hand. W.E.V. asked A.J.V.M. if she was happy with one of the toys she got and she acknowledged that she was. He said “Good now I can die happy”. He smiled at me and winked while he took a swig of his cup. I was confused by the statement and by his smile. The following Sunday I was woken up by E.M.M. who told me “Dad Died” he did not say which dad, “Which dad? Whose dad? My dad? Your dad or A.E.V. ’s dad?” I then spoke to B.V. on the phone while she tried to calm me down.

W.E.V.   died in early June of 2004 they said that the day he died he went fishing with his grand kids K.J.W., De.W. and B.W. He went to dinner with B.J.V. when he got home, had his 7/7 and went to mow the lawn. A.E.V.  called on the cellphone and they had an argument and he had a heart attack and died on the front lawn. A police man drove by the house and found him but it was too late he had already died.

W.E.V.   funeral was held in Palos Hills Il. at the time E.M.M. was working at the Bridgeview ESDA and had gotten him a funeral precession. A.E.V. came with his girlfriend V. DeLa., who A.E.V.  had said he had impregnated at age 17, and who was also a drug addict and not accepted by the family because of that. A.E.V. had a large amount of money on him that did not seem right to me. I told his sister that she had best check as I had concerns that he had stolen the money from them. I found A.E.V. and E.M.M. talking behind the bushes at the funeral home. A.E.V.  was driving a Jaguar which I have no clue where he borrowed it from. I kept the girls and myself separate from them and was there to pay my respects not argue.  




BY L.V.W & D. W.

After W.E.V.  passed away L.V.W. asked E.M.M. if he wanted W.V. ’s guns. E.M.M. was given a Glock revolver that was in a case, an old thirty-eight long nose pistol which was a policeman’s special, and a 12-gauge shotgun with a pistol grip. E.M.M. already owned his own 38 snub nose revolver that he kept in a blue case that he owned when I had met him.

The Glock revolver was allegedly sold to a friend of E.M.M. and R.C.’s to someone in Oak Lawn for somewhere in the $400.00 range.

The policeman special had been owned by S.V. who was W.E.V.   father, and was given to E.M.M. and then given to D.B. for testing and cleaning when we went to Florida in 12/2006. The policeman’s special was given back to E.M.M. with D.B.’s approval in using the gun and its safety in the summer of 2009 when D.B. returned to the Chicago area to live.

The 12-gauge shotgun with pistol grip was kept by E.M.M and later sold to a friend of his on Facebook I cannot remember who it was but think it was B. W.

The 38 Smith and Wesson snub nose revolver in the blue case was sold to a man in Lake Station named M.Ar’s.

The policeman’s special was left with me in 2016 when E.M.M. had left the residence permanently, he forced me to learn how to load and unload it as he was leaving. I was balling when I was being made to load and unload the gun as I had been conditioned not to ever touch them.

E.M.M.’s dad had sent E.M.M. an empty box from a gun that E.M.M. had allegedly stolen from him, E.M.M. alleged he did not take his fathers gun but his father thought that he did. The box was sent as some sort of reminder that E.M.M. had stolen his fathers gun. I did not and still not know who took the gun and it was not my problem to try and figure it out. 


D.B. would be cleaning his 22 or 45 semi-automatic pistol, and would ask me if I wanted to touch the gun and I would reach out my hand to touch it and he would smack my hand and say “How many times have I told you never to touch a gun, no matter what I say or anyone else says YOU are NEVER to TOUCH a gun not for any reason.” This is what I call God-Smacked as he has called himself “god and said I am the father you trust me not anyone else but me”  and told me that if I ever feel like I cannot trust anyone and cannot remember that then to look at the back of a dollar bill as it says in god we trust. The only time I get god-smacked is if I do not do the right thing.


The police man’s special was given to L.C. as well as any pocket knives and D.B.’s Machete that he gave to me which I gave to Ed Malik and he left at the house. I did not want the kids to get hurt so I gave them to L.C. who at the time I thought was protecting me.  

