Witness Statement: Suspicious Red Substance Seen near Sewer Drain Next Lake Station Police Department Officer Parking Lot

While walking I noticed a red substance on the ground outside the Lake Station police department. I questioned it as it is not of a normal color and the color is red and I was told CYANIDE was red in color, the substance appeared to be the same or similar in color to the powder found in the pipes in my house. I also was concerned because I believe I saw MaryAnn Malik driving a black Cavalier one day last week when I reported to the Library for work. 

It is just after the fourth of July and while walking down a different side street I noticed that the paper shells of the fireworks were all over the ground. I am not sure but they were also similar in color. There are several possibles but the substance near the curb should be sent to a LAB for testing as it is possible that cyanide was dumped or that someone is sending a mob style message. It was alleged that messages of this type were going to be sent first warning people to stop what they were doing and allowing me to be poisoned and then if they did not listen they were also going to be poisoned it might be their “in your face style” where they do something and let you know that it was them. I deal with this constantly and that is how braisen and indigent they are as if they are begging me to nail them and put them away. Its called the “Thrill of the hunt”. 

  The substance may be the blended form of the paper shells from the fourth of July or may be something else, I never saw cyanide in person only felt its effects in both ingested and gas form. I may be being gas-lighted again by the officers or they may be being gaslight in retaliation for gas-lighting me, or it may be a message to stop the chaos. I do not know, I just would like them to check it out to be on the safe side. 

Please do not take what I am telling you as threats from me, I am telling you what my father stated so you are not harmed. I do not want anyone to have to go through the torture I have been put through certain people I want put to death for their crimes after they are tried in a court of law for closure and so they can not spread their criminal activity around to other inmates that get out and then that information is shared again and again that is the double edged sword in this. While I have some information I do not have much of the inner working information. 

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