Witness Statement: Interfering with a Victims right to be heard, HACKING & DELETION OF POSTS & PAGES

The main IP address that is showing first is used by both the local police department and Library as alleged by David Boettcher there are 1200 plus hits just from that IP address alone, I could not of visited the site 1200 times especially since I can not get online most of the time I am at the library as I have complained about on this site and to the librarian Julie Bradford who has polices and who I have seen visiting City Hall during the day. Additionally, there is a very very small number of persons who visited the site by way of twitter which means that the URL is known about and has been being shared by those accessing the site which means they are ignoring my repeated demands for WITSEC and instead deleting posts and pages and doing everything that they can to slow me down and stop me from obtaining justice and my own freedom no different than my family did to me in the past. Those who are doing this are no different than the crazy serial killers in my family, they are just as selfish, just as uncaring, and just as criminal as they are aiding and abetting and helping to facilitate crime by both their action and inaction.  The extremely thin long document is today only, that is a awful lot of hits for one person who has been writing posts the entire time. If it is not officers then perhaps they should clear their own good names and find out who it is thier refusal to do so is criminal corruption and denial of justice. 

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