Later L.C. told me that the serial numbers were missing from the gun and I was not surprised as it was very old and I was told it was used on A.E.V.’s grandfather’s 80-acre farm in McHenry County that was owned by S.V. E.M.M. had left me with the policeman’s special that had put hollow point bullets in. Had I used the gun to protect myself against an intruder I would have blown off my hands. Last time I spoke to 1/2019 he alleged that he had the policeman’s special and that he was keeping it for safe keeping. He alleged that it was in a safety deposit box, I wanted to take it to the FBI but he would not return it to me.


E.M.M. has used discharging of guns as a tool to control me and stop me from going to the hospital after I was poisoned and said I needed to go, he has done this on two separate occasions, it worked the first time but did not work the second time. 

Another time we were arguing and E.M.M grabbed the gun and chased me out of the house with it, and discharged it when I got to the front gate. I knew what went up must come down and it scared me to death, I was also afraid of what I was going to see when I turned around, when I did E.MM. had an insane look on his face and the gun pointed to the temple of his own head and was screaming. “Do you see what you make me want to do to myself?”

Another time during a fight, E.M.M. went downstairs by the furnace and covered himself with blankets and was laying with his nose pressed near the footing of the furnace like he was trying to kill himself. I have found holes in my furnace that were drilled into it and once E.M.M. had shown the holes to me, I did not know what I was looking at until much later on. When I found the holes there was triangular shapes of metal duck tape next to them. I placed the ducktape over the holes until I could get a roll of duct tape and cover them well. 

E.M.M. had once said that he was not going to jail he was killing himself. 

There are photos of an ammo box that belonged to E.M.M. and a box of Westchester Bullets. There are empty shells that E.M.M. alleged he collected from the backyard. There are six, I do not think he discharged the gun any other times but do not remember, and was not with him every second he was outside. The ammo box only had six empty shells in it that I did not touch, when I checked the box there are additional bullets that were put in there one being a gold bullet, and then eight other bullets that had not been discharged. I took the six shell casings as a threat as there were six people in my family before I got divorced in 5/2013, and figured since E.M.M. was erratic and he had discharged bullets he was threatening the kids. 



When living at the Condo in Chicago Ridge Il. E.M.M. had alleged that he had stolen tile from work that was supposed to be disposed of at the end of the job that he was doing. He brought home forest web, black galaxy, absolute black, and crema-marfil tiles. There was enough tile to do the foyer, the backsplash in the kitchen and the shower as well as put in a new dining room and kitchen floor. He also brought home 18×18 tiles that had fossils embedded in it. There may have been additional tile as he had given his father some for his residence that was being built in Monee Il.

The rug at the condo was white and had gotten destroyed because of the kids and the dog, I tried to clean the rug with a carpet cleaner but there was a dark spot in the rug that refused to come clean due to the dirt under the rug. When the rug was taken up it was found that the floor had been repaired with Jiff-set and had to be repaired and leveled out. There was also garbage found including an apple that had a bit out of it and some bunched up paper towels. These things confused me and E.M.M. alleged that they must have been left by workers who had done work on the Condo prior to us moving into the Condo.

E.M.M. retiled the Condo and then sold the condo for a thirty-thousand-dollar profit. He decided to put triangular shaped pieces of tile in the corners of the show to create shelves using two pieces of triangles for each shelf. It was purchased for $80,000.00 and resold for $110,000.00 or $115,000.00 in three short years. D.B. alleged that the powder substance that was found under the rug was not jiff set but dusting powder poison. He alleged that he had someone break into the condo and put it there. I do not believe him as E.M.M. did not seem concerned about cleaning the mess up, did not wear gloves or a mask and said that it was jiff set you could see the large broken pieces of Jiff set when the rug was taken up.

