Witness Intimidation of the Third Kind V the Final Battle the Invasion of the Visitors in 1983 or Before.


V IS FOR VISITOR – JULIE — JULIE as your mind is melted.

V the final battle aired when I was a young girl. There was a press conference that was had at that time. I called the movie the story of my life because that is what one of my father’s had said. I have not seen the movie since but some of what I am doing right now like walking through town with a baby stroller with messed up wheels was in there and I think there might of been reference to Stagg. The Visitors were harvesting people the same way that people are being harvested for insurance money. I was very young at the time but after the airing it was said that the Stratosphere was built and there was a right up in the paper about it brought up by one of the men that was supposed to be my dad. He made sure I remembered it. These are the names of the main cast of characters for the show and movie and as you can see they all have polices. 

How far would you go to scare the hell out of a little girl, make her feel helpless and hopeless and scare her into never telling about what you did or pushing her to suicide out of fear and anxiety. How far would you go to ruin her life so you could cash in or keep her from ever standing in front of the country. How far would you go to cover up the killing? Would you make the world think you were alien and that all was hopeless? How far would you go to steal someones hope, there pride, their caring about themselves and their caring? Would you push them to a life of drugs, then rape them blind, then take their kids and do the same to them? Were we invaded I don’t know for sure, but I do know this much Hollywood is the king of Hoaxes and from what i have seen I think it should be investigated but no one should worry that much because from this list it appears more like there are people who are trying to place blame on individuals who do not deserve it to get themselves out of trouble.   There are many of individuals that make up our society and that is a beautiful thing but any person like this who goes this far to scare the hell out of society an rape and rob them blind does not belong. No matter where they allegedly came from. 

There is a lot of funny business going on with Hollywood and there are links to Hollywood and my family as well as links to politicians and the rich as you can see the owners of the stratosphere are listed as owning policies as it has already been shown that Trump did. Perhaps we were invaded and that can explain the persons involved untouchable behavior because I can not fathom why any individual on this green earth would push blame on to other individuals, or try to scare anyone into submission unless they were Masons. If you look at the Emblem for V it is half of a swastika and it has the Initials AF or Ann Frank along with a couple group of circles. Like the Masons the Aliens in the show put their logo all over the place, they could not wait to get it into the peoples hands. The visitors like the Masons were not welcome in the show and if they are real they are not welcome now they have caused nothing but problems and raped our people blind just like the show. They give everyone a bad name. 

The top of the Stratosphere is where one of their ships was supposed to be parked, I thought I saw that it left a few years back but then when i went to Las Vegas it was there. The news said no one was allowed to the top of the Stratosphere in Las Vegas I did not go when I was there but it can be seen from very far away. Trump is one of the owners and I would not be surprised if that is where our Jaws are kept. I know they are in a piece of Trump Property. In any case back in the 1980’s during the original airing there was a newscast that I saw that showed Ivanka and Trump walking as president the banner at the bottom of the screen said we were invaded. I began to cry and said I will never have a life or a family or be president they just stole all my dreams. That is what has happened all my dreams and my kids, and even my presidency that was supposed to put a end to hunger, an end to the insanity, and an end to war and sex trafficking and circle rituals have also been stolen. 

I think I lost my original family because of this, either it is witness tampering or it is true. My father and family stated that this was why they were gone and that they hoped that this would solve the problem and they could come back into my life. I hope that is true because if it is then it will completely exonerate them. I could see them giving up their time with me and the girls to save the world from catastrophe to take back what was stolen and put the world back on track of peace and off the track of self destruction, killing, rape, slavery, and starvation. 

I was told that there were aliens that were called to help using the space Satellite receivers as my father had spoke of this and sending out a S.O.S. out into the galaxy from Earth due to the world catastrophe about to happen. he and I are extremely psychic and he could see how much death and destruction was happening and had surveillance on his side. This was his project and I did not believe and then could not remember but I do have some memory of it and because of a memory I have of him interacting with a Microphone and the Cast of the show  in front of me over the TV set I believe it needs to be investigated. 

