Mutilation of Kids and Combined Statement LIGHT IT UP LIGHT THEM ALL UP. LIGHT UP THE GREEN SLIME & NAZIS


This is the photo of Makayla Malik all messed up look at her hair line. Look what these monsters did to my kids. Alyssa’s face is obviously cut by the mouth just like mine. Look how deep her smile line is on the one side. She is beautiful but these monsters cut her to destroy her beauty and the people don’t seem to care those who are doing this are monsters themselves and this is why we are at war. Im mutilated and so are they we have done nothing wrong other than love each other and our country and the freedom it was supposed to provide to us all. We love the planet and the world and want to end world suffering and live in unity this is what they did to us to stop that from happening. At this point we have agreed that there is nothing left for us to do but allow a war to happen as it appears that it is the only way to get rid of the Green Nazi Scum and then perhaps once that war is over there will be peace again.

We are all CIA agents and all love the people of this country each other and the world we have been robbed and sacrificed and used as a statement to silence you and cause you to stop fighting please don’t stop we all ask you not to stop do not lay down your arms and do not stop. Our family is important and so is yours. We care about you please care about us together we will survive this just like in past wars. Our love will concur this and them and hopeful if nukes are dropped some of us will survive. If not we know our spirits will remain combined throughout eternity. We know this like we know our names we believe this like we believe in ourselves we believe in our selves because we are each gods children and god himself not just to ourselves but also to you. You can not survive without us and you can not out survive us without us you are nothing. Without us you will die but we will not we will fly up and recombine we know this but you don’t.

This is what I can remember of Alyssa’s writing to me and to you. She is very wise and she is not wrong. This is my daughters wish they had a private vote and turned it in to me a while ago. This was why Alyssa believed everyone had a case of the Crazies they were practicing black magic and witchcraft without an elder and conjured evil spirits and demons into themselves and lost their minds while doing so.Which is what Papa Dave Said and can happen.  It really can happen. 

We ALL think your possessed or being possessed.


Many People who should Not be have dabbled in Witch Craft & Black Magic and it seems like they lost their minds. 


Drink some Sage and Cinnamon 3x a day Mediate & Listen to and Chant Ohm’s.

Cough them up and spit em out.  Just like the Monks Do. Sit down Squatting, tilt your head back and forth and Ohm deeply until you feel it deep down in your chest through your nose say OM repeatedly, while rocking your head forward and backward, it makes you cough into a Mason Jar. Then Cap the Jar, and Burn it Outside and In a Camp Fire. 

Put Sage & a Small Tea Light in the bottom of the  jar too. Try and do this outside but inside is okay to open the windows up and burn sage and incense while doing so. You can also use White Salt as protection and Annotated Moon Water infused with Sage and Quarts to cleanse your house, bed, furniture, floors, and even wash the walls. Especially if someone died in your house. Take Baths in Lemon Juice and Drink Lemonade or Root-bear or both. Being Possessed can make you deathly ill and give you stomach cramps and diarrhea anxiety, make you forgetful, forget who you are, where you were and all sorts of odd things you would never believe or imagine.

Wear a Quartz Pendant or Rock made from Quartz Chrystal’s, Black Onyx, Or Black Obsidian charms to help keep bad spirits out of you and at bay. 

Take Photos of your face and compare them with THE ORIGINALS  to see if it worked.  Keep at it until it does. 

We are unified so well unified that nothing can separate us and that is because we are the ultimate source of power for this world and beyond.  We are all born with a purpose our purpose was to keep you safe to keep you from starving to keep you from blowing yourselves up look at all you destroy look how you act look at yourselves a good long time and ask yourself where your own spirit is, your spirit for your life, the spirit that loves, the spirit for the love of man and your country. You have lost your own spirit somewhere along the way and tried to live off of us and our moms, then somehow you lost yourselves and you lost your spirit for survival. Since our spirits come from our mom then if we die we will recombine if you die your spirit will leave your bodies and recombine with hers and with ours. Which means you can no longer survive without us. You need us in order to survive which means only that you should treat us with dignity and respect which is really all we ask that you treat each other lovingly and with dignity and respect and that your replace what you stole including our spirits and go back to using your own. You are lost but you can be found again you must practice mediation and listen to holy music mostly try ohms that is how you cough us out and evil out or any other bad spirits out that might be possessing you to do the bad things that you do. Because between us all we have decided that there is a such thing as evil and evil spirits and that somehow people must be possessed. Because we walk around constantly asking each other and ourselves what has possessed this person to do this or that. This must mean that our subconscious is telling us what is wrong and that you are possessed. The way people become possessed is by being off centered and hateful and mean spirted. This not include going to war. People with love in their hearts can go to war because they need to protect themselves, their land and each other, hateful and mean spirted comes from stealing, molesting, child porn, and child molestation, sex trafficking rape, and doing hard core drugs not just weed but hard core drugs.