I believe this is more of D.B.’s lies to cover up his crimes and to try and detour people from taking the situation seriously. If investigators cannot figure out who did what it makes it much harder to prosecute those who have participated in crimes and in obtaining justice allowing criminals to stay on the streets longer and further antagonize society and their victims. 



During a conversation between E.M.M. and I he had made a comment about being sent to a strip club to do a tile job. I expressed that I was not happy about anything of that kind and I think I asked him if anyone else could do the job. E.M.M. then had a tile job to do while my brother R.A.B. was living with us. He did not take Robert to do the side job but chose to take R.C. instead. He woke up early in the morning and went and did not tell me where the job was at just that he had a side job to do and that R.C. was going to help him with it.

During this time E.M.M. and R.C. were working together for Bridgeview ESDA which is a FEMA division and has to do with search and rescue, triage, cpr, or anything like that. It was allegedly set up in case of terrorist attacks and because there was a new stadium that was being built in Bridgeview. The ESDA workers were the people that worked waving in traffic into and out of parking lots and things of that nature were trained in triage and search and rescue, cpr, etc. He had a badge and nameplate that he was given to him when they hired him and said Officer E.M.M. on it.

E.M.M. had said he had to work a traffic stop late at night and asked me if I minded. I told him that I really did not want him to be out all night and that I did not want him to. We got into an argument about it but he went anyway. The next day he was sleeping in the middle of the floor where I figured he would be. He was never paid for the alleged traffic stop and he was supposed to of been paid to do it as this was supposed to be a “paid event” and not an “unpaid events”.

The night that he was supposed to go R.C. came over with the squad car to pick E.M.M. up to go to the event. He went in the bathroom and changed out of his work clothes and put on his uniform. He had an extra set of clothing with him as well. There was also a call to the house phone that said “unknown number or anonymous” which meant that the number was blocked.

E.M.M. went to the event and I am not completely sure but I believe that it was the same day as the grand opening of PoleKatz that opened up a few blocks from the condo in Bridgeview Il. It was the grand opening and there was a right up in the newspaper that said actor A.S. was going to be there for the grand opening and E.M.M. had made the comment to me about it.



The next day after the event E.M.M. woke up in the afternoon, when he did, I was upset and sitting out on the balcony. We got into an argument because I had an attitude. During the argument he said he was going to take the kids away from me and he offered me $10,000.00 from the condo proceeds to divorce him. I did not yet know that I was pregnant with M.L.M. but he was in the process of selling the condo. When he said he was going to take the kids I laughed and told him that I did nothing wrong and that no judge would take kids away from a parent and give them to a step parent. I reminded him that M.M.M. and A.J.V.M. were my children and asked him if he really wanted to split them up. I also told him to go into their room and tell them that he was abandoning them so he could stay out all night like A.E.V.

I refused to take the $10,000.00 that I was offered to leave E.M.M. and instead we moved to the house D.B. and C.P.S.B.S.B.  Smith had been renting since the summer of 2001. I was very unhappy about the move as were the kids but E.M.M. assured us all that it was a temporary move and that we would only be staying in Lyons for a year and a half or so.

 S.V. & I.V.

W.E.V. parents owned a farm in Mc Henry County Il. it was allegedly an 80-acre farm and was located on St. or Ave. The farm had been worked by W.E.V.  and his sisters when they were young but was not operational at the time and I was told that it was being rented by neighboring farms and that S.V. had been being paid by the government not to farm on it. He was sent monthly checks for not farming. It was alleged that this was in part how the government controlled the economy and pricing at the store.

 I was driven out to meet A.E.V.  grandparents. B.W.V.  A.E.V.  and I drove to Mc Henry to visit and for me to meet S.V.  and I.V. While we were there S.V. brought out a large black binder and showed it to W.E.V.  it was his financial portfolio. The two were discussing things amongst each other and I was not paying attention. I.V. had spoken about skin cancer that she had removed from her face and she had a scar where it had been removed.

The next time we went to visit S.V. he was very ill and dying. I did not speak to him as he was in his bed in his bedroom. Later, I attended his funeral that was held at Resurrection Cemetery where he was entombed in the Mausoleum.

