What started out as a Supreme Court case and Trial for those who purchased insurance and participated in Criminal Corruption has blown up into Alien Landings, the Malpractice of Witch Craft, Nuclear bombs, the acceptance of  backwards world and society clowning around thinking that everything is a joke. These are real bombs with real nuclear war heads on them and that man is not scared to hit the button hes infuriated and has not nor will not calm down because of what he has read, seen, lived through himself, and because of your ego, arrogance and indignant. And I am not stepping in for the same reasons. 

I look in the mirror and all I see is mutilation, I look at my girls and I see the same, I have met people who have spiral bodies from these mutilations, I have regained much of my memory more than enough to move forward to know that the situation is bone crushingly grave. I understand this and take my life and others lives with all seriousness. However, I do not seem to see the same from those who work for the Government key word here is they work for us the people. Not for themselves, not by themselves but for us. 

I have had to accept again, the invasion of our country, the loss of multiple sets of children, the mutilation of my privates and face, the rape of us all, the impregnation and taking out of my baby and uterus, the replacement and butchering of another uterus, the metal that is inside me, the mutilation of my beautiful daughters, all that was stolen from us and all that we may never get back. All at the hands of Donald Trump and his regime, all in an attest to stop us from being successful at obtaining justice and world peace. All because I had a dream when I was a little girl all because I want us all to live in harmony and so do my daughters. 

Over the course of the last week I have wondered if I was still on earth, or if I was being lied to again and was on some other planet that had been refereed to as Backwards World. I dont believe that backwards world is a real place but the world sure does seem to be backwards.  

I can not stand to be alone anymore, I cant stand to be without my girls, I cant stand for the hate,, the hatefulness the lies, the manipulation or for any of it. I am not choosing sides but I see where my father and family my real ones are coming from and see also where there have been the use and misuse of actors and duplicates to destroy our bond to make me proud of where I came from so I would not have any pride left in my self. 

All these things have been done to me and to others out of greed first then hate and resentment second. From the creation of camps to the killing of victims all to harvest the cash to start a war. Society feeding off of each other has got to stop as does the selling and purchasing of polices. If there were no longer any insurance companies offering polices then the problem would be at least partially solved no cash would mean no intensive to kill for cash. No incentive to rape or to make yourself hateful and mean spirted in order to collect. The other problem though