Statement : Sex Trafficking Abuse Kidnapping and Coffeepot Bombs

One thing that needs to be known is I was kept sedated and drugged most if not all of my life. My memory is hazy and there are gaps, there are children that I thought were all one child in other words I thought I only had four when I actually should have more and photos show that. There are also people involved who have access to extremely large amounts of money that can create or have made anything they can imagine. 

There are things that I was taught growing up one was that GHB was a bi product of vitamin C and it is added to everything we eat and we even are told that we need to take vitamin C tablets to boost our immune systems, it comes from citrus fruits like oranges, bananas, strawberries kiwi and other citrus fruits it is  even found in tomatoes which we all eat these things in some form every day. It was alleged that it was added to flour and bread products, it is in soda and pretty much everything even the water. 

The other thing I was taught which I have no way of researching as chemistry as it was never my  thing, I have base knowledge but no more than that.  I never got that far in Highschool and it was not a requirement as I focused on art. The problem is without giving you the details here is that anything from the BORIC family mixed with the one most commonly found household items can be mixed in the wrong way and allegedly create BATHSALTS. Now why anyone would want to ingest this substance I do not know but I was being given this in my cups and forced to I have heard of people voluntarily doing so and was told that it was a big problem in Washington D.C.  weather they knew it or not.

This drug was allegedly banned, but was allegedly sold quite heavily in the northwest Indiana area, primarily around the time one of my fathers lived in this area and the sex trafficking and killing that I recall was very bad. I do not belive the things that happened were dreams because my vagina is destroyed, I have atrophy that matches up with my leg being hit with a sledge hammer twice in my house once it healed they broke it and because I have memory of officers coming to my house and speaking to my father and him telling them to let him handle the little problem at my house in killing me and my kids. He alleged that the Lake Station water was poisoned and that he knew it and if they did not leave he was going to make it well known. Additionally, it was said my grandmother lived in my house and when she did she was forced to push a baby buggy through town the same way I am now, she knew about the water problem to and called it brown water and alleged that Officer Brown was the one in charge of the city and he and his family were the ones doing so.  It was also alleged that Gooberstien known now as the Gardners had broken in and harmed my children and I. Brown is a name in my book, I met a Brown at the Lake Station Schools during one of Alyssa’s IEP meetings where she was refused services, and there was a Terry Brown that I went to Stagg Highschool with.  So you tell me why all the coincidences and if these were dreams then how did my woman parts get destroyed and my legs malformed. I used to have two perfect beautiful legs, and a perfect vagina complete with a clitoris. 

Bath-salts were making people crazy I read stories in the paper about cannibalism, chopping up and killing of babies, people eating feces’s out of the toilet and all sorts of crazy things that I honestly thought was propaganda and not true. However, it was alleged that these incidents at least some were caught on tape and some were done while the person was located in the Lake County Jail or in holding in police departments. 

For an example of incidents involving bath-salts have your pick there are pages and pages of stories about the used but not well known about substance developed allegedly by the government primarily the MASONS who are not my famly but stole me and my life. This was done to  keep people stupid and complacent.

One of my fathers the one facilitating the crimes against me was the one who made the allegations and taught me about this, however because of the drugging and my disbelief that these simple things, could cause harm to a person or contain an date rape drug effect or be used in that manner I did not believe. The three mixed together causes a completely comatose effect and total amnesia add that with along with sedatives, and you have a deadly mix. It is also difficult to regain the memories and as days pass by and I find new evidence or a memory is triggered some how by doing things like simply walking down a street or even taking photos of coffee pot innards I begin to recall incidents as well as conversations that were had and the sex trafficking that was done to me and my daughters. I remember the murder and chaos and the harm that was caused to us all. 


During a call with David Boettcher that lasted a long time he made allegations about my coffee pot being bugged, there were allegedly speakers of some kind built into the walls of my house down in the base board area’s where the plaster does not go down to the bottom. I do not know if it is true or if it was the appliances that were bought used and might of been suited with speakers of some kind when they were purchased. Which is witness intimidation in addition to a slew of other things.

My children and I had conversations with who ever was on the other end of those speakers and microphones which might of been torn out when I left the house in 2013 or might still be installed. I do not know when they were installed but was told that it was prior to my moving in which is another thing, I was brought to my house well before I owned it by my father David Boettcher who had been sex trafficking me and burned down a church as a result a recent trip there and while walking down central avenue jogged my memory as did the three sewer caps that are set in boxes all in a row the symbolism being his we are boxing the masons because of the circle which is sex trafficking. 

Three means my father as does 8,  and that is primarily who is to blame and who has participated in and facilitated the sex trafficking and mass rape of me which was  apparently approved of by the Government as I am ignored when I tell them and they leave me with him to be butchered,  raped and close to death and then brought back to life so he can do  it again and again.