Once when I was at W.E.V. residence, he blurted out that he had to figure out something to do as his sisters were “tag teaming” his mother to get to their inheritance from her estate. W.E.V. convinced his mother to transfer all the money from her estate over to him and he was made the executor of the estate. His sisters, Dolly and Sharon were cut off.

I.V. died eventually as she was very old, she had undergone a leg amputation which may have been caused by arsenic poisoning. I do not remember where I.V. was laid to rest as I attended the wake but may not of attended the funeral.




Stairway to Heaven for Mom. 

After W.E.V.   allegedly died his wife B.J.V.  was left as a widow A.E.V. was invited to stay inside the residence. I was told that he had gotten into his parent’s bank account by finding the pin in an excel file on his father’s computer. A.E.V.  allegedly took the bank card that belonged to his parent’s bank and the pin and withdrew a large sum of money. His mother was very hurt and upset and alleged that she had contacted the police in regards to his stealing of the money from the account. She stated that her son “rooked her” and “ripped her off”. A.E.V.  left the house and allegedly moved to RENO Nevada to be with C.G. who he allegedly met on the internet. I do not know if C.G. had two legs at the time but was told by C.G. that she did. A.E.V. grandmother I.V.  also passed away and was an amputee and had suffered from skin cancer after W.E.V.  passed away.

A.E.V. was no around as far as I knew of as I was told that he had left the state completely. A.E.V. mother B.J.V. was suffering from an increased number of diabetic episodes in which her sugar was going down extremely low.  

E.M.M. who was my husband at the time, listened to the police scanner all day and night every day and would hurry up and go check on her when he or we would hear the address called out over the police scanner. One time I went to check on her myself and she gave me a very dirty look from the back of the ambulance, I figured it was because I was told that happened when she had a reaction to the diabetic medication as there were stories of how she could become violent as a result of the insulin medication or when her sugar plummeted from the medicine. B.J.V. was heartbroken when W.E.V. died, they had been married for over forty years. 

Once when I went to see her after W.E.V.  had passed away, she had asked me to leave E.M.M. and told me that A.E.V. wanted his family back. I told her that I was not leaving E.M.M. to go back with A.E.V.  after what he had done to me and did not love him that way anymore. I also told her it would not be fair to Ed because as far as I knew he had done nothing wrong.

I was married to E.M.M. and had M.R.M. and I did not really suspect anything was going on but it should be said that I was already back to my normal size within a few short months of my third c-section. I had not dieted nor did I try to lose the weight it just came right back off. I did suffer from stomach issues but I thought and was told that it was my nerves as I have always had anxiety from all the abuse.

The day that I went and saw B.J.V.  she started to slur her words badly while I was talking to her and I noticed it. A.E.V.   was downstairs in the rec-room talking to someone on the phone attempting to make me jealous which did not work. I went to him and asked him to come upstairs and check on his mother as I thought she might be heading for a reaction and did not know what to do. I think after I left it was said that she did have a reaction.

B.V. died 11 months after W.E.V.  passed away and after getting a sore on her foot and going in for surgery. She had to have some toes amputated. I was called by L.V.W. who told me that I best get up to the hospital to see her as she was not doing well. I went right away and when I walked into the room she was on Dialysis, there was blood in the machine and her chest was rattling extremely loudly. When I took her hand, she squeezed my hand three times, like “I love you.” I tried to stay positive and tell her she had to stay alive for me and the grand kids and then I thanked her for being my mom and told her I loved her and kissed her on the forehead and left. When she died, M.M.V.M. was standing at the gravesite hunched over it look like someone sucked the life out of her, she was in so much pain and so was I. 

During the visit, the nurse had to come into the room and suck phlegm out of her throat because she was choking. I felt terrible that I called the nurse in when I saw what they did it looked like it hurt her. She closed her eyes and became unresponsive but she was still alive when I left. I was told that her sister was on the way up to the hospital to see her and B.V. died before he got to say goodbye.

