Witness Statement: HiddenJems & Squirmy Worms on Hooks

Witness Statement: HiddenJems Surveillance & Squirmy Worms

This question was posed to me by D.B. “Where do you hide something extremely valuable and important? Right out in the open where everyone can see it. If you have a diamond ring and its worth a lot of money what do you tell people it is, do you let them think its a diamond or a fugazi? You let them think its a Fugazi why? Because no one wants the Fugazi everyone wants the diamond due to the perceived value”, the key word here is perceived value not actual value but what is it worth to this one or that one. What do they “think” it is worth if it is worth anything at all, the answer to that is “its all relative” and ALL RELATIVES none of whom should be allowed to leave the country and all of whom are guilty of in some cases murder sex trafficking, and attempted murder and treason to name a few brief charges. 

Some people value human life above all others while others value the almighty dollar some value both but with more emphasis on human life. Beware of anyone who tells you your priorities are messed up when you are trying to save your own life or other peoples lives, those who only value dollars have messed up priorities and have been bitten by the little green monster or who I call the little green man called greed.

They are the gold diggers, and they are masters at turning other people on to what they are doing sometimes with out the other person knowing it as for whatever reason it is, which escapes both him and I there is a very serious problem in this country with GREED. its not wrong to want nice things, or to live in a nice house or drive a nice car, that’s not the issue no one is saying people need to live like lesser individuals the problem is that the problem is so big that the country is willing to kill for it, not everyone in the country but many people are and that is why I have so many skill-sets that have been taught to me and what makes me and my girls HiddenJems because we can not be bought, and none of us are dying instead those who were bit by the bug and suffer from a mental illness of sorts and who refuse to put the situation to a halt and flip the god damn emergency switch will also go down because this could of been stopped a long time ago and was not stopped and he did some snooping around and found out why it was not stopped, and why my life had been eaten up even though he said he wanted it stopped and found out they were one of Ed’s, and alleged it was because they had policies to and did not want to get into trouble therefore you can see what a very big, expensive, and dangerous situation this really is. 



The name of the server that ran my company in 2001 was Hiddenjems and was picked out by Edward Malik as he is a collector and he used to find HiddenJems in garages, crawlspaces of old buildings, and antiques, and garage sales etc. Edward Malik is also dyslexic as he is the one who chose to have it spelled HiddenJems instead of Hiddengems. The sick part is that there are allegedly bodies buried in my garage and in the basement of my house and I do not consider them “HiddenJems”. D.B. and E.M.M. and the others involved have a very sick and twisted sense of humor. 


This country was founded on a promise people gave up their lives for that promise and that is all that it was, nothing more than a promise, not a guarantee but a promise, and from what I was taught that promise was broken when it came down to it due to one thing GREED. The persons who fought in the war were promised land as far as the eye could see, most never even got paid and many died for our freedom. I don’t know why I was deemed so “important” or a “Jem” but I have been called a real “Jem” and I think that is because of the knowledge that I have in my head which had been taught to me by D.B. I can not share that knowledge even though he tried to force me to share it because of what that knowledge could be used for as it can be used to help the wrong people from doing something so terrible it would be catastrophic and sometimes in life you have to think about the bigger picture and not just yourself and what you want or need even if that means you could starve to death or die as a result.

I have been being pushed into teaching the law, not just telling my story but teaching the law. If I teach the law then persons who are his men or the criminals that he has “coupes up” how to defend themselves which really is not my concern my concern is those if any who are left behind who will then take another mother who has studied and put her into jail and take her kids and do the same thing or some other popular not related scenario, catch those not doing their jobs and then cause havoc on the country. It is not in this countries best interest nor in any other poor over victimized persons best interest for this to be done again and again and I refuse to do it as it goes against everything I believe in and is just another stall and delay tactic of D.B.’s. 



I am the victim and I never agreed to being a Squirmy worm, I might of agreed to learning the law in small bits and not even knew what i was agreeing to or why I was agreeing as I think it was after D.B. killed Mr. Richardson the landlord in Summit and still can’t remember if I agreed or not, but can remember I was not happy about what he said and approached me with. I have a hard time remembering my childhood and a lot of what was said to me by D.B. has been blocked out because he spoke of killing and mayhem and I considered him a blowhard or braggart and had not believed him at the time and just did not register what he was saying.  The man scared the heck out of me as do all the other persons in my family none of which ever really cared all of which lack eye contact unless they are attempting to dominate me and most if not all of whom have life insurance policies and are hoping that some way some how i will be killed before they are ever apprehended and that way they can be paid. D.B. alleged I was not the only squirmy worms and that my girls were squirmy worms as well. Most of those worms were criminals to and I am not sure who the other “worms” are but my girls were not created to be used as bait and I don’t lie about how much I value them they are priceless.

I am becoming ever increasingly infuriated at lack of authorities concern for my life and my children lives, and their placing their wants and investigation before what is best for us and this country is deplorable and incomprehensible, and these are incomprehensible charges of attempted homicide which means there is no compensation for them not from any policy or any other means which is the point and purpose of this site. The insurance companies were already notified and are aware of what is going on no current policy held is payout able, or is any from the past, crime does not pay and being a criminal or even an accessory lands you in the slammer for the rest of your days if for nothing else other than not doing the right thing. 

Now, if  anything happened to any squirmy worms who are not volunteers to being squirmy worms but were made to be and anything does happen, all involved badge or not, are all going down for murder in the first, if they continue to ignore me and my father they are all definitely going down for conspiracy, and I then will have no choice but to accept that there is no good persons taking out policies to look like a bad guy and that the whole damn country has had its mind infected with the mind altering disease called greed. 

Subpoenas of work rosters for surveillance,  and fit and proper government investigations work wonders for obtaining justice that goes for anyone else who does not want to do their job and even persons in the government as this is beyond ridiculous, I am not the let down they are the let downs. 

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