I did not know,  I was being sex trafficked, not consciously, he had me so drugged I did not know  I was being held against my will, and that I was being drugged using bath-salts or anything else that he might of been giving me, 

However, I remember some of what was said now, and when an officer was told,  he asked if he could come by and join in. I do not remember what happened to him but I think he was killed that night by Edward Malik. 


This was after my family returned to my house after David Boettcher allegedly created a bomb in my house made from coffee part innards and showed me how it is done wired it an caused an  explosion. We had to go elsewhere and when there my children and I were again held captive severely abused and sex trafficked and today I walked past the two houses that were allegedly owned by Edward Malik who was in charge of the harming of us. I located this suitcase and inside there were items that were immediately familiar to me. Including a mouse box for the mouse he purchased for me to use, a pink sheet that was wrapped around my daughter Alyssa and one of her black socks. 

I keep wanting to stick to logic in that my house is in tact so how can it of been blown up, and why were we forced to leave was this all a dream, I want to think so but sadly I don’t primarily because my daughters and I have had a vendetta against coffee pots even though we all like caffeine and soda is expensive. 

Additionally, there are marks outside the upstairs bedroom where it appears the bricks might of been damaged by a fire of some kind a wall in the basement has char marks on it. 

So, my daughters need to be spoken to and asked if they remember these things, because I am walking around with atrophy in my left leg, a higmen that I knew i had before is completely gone, my clitoris is missing, and my vagina has been destroyed. This leads me to believe that these things that I thought were nightmares were really reality and that perhaps I am having a difficult time digesting that they occurred due to the horrific nature of it all. Our assailants are killing us within a inch of our lives bringing us back and then trying to make us and others believe we are invincible that is not the case they keep you drugged until you are well enough to not remember the incident and all healed up your body might be weak still but not that noticeable this is very manipulative none of us are invincible we all can die we are walking talking breathing heart pumping human beings who are solid we are not ghosts and if we die we will stay dead. I ask my daughters to not believe this utter nonsense it is something they made up to trick you into self harm thinking that if you did you would not really die. All living things die everything dies, plants die, animals die we all die, there is no such thing as invincible not for me not you not anyone else please do not listen to these loonatics and use your good common sense and own good heads. They are trying anything they can to scare, confuse, and create more problems. 

I can explain how a coffee pot can be used to detonate a bomb which investigators may already know. I am not going to do that here as it can cause problems for the public if others do not already know how as he has been teaching what he knows to his two army’s one is MS-13 the other is a completely civilian based private patriot army. 

Vitamin C, Epson Salt and Boric Acid makes Calcium Chloride, and the key ingredients should be removed from all store shelves, it is difficult to remove the vitamin C immediately but Epson salt and Boric acid can be removed and from what I understood table salt has also been used. Any form of sodium the key ingredient that should be removed is BORIC ACID and anything in the BORIC family including BOROX just to be safe. I did not know this and use Borox to kill fleas and lice and keep bugs away as it scratches the exoskeletons and kills them within seconds while that is supposed to be safe when combined with Vitamin C and salt in your diet it causes or adds to the amnesia effects. The lice were constantly being given to us which just aspirated the situation and they knew. 

as he is also not the only one who knows what these things can do to the human mind. It makes people insane they do not need to inhale it they can simply ingest it and since most of it is already in food only certain parts need to be made. Capsils of the substance have also been made and they perfected tablets and pills as well using modern medical equipment with older pill molds and techniques. It turns people into literal zombies walking zombies they are not there it is as if their brains have melted add that to sex trafficking and you have a real problem on your hands.  

The items in the suitcase were very eerily familiar to me when I first opened it I stepped back and started to walk down the block then while walking I remembered that I was told to pick up the bag and the suitcase and that I was supposed to also pick up the clothes at least a little at a time. Garbage day is Tuesday it is Thursday they were put out there for me to retrieve just as David Boettcher alleged they would be. They brought back memories of the incident and it was not a fun time that was had it was quite disgusting and there was much pain and misery as a result. 

The reality is that this combination makes people very pliable and is unsafe, it takes away your own will and makes you susceptible to forced rape and sex trafficking without it registering in your brain. It is as if your subconscious and conscious mind are not working anymore you are a walking talking emotionless robot thereby taking away your fight. 

I took the addresses off the building where I located the items I only obtained one but the buildings are not going anywhere any time soon. I would not be surprised if my daughter can be found hidden inside one of them and there may be dead bodies buried in those as well as when these sex trafficking crimes occur those around me tell them they can do what they are doing and then kill them after if they don’t kill them first. They use the basements of the houses they are in to bury the bodies primarily. There are a few other houses that have seeped into the forefront of my mind and a few that I was told about by David Boettcher. 