A.E.V. was not there very long and was kicked out of the house and he went to RENO. I did not hear from him for many years until after his mother passed away and after a private D.called me at the Condo asking me if I knew where he was. He had missed his mother’s death and funeral and his sister had hired a private find him for his inheritance.

L.V.W was the executor of the estate and I do not know how it all worked out but L.V.W. did not want A.E.V.  to get any of the estate from her parents, she did not want him to know his mother had passed and he did not until Lesley was forced to let him know that his mother had died due to the probate courts.

After I had M.R.M. I was sick a lot, I was in a lot of pain in my back and went to the doctor complaining of the pain. I thought that perhaps I strained my back trying to close the Patio Door on the condo as it was broken and was stuck open. We had to purchase a new door for the condo which E.M.M. sold a check that had been signed by Mahammad Ali from his collection to do. When I went to the doctor, I asked to check for a kidney infection or to see if it was strained. I do not know for sure but it is the same type of pain that I had suffered from repeatedly when I was living in Lake Station with E.M.M. and I believe at that time I was being poisoned and reported being poisoned to the police as soon as I had reasonable grounds to believe that I was be poisoned.

I was told that I was suffering from phenomena and had it for over three months, I also was suffering from pain in my body and severe anxiety including facial twitching and hand twitching and some stomach episodes.

One time I had to go to the doctor and thought it was from eating at Mc Donald’s, I was in terrible pain and doubled over and cramping terribly. I called the doctor and had an emergency appointment and had to have my rectum checked for blood which was found at that time she said that it was food poisoning and gave me some type of shot to stop the cramping from happening as a result I refused to eat at any Mc Donald’s for over a year and a half.   

D.B. alleged that E.M.M.  had put poison into B.J.V. insulin bottles and caused her to die because of her sugar issues. I do not believe that it is possible to contaminate insulin bottles but am not familiar with them. I have been victim of use of hypodermic needles in this ordeal and have seen things such as repackaging of food items.

However, B.J.V.  was the person who had stopped W.E.V.  from sexually assaulting me and had been the witness to that crime. He is allegedly deceased, but I have been led to believe by him as well as D.B. who has repeatedly stated that W.E.V.  is alive and well. If W.E.V.  had truly staged his death then he would be able to get away with crimes with-out ever being a suspect that includes harming his widowed wife B.J.V. without anyone ever thinking it was him.

B.J.V. once told me about how the FBI had come and paid her a visit and it was about someone using her social security number, I don’t know if that was what it really was what it was about but she made sure that I knew that they had visited her just for that reason.

 2005 Lyons Il.


I became pregnant a fourth time after taking myself off of birth-control due to its side effects. E.M.M.  was aware that I was not supposed to become pregnant again as I had already been given a 50/50 percent chance of dying due to the complications with M.R.M. After the delivery of M.R.M. Dr. L. suggested that E.M.M. have a vasectomy. E.M.M. refused to do so and so I went on birth control instead but the birth control gave me terrible side effects. I always informed him if I had ever stopped using the birth-control pills and we used condom’s instead.

One-night E.M.M. and I had sexual intercourse and we used a condom. Later, he was rolling around and flailing in the bed and he had an erection. I took out a condom and put it next to the bed open. I woke Ed up and we had intercourse. He usually would tell me to stop but did not instead he pushed me down hardly and ejaculated inside of my vagina. The next day I counted the days on the calendar and became a bit concerned as I was told not to have any more children because of the complications with M.R.M. and that it would probably kill me if I did. I really did not think too much about it but I did tell him immediately. He went out on the balcony and sat there for about a half hour and cried. I left him alone as I did not know what he was crying about.

