David Boettcher and Families names and if the names are even real.

There are allegedly three David Boettchers, they were triplicates, each spent time with me teaching me law and punishing me and treating me badly. They all took turns raising me. I thought that there was only one David Michel Boettcher and was told there was only one of him and that he was the one and only. It was explained that the other two were Timothy Steven or Steven Timothy and Edward or Steven Edward Boettcher. I am confused by this as I believe it was set up to be confusing. All I am aware of is that there were two that could walk very well without a prosthetic and one that was in a wheel-chair or scooter but that he could walk very well with his prosthesis. I am not sure which one is living in Salk Village it may be David Michael Boettcher or one of his brothers in any case he may also say he has the last name Stevens such as even Stevens. The reason I am unsure is there was a killing spree at my house and mutilation of my genitals and the calling and inducing of psychogenic amnesia and all three men are known to me only as Dave or David Boettcher.

All three act the same look the same and speak and sound the same. I have walked into a room where two were talking and was then sent to my room and told I just got myself raped so that I would forget that I saw them together.  All three are criminals all three have killed and participated in the abuse of me, political activism, and creation of gangs including MS-13. they shared all tasks including mutilating me and raping my kids and I. All three are somehow completely and literally insane and all three should be apprehended to ensure the safety of the public at large. 

There are two different looking brothers such as John Boettcher, and Donald P. Smith who is an outright impostor has some facial features but not nearly enough to be even remotely convincing. He does not posses the characteristics, inflection of tone, or any other characteristics that the three brothers I know as David Boettcher do and he has tricked people and tried to trick me into believing that he was them having my daughters raped and possibly impregnated while doing so. 

I believe that Lenny Chornomaz or Larry Chornomaz have also attempted to pretend to be David Boettcher as well. Dressing himself up in costume and trying to act and behave like a shrunken David Boettcher it is not David Boettcher it is Lenny Chornomaz in disguise. 

A listing was found for BRYSON Boettcher a man allegedly locked up in http://www.dc.state.fl.us/offenderSearch/detail.aspx?Page=Detail&DCNumber=C12036&TypeSearch=AI

Bryson is allegedly the name of my grandchild that was taken from Alyssa who has a tagline that states BRICEN is my universe. There were thousands upon thousands of life insurance polices found listed under the name BRYSON matched with officials last names that were found on the USA.Gov federal website.

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