My daughters will need access to these houses as part of the memory regaining and healing process it is not healthy to keep all these things locked away inside yourself it leads to self harm, drug abuse and addiction and hate which then can turn you hateful like those who inflict these crimes onto innocent victims so they can kill. Its all part of the healing process. That goes for every residence they are held and were sex trafficked in and every residence where I was held and sex trafficked in. 

The girls and I are very special, very spiritual, and very connected to each other and the earth. We were not to be used for these sorts of crimes, this is not what our reason for existing was meant to be. I know that deep inside myself,  and I hope the girls know that inside themselves. We have been used in the sickest way possible and this is not just how it is, this is not the normal way of life, this is not okay and we will be okay but it will take time, patience, justice and being together to heal. 

The government let us all down, they knew then, and they know now, and they continue to let us all down. 

Photos of coffee pot which is allegedly a bug device and a bomb detonating device all in one plus it makes coffee when installed in your Mr. Coffee Maker. The point is the coffeepots are allegedly chipped and bugged to find out who is up to what, with who, when and how. 

My memories coming back is why I want all those put to complete and final death other than the innocent victims like my daughters. They do not deserve to keep their lives after what they have done. Nor should their bodies ever be available for any form of reincarnation they should be put to final and ever lasting death and because of my teachings I am well versed on how exactly to handle that too. There is pure evil inside of them and the only way the world can be rid of that evil is to not allow it to be reborn into the world. The only way to stop teh circle is to make known what they did to me. It was beyond disgusting and I don’t need to go into detail all  you need to know is I have memories and there has to be surveillance conducted by the CIA to back me up if not them then the secret service is aware. 

If this was some form of trickery which my vaginal area does not coincide with, such as by drugging and  by way of dream walking then I am sure that is known and will be found out about to. The bottom line is this, MS-13 exists and I am part of why it exists my family waged war on the Masons a very long time ago because of these circles and what they are doing to people. It was done to me and it needs to be stopped they need to be stopped and disbanded they are part of the NAZI Regime which I can explain as well there are correlations shown by way of symbolism in both old Hitler speeches and videos as well as in the symbolism of this town. my grandfather Stanley Grabowski was allegedly Adolph Hitler himself or his twin whichever in either case I have a photo of his ear and know where he is buried he needs to be exhumed as the creation of twins was allegedly done in my family and by other means allegedly the use of droids and also persons wearing costumes and masks to disguise themselves as the victims who they killed and took out polices on which  are primarily the people that the USA.GOV missing money website spit out as well as the MASONS who are all involved in this and who have been involved int he defaming me, abuse,  and torture, sex trafficking, group rapes, and circles that they drugged me and tried to get me to participate in. When I refused I was beaten to a bloody pulp and near death and had to be revived repeatedly. The reason there are two army’s is because they have infiltrated every army that he built and tried to dismantle it using their sick twisted sex ways on them the same way that the NAZI’s did in Germany. 

We have been invaded and were invaded before the 2nd world war began and our government is heading for war because we helped put a stop to what they were doing there so they moved here and to other parts of the world and started to do it here. My purpose is to stop the war not be passed around like a human sex toy. If the united states does not want to fix the problem my family intends to fix it for them.

I prefer they listen to me and do the right thing to correct the situation and put a stop to this rather than allow my family to get involved and run things as they are not to be trusted they may say they have good intentions but as I have found their way is harmful results in death and destruction and is not the only way this can be handled, I’m for diplomacy but if it is not stopped I will have no choice but to side with them. 

The removals of Boric Acid and all Boric containing products and the prescribing of sedatives is also a start in the right direction. We are headed for war with weapons of mass destruction involved this is not a drill not a game not a threat it is my dream that I had when  I was a small child coming true day after day week after week month after month year after year that I was supposed and wanted to stop from happening but can not get anyone to do the right things.



I need you to listen to me your playing with thunder,  these army’s that were allegedly built, are  very powerful and from the underworld every gang and mob imaginable plus every patriot and disgruntled american you need to put a stop to the chaos and the sex trafficking and circles and theft the Masons are causing.

You must secure the masons and charge them with treason the names are there for you in black and white you cant get past black and white there is not getting over and no getting past black and white. I knew there was going to be a war and that Tony and Cathy and Ed and Wes were involved I did not know who they were or why. All I knew was they took my kids and the government refused to listen and do the right thing and give them back it caused a massive nuclear war. As you already know and if you do not President Trump and his family are from Germany and are MASON he was aware of this his entire life and I believe his taking on the presidency was to stop me from stopping the war. I am to be brought to him and make a public arrest if Secret Service does not do so by the time I arrive. 