E.M.M. was selling his condo because he was extremely behind on making payments to the Condo Association. There was no way to get caught up on the payments. We had looked at houses in Lake Station In at that time and had one picked out. However, because of the price of the house and the fact that I became pregnant it was decided that we would move to J.G.’s duplex in Lyon’s Il where my father had been living but was leaving and moving to Florida.

The house in Lyon’s was destroyed and had to be cleaned up from top to bottom. You could not walk in the front door without dry heaving and one day while cleaning using bleach, I got very sick afterward. I had to go to the doctors for an emergency appointment. She was going to give me a shot to help with the pain but did a pregnancy test and at that time I became aware that I was pregnant with M.L.M.

When I found out for sure that I was pregnant with M.L.M. the decision had already been made that I was not going to have an abortion. My life was already half over and I was already sick, as far as I was concerned the only right thing to do was to have the baby and take the chances of dying. I love all my daughters with my whole heart and would do the same for any one of them. It was a very scary time but deep down I felt that I was making the right decision and I chose to stick to my guns regardless of what my father stated to me over the telephone. E.M.M. knew not to bring up the word abortion to me and never did, he knew if he did it would be a huge fight, he knew because he was told by me not to even think about it.

One day I came home from court and had gone to the bathroom and started to hemorrhage severely, the nurse at the hospital had thought i was going to lose the baby and at first I thought that I had, she did an ultrasound and there was still a heartbeat on the screen. Dr.L. put me on bed rest from that moment on until the end of the pregnancy. Dr.L. alleged it was called a subcorianic hemorrhage. D.B. later alleged that E.M.M. had given me a herb that causes miscarriage later on after he left he had a bottle of herbs when I picked him up from the Miller hotel, when I looked it up online it said it was used for both causing miscarriages and erectile disfunction. This is the same time that he came home and put a rag over my face with bug-spray on it while I was asleep. 

I had left court the day that I started to hemorrhage and it is extremely possible someone had gotten into the car and done something to my soda that was inside. Both E.M.M. A.E.V knew  were obviously aware  where I was going to be.  However, only E.M.M. had known that I was pregnant and what the risks were, and that he was going to be blamed if I died having the baby. Since they were friends and A.E.V. was closest to the courthouse in Bridgeview it is possible it was him, since D.B. had me under surveillance my whole life so it could of been one of his goons. D.B. had wanted me to suffer though losing a child and it was possible it was related to him all I know is that the statement was made and D.B. is the one who made the accusation. 

I know what it feels like to stare the grim reaper in the face every day for nine months. I had to be brave for the family and I had to stay calm for the baby so that she would be able to develop before she was born. I was scared inside but never allowed anyone to see that, I just trusted my gut instinct and believed that if I did the right thing, I would get to keep my life and meet the baby that was growing inside my stomach.

While living in Lyons E.M.M. and I got into a fight because of Porn, and he became angry he tackled me to the floor even though he knew I was pregnant was on bed-rest and had almost lost the baby. This instilled more fear into me.

When I had the hemorrhage E.M.M. had a side job in Indiana E.M.M. stayed home to take care of me because I could not lift M.R.M. as she was a baby and at the climbing age. I was on bed rest and was not allowed to lift anything. E.M.M. was insistent that I follow the doctors orders and did everything throughout the entire pregnancy. The man named Randy that lived in Indiana and who E.M.M. drove me to see the work that he had done had fired E.M.M. right before the work was completed even thought it was nearly complete it was a $5000.00 job. E.M.M. became so infuriated he went to the mans house and broke a bunch of the tiles and urinated on the mans rug. When E.M.M. left the residence on Clay he left urine in a bowl by the heat vent, and urine on the rug in the living room on his way out and saved up bottles of urine and let them ferment in the back of his truck in the son and then poured them all over the floor in the upstairs hallway which I had to scrub with bleach and D.J.S. had used meradic acid on the wood to get rid of.  Randy was the name of one of the men that was part of the sex trafficking of me that happened after E.M.M. left in 2015.


