There are many Donald Trump Look Alikes & Even Droids The real Donald Trump has EVIL INSIDE

You can feel and see evil coming off him and in one of the photos you can see the three lines on his forehead like what was done to me. During one of my trips with my father I was shown a big trophy case of Jaws kept in a vault from all those who’s jaws he had removed to keep them from eating and keep them silent. I am fighting for not just my jaw but also for your jaws. They can be put back into your faces. If they came out they can be put back in. They are labeled with our names on them. There are a lot of Jaw-less people, a lot of starving and hungry I am fighting for you America Stand and Fight for yourself and for your country. We must put the Masons behind bars and close down these concentration camps that were designed to harvest us and kill us. This is american soil and these kinds of things are not supposed to happen here. You must take a stand for your independence from Tyranny and once we can obtain that we can work on everything else together as a team the way it was meant to be and always should of been. I do not remember where the vault is I think it is inside one of Trump Towers my father is still alive and he knows exactly where it is and wants everyone to get their jaws back to including his own.  His eyes are full of hate as is his energy he is pure evil and those who are working around him don’t feel it because he used body doubles and people who “look” like him some of them have clean energy but this man is a mad man and the one behind everything. All of them no matter which one it is are Masons and practice the sick satanic circle ritual. This ritual is all about power and control and these kinds of practices were established way back when when the Vikings and Mongols were taking over small villages and cities. This is why none of us are actual pure breeds there is no pure any kind of nationality which makes discrimination so stupid. There is no 100% Polish, 100% German, 100% Jew, 100% Arabic, 100% Russian, 100% Mexican, 100% anything. We are all connected and the Vikings and Mongols and even Greeks and Romans and French are why.  This is how they concur and take over countries the same thing has been seen over and over again all over the world currently. It is difficult to believe that it happened here as you don’t want to accept it because it is so scary but you must accept the truth even if it is difficult in order to correct the situation. The first step in correcting the problem is identifying that there is one, the second is accepting that there is, and the third is figuring out what to do to correct it. The root of our problem in this country as in all others stems from the Masons who have intention on taking over the world by harvesting and raping and stealing and killing until they are successful. It is our duty as Americans to protect our country and our rights and Constitution each of this has that obligation it comes along as an exchange for the rights that it affords us each when the army can not hold them off each of us as citizens must take a stand.

The army can not seem to hold them off because the army has been infiltrated by them and these sick practices because they also use these practices to concur countries where we go and fight. This is not acceptable and part of why I believe the practice should be halted and put to death along with any who participate and or practice in it. You must accept the truth, that we have been invaded first and foremost, then you must not set aside our differences not in this case this is a case where people are trying to concur and destroy everything you love including you. You must take a stand and fight back or else we will loose this great land to them, we will continue to lose our rights and we will be headed for self destruction in order to destroy our enemy. 

If you tell someone they can not do anything then they will not if they believe they can’t then they won’t. You must believe that you can make a difference, you must carry your love for man and woman and country in your hearts. You must believe in the law, abide by the law, and follow the law to a certain extent certain individuals choose not to and that is part of because they are part of the secret army. That secret army must not stop its action and must continue ahead until this is seen through to the end. There is no point in allowing these people or this to go on any longer. It must be put a stop to and that needs to happen immediately for the sake of the women, the children, the men, the sick, the elderly, for ourselves and our country. It needs to come to a screeching halt right here and right now. This is not a game this is called life, and life can cease to exist for us all. Each day is precious each day is different each day can be filled with love and joy and not hate and spite and resentment you must choose to change you must make the conscious choice not just say it but do it. Those who do not change will not evolve those who do not change will not just be left out or die but they will cease to exist.

This world could be so much more beautiful then what it is, we could live in peach and harmony instead of death and killing, we could be good to each other instead of mean spirted and hateful and greedy, there is so much destruction every day it makes me so incredibly angry all out of greed and jealousy and over inflated egos of people who think they can take power and control over us. Power and Control equates to abuse plain and simple, its abuse its not love, its hate. Those who love you simply make suggestions and guide you along, they don’t rape you into oblivion or try and force themselves on you. You can make a choice to change and choose how to live but when people are effecting other peoples lives negatively to this extent it is time for the American Public to step in and take a stand for the freedom of the victims, the freedom of their selves and their families. How would you like it if this happened to you? An eye for an eye times three, and do on to others as you would want done to yourselves. 

These kinds of practices are designed to concur a country and inflict terror upon the citizens of that country to get them to be so riddled with fear that they will not take a stand against the invading country. This must be stopped as we have already been invaded and this invasion must be put to an end. Those involved must be put to death for treason and tyranny and for all that they have destroyed. 

WASHINGTON, DC – MAY 16: U.S. President Donald Trump looks on during a meeting with the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev in the Oval Office of the White House on May 16, 2018 in Washington, DC.( Photo by Olivier Douliery-Pool/Getty Images)


This link takes you to Trump Images 

The man above is the man I met and is the real Donald Trump. The man shown on that page in all those photos are not the same man, some are younger some are older but the one right here on this page is him.

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