If the statements about the Government is not true can someone explain to me why there are three air craft that hover above my town 24 hours a day 7 days a week and yesterday after I wrote that I was intending on declaring war because of the situation they were flying around and came down lower so I could see them more up-close. I could not get my camera out to take a picture but do have photos of the little white dots floating up in the sky taken repeatedly and they are not stars. Also would someone tell me why I was walking down the street and someone turned the light off at the park to make me think it vanished when really all it really was was the lights being turned off and back on again? If this is not government witness intimidation I do not know what is, if this is not Tyranny and an attempt at a smear and cover up I do not what is, I will not stand down, I stand and fight for my daughters and the freedoms I believed were real if they are not real then they need to be made real! And I am not spreading my legs for anyone but my husband who has been waiting a very long time to be reunited with his wife.

Yesterday I watched as a weather balloon that was red was falling to the ground with a bright red light on it. I live near the Gary International Airport which is being used by the air force. I just would like to know why if I am not to be believed and am so crazy then why there are aircraft hovering above my city watching me be robbed, raped, intimidated, people running in and out of my house, and then playing games with me as if they are trying to scare me. Either your hear to keep me safe or not but all they are doing is playing god which makes them responsible do to their failure to report what they know, see, and happens accurately to put this thing to rest. Their inaction is part only a part of my infuriating. So you tell me whose fault it is, because I have news for you from my standpoint and I am the victim it is my fathers and the governments and the MASONS who do not want to get put in jail for what they did. There are three Million if not more MASONS in the United States, take one dollar or two dollars from each and you have yourself an aircraft. Get the government involved because they also do not want to go to jail and do the right thing and now you have permission to sit all day and night and watch over someone. If its not the US then the US needs to step up to the plate and do something. Perhaps the government does not want the people to know, they should know that many already do, there was a video taped meeting where it was explained to them and all I have to do is lift my arms out of the way to let war happen.

You know what else rich people can do if they don’t want to get caught and go to jail for their crimes they can pay mechanics and engineers to build them fake yet real looking space craft and then use them to scare the crap out of everyone including the primary witness to their crimes. If the government does not want to pay they just might ignore the fact that they are there just like they ignore the weather balloons. Just sayin’. They can even use one of that witness’s drawing to draw up the plans and deck it all out with lights just so they can stay out of jail. Hmm who has that kind of cash and reach to do something like that, gee I think Donald Trump just might. So are they stealth or are is it more TRUMP and the MASONS trying to get away with their sick twisted ways, thievery, and life insurance scam and cause a war so they can invade other countries and territories rob them blind, rape them blind, and take what they want from them like they always do.  Maybe I will get lucky and the aircraft what ever it is can come lower when I have my camera available and I can get a good shot of it for you I figure its a stealth but who only knows…. How much would you pay to stay out of jail for your crimes of treason and tring to create a war and to hide that you knew a kid was being sex-trafficked by her father and did nothing to help her or stop him? This does not seem unreachable for the president or for Trump. Also can someone tell me why we have a mob man running the government I would love the answer to that. Why do we have a criminal running our country? Have you lost your minds? Now its okay for criminals to run the country, where do you think all that money came from? Some came from Germany, A-LOT came from LIFE INSURANCE, then add in CRIMINAL ACTIVITY.

It was once asked of me why I was so hell bent on war, I am not I never was, but I have always kept it in the back of my mind and it has been in the for front since the day my children were taken. If it is not the United States then they need to step up to the plate and get on the situation with the three states involved. If it is the United States be prepared because I refuse to stand down. I will not cow tow to treasonous ways i will not give in to your terrorism and terrorist sex acts, I will not let go of my kids. If I am forced to live without mine you will be forced to live without yours. 

The ultimate power is knowledge. Money holds no value to anyone other than the person who assigns a value to it, neither does stuff, the only thing that matters is human life and respecting yourself and those around you. You chose to show me disrespect then I will have no choice but to choose my fathers methods all I have to do is lift my arms. 

My father reminded me that back after I left Anthony Victors and was staying at my grandmothers he brought me out to Lake Station late at night, there was a ship set up, I was taken aboard it and raped viciously held in a cell and was drugged and messed with. He alleged that it was man made and set up to scare me into silence. He also alleged that it was made by Trump and his future Regime which were Masons trying to get out of trouble for what they did. I have been raped and drugged and kept from my life because of them. This is why many of them are allegedly dead as they were killed by David Boettcher, Edward Malik, Anthony Victors, Wesley Victors, and anyone else who was willing to help. 

To Life’s Grand Adventure! Ha! 

Waking AMERICA. in case you did not know,


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