D.B. alleged that before we moved to Lake Station, that E.M.M. had an place to live there first, like a second house and that he was renting the second house secretly an it was the house of M.H. the neighbor of P.O’H. when I met P.O’H he said that he thought my x had rented the house next to him. I did not know he knew E.M.M. or what he looked like, also D.B. alleged that E.M.M. had been staying in P.O’H’s guest room where i was staying when my house was constantly being broken into and things were being stolen from me. P.O’H. may be related to my neighbors, and at the very minimum is a friend of theirs. He wanted to take me to a concert for Fleetwood Mac but I did not feel comfortable going. Landslide is one of D.B.’s and my favorite songs between us, as he always said I was going to win this by a Landslide. D.B. alleged that while E.M.M. was renting the house next to P.O’H he had been working on the house at Clay without me knowing it, and getting ready for the girls and I to buy without me knowing he had been the one to do the work on it and it was during that time that the water canister was put into place for the poisoning of me. Again I do not know if this is true but E.M.M. wanted that house specifically even though I wanted to keep looking the kitchen was to small for our family and I call it the worlds smallest kitchen.


I have in my possession a set of E.M.M.’s chest X-Rays that were taken at Palos Hospital in Palos Hills Il. because E.M.M. had woken up in severe pain and was having sharp shooting pains in his chest. We went to the ER and they made him sit a really long time, but while there he had chest x-rays done, I do not know why I was not present but I was not there when the doctor told him what was wrong and E.M.M. said he had phenomena. D.B. contacted me and told me to take a close look at the chest x-rays and to try not to destroy them while doing so which i did accidentally damage them but there are superimposed images in the x-rays and it is faint but there is a man and his dog for “companion” Shirley temple, and the face from the movie scream. D.B. alleged that this was done by the MOB and that it was paypack for the abuse of me. They allegedly made E.M.M. believe he had Lung Cancer because of his job and smoking. D.B. said “This going to be a three ring circus and that the media was going to eat this up when they take a look at them x-rays.”



L.V.W. had contacted me in Lyon’s Il and told me that I should get the back-child support and alimony that I was due from A.E.V.  as he had never paid me a penny in child support for over six years.

L.V.W. stated on the telephone “You best get your money while the purse strings are open, my dear” to me on the phone. She set me up with an attorney, that she knew to handle helping me to obtain the back child-support and alimony as well as interest for six years past and I also requested payment up until A.J.V.M. was 18. I did not get payment up until A.J.V.M. was 18 but only until around June of 2012 which when I was allegedly supposed to of been killed and the date my father gave me that I was supposed to die on which is in this document as the Poisoning Incident.

The attorney that I hired and obtained through L.V.W. had charged A.E.V. for handling the back-child support complaint that was filed at the Bridgeview Courthouse. He stated during the case that A.E.V.  refused to pay until A.J.V.M. was 18 and would only give me up until 2012. It was stated that I could take him back to court at that time if I chose to.

The child support was not dispersed in one lump sum, it was given to me in parts the back-child support was given to me right away which was a large sum of money. We used some of it to live off of, took the kids to see my dad and go to Disney after the Baby whose nickname is “Baby” was born and I had my hernia surgery and tummy tuck that was medically necessary and paid for by the insurance company to repair my abdomen correctly. We bought the house in Lake Station In. We moved in January 28, 2007.





Some of the money that was gotten from A.E.V. was used for the adoption of M.M.M. and A.J.V.M. I was looking at the chance of dying during the delivery of M.L.M. and had been given a 75% chance as I had been diagnosed with the same complications a second time. I did not want to have my girls slit up and since A.E.V. had gotten money and had been made to give me money, I was afraid that he would go after E.M.M. and take the kids away from him splitting up my girls. A.E.V. was a drug dealer and addict and as far as I knew E.M.M. was not. I had E.M.M. adopt M.M.V.M. and A.J.V.M. out of fear of dyeing. I wrote the kids letters and gave them to E.M.M. the day I went in to have M.L.M. in case I did not wake up.