The others were not harmful but the Visitors were the Masons and they were planning on taking over the world using Nazi techniques. In either case it is obvious that we are headed t word revolutionary and then world war and this needs to stop no matter what the assailants originality.  The grey that were captured have done no harm, came to help facilitate peace and do not wish to hurt anyone they are not like the visitors for one thing the only eat vegetables and only wish to live in harmony with the same rights we hold, and so they should. People need to open their hearts and their minds to the reality that we may not be the only life out there, you can not be so silly to believe that we are the only ones.

All life is precious and I wish I had a good reason to think different of the Visitors but they have yet to prove me wrong and I have a sneaking suspicion its all a rouse to get out of trouble or push a little kid and others in society over the edge.  There is no such thing as an Illegal Alien when any individual sets foot on american soil they are afforded constitutional rights under the law. There is no excuse for treating any one different than another simply because where they came from or in some cases how they got here. That includes any kind of alleged space persons there is no reason why that we can not all live in harmony and this is part of why I think the Visitors may be a hoax to prevent people from being open minded and in an effort to start a world war.

A real investigation needs to be started as Hollywood is involved and it feels like very serious propaganda to me before anyone blows the planet up it needs to be further investigated. Any alleged captured space persons should not be held captive or autopsied how would you like it if you landed in Russia and they captured you and chopped you into bits? Its no different it really would not be and it should be handled the same way. Everyone should greet life and life changes include evolutionary change with open arms, open minds, and open hearts and that way we can find peace and live in harmony. Think for one minute how beautiful it might be. There is a lot of propaganda out there and you must be aware of that. Its hard to weed through it but the same goes for all things in life. 

In Germany it was alleged that Space Ships had landed during the Nazi Regime they might of or it might of also been a hoax to get the killing to stop. I was not there I do not know but I do see the direct correlation and the correlation was also made during the show itself including the raping, sex trafficking and possibly even life insurance. I can not be completely sure. I was raised not to believe anything I saw on Tv probably because when I was watching I  was balling and rocking that we were all going to die. But later in life I was told that some times Hollywood helps to inform the public of things so they can accept the things that are outside the realm of normal. It was also alleged that the Visitors had taken over the news and internet and were interfering with cell phone towers these are all things the government has been accused of doing as well. keep the peace and blame “aliens” rather than face the music for taking peoples rights away from them. In any case my life was pre-planned pre-thought out and this proves that and Trump, Hollywood and Certain family members not all were a part of that creation of a stolen life. 

This was in the 2012’s or 2014 or 2015 I do not remember if it was true or not again many newscasters have policies and it may be witness tampering and witness intimidation. Imagine these polices are at least one million dollars a piece and many people do not want to get into trouble and have banded together and would prefer to start a war than face charges for the rapes, killing, suicides, and thefts they have caused and done. 

This is the CAST for this show they are liable and charges will be placed against them for all they have done and all the trouble that they have caused including the mutilation of me and failure to stop it which they knew about back then.

Marc Singer Policy Found Steven Singer, David Singer, Kelly, Madeline,Alyssa,Kayla
Faye Grant Policies Found
Jane Badler Policies found derivatives not actual Balder, Baldearas
Robert Englund Policies found UPROMISE
Richard Herd Polcies Found Rose Anna Herd
Blake Sartini Policies Policies found 3 in AR
Steve Wynn Polcies found Duke Energy FL.
Phil Ruffin Policies Found
James Packer Several MetLIfe Policies Found
Michael Gaughan Policies Found
Joe Biden Policy Found for Timothy Biden
Cory Booker – Policies found Anna Booker
Kristen Gillibrand – 2 Policies found
Kamala Harris – Found – 2 Harris’s one at lake county this one. Erics bank and Judy’s Bank.
Peter Nelson -Policies found
David Packer -Policies Found
Neva Patterson – Policies Found
Andrew Prine -Polices found
Sandy Simpson -Policies found
Blair Tefkin nothing found
Micael Durrell -Policies found
Thomas HIll -Policies found under hill already HIll, Hiller Indiana C. Hill
Richard Herd – Met life Million Dollar Policy Rose Anna Herd.



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