It can also happen from bad things that were said and done while people are on hard core drugs and by living a hard life but the decision to live a hard life is yours not mine or my moms you chose the life you lead you made choice to live and earn what ever it is you earn we did not get that choice because you kept us tied down and here for so long. My mother did not get a choice, my sisters did not get a choice, none of us got a choice. There are millions of dollars of my mom’s money sitting in an account that she can’t have or gain access to because of you. I saw it with my own to eyes so did she and so did they then you broke into our house that night and stole the bank book. That is why we are at war now and nukes are pointed not just at you but also at us. All you have to do is restore justice and give us back what you stole. Quit hurting us, drugging us to put our lights out, and stop what your doing or all our papa Daves because we have many have decided together that they will simply blow up the entire country and we decided together as a team to not stand in and stop them because all of this has gone on long enough. You need to grow some balls, act your age, get mature and stop acting like infants fess up and own your problems, pay us for what you did, give us my moms money reunite us and then we will see where we go from there. If not we give all the papa Daves our blessing. This is our destiny but your future has yet to be decided. Clock is ticking we are tired of waiting, tired of being raped, molested held back and held down we are at the brink of disaster and we warned you about trump an you elected him anyway. 

This situatoin is both very grave and very deep, It needs to be rectified and not ignored we can not waste any more time on games. 

In either case they both are in trouble for owning Polices. Trump And the Clintons which is why the government must shut down and the job that was offered to me that the girls and I decided I should take should be given to me so i can take care of the surreal situate at hand. 

We are not spirits we are humans just like you but we have not lost our spirit because we have kept our love of ourselves, each other, and for man and our planet. We all agree that if you are so insistent in ignoring the issues, ignoring us, ignoring all we have told and all we have taught, if you chose to allow yourselves to be invaded and to keep participating in sex circles, and chaos, and ignoring us and the situation we have no further choice but to allow you to blow us up and blow yourselves up because there is no point in allowing you to inhabit our planet and destroy it.

It would be one thing if you had come in  peace and lived in peace but you have destroyed everything we love, stolen and destroyed everything and we will not stand for it. If we can not have it then no one will. We will let it be destroyed. The terms are simple they are not difficult nor unjust they are a simple set of terms that were allegedly already agreed upon. Now you have gone so far as to mutilate us since that is what you have taken to we have no choice but to do things our grandfathers way as we are from him and an extension of him as such we are all in agreement that if the president does not stand down, the visitors do not stand down and leave then he has our blessings to put a stop to things his way as our way has yet to work out. 


I myself has seen what happens and the planet becomes completely un-inhabitable there is no one and nothing left. If that is your choice then so be it. The girls and I will reconnect and start our lives over somewhere else. If we cant have it then no one will. The nukes being sent to our shore are a precursor and warning of that. This is all real they are not empty heads they are charged and detonated and the next set was supposed to hit New York and Washington dc if Trump and his regime do not stand down. The dead line for that was the end of August by the first of September if he did not stand down a all out nuclear war on American soil is set to take place. Hollywood is to also stand down quit making a  game of everything, quit stealing my life and making money on it, cough up what they owe, and quit stealing before more houses are burned to a crisp. We want what was stolen back that includes each other, our money, and our own lives its really that simple. There is a bit more but they are pretty minor things like putting things back where you got them from and the way they should be and were before the Nazi’s took over. Its not hard, its not big, its minute and simple. That or there is the alternative complete annihilation. 


All I have to do is think about my past, look at my girls faces, look at myself, and the situation for the people and individuals and see that while we are all scared at some point you have to chose to put an end to everyone’s suffering so it can not be allowed to continue and so we are not all prey and victim of those who are NAZI’s abuse. I have had a long hard life, others have as well. I can not stand it anymore and can’t and won’t stand for it any more. I have been held back and down for to long, had my life destroyed and we never did anything to anyone me my girls or our family other than try to help and we have all been mutilated for it by the Nazis. It is time that I throw my hands up and say go ahead Dave you handle it your way because my way does not work. I am disrespected, ignored, and tired of pushing this god damn baby stroller in the heat, living like I do and not getting paid for any of my knowledge or work including this site which they already stole from and made a movie out of and are already publicizing stealing again. As they do not seem to understand what the words Copyright mean that are down there on the bottom of every page. This kind of disrespect is deplorable. I live with no electric no gas no water barely any food I cant clean the house cant drive anywhere and winter is upon us. I am married and not interested in being sex trafficked mutilated and won a lawsuit that keeps piling up, miss my daughters, have grand kids I never met, and am tired of it all. Blow it up if you want. Blow the entire world up.  I would rather not exist then live like this and be both their victim and prey. 

I want my gun my badge my kids all of them, my money and justice. Or let him do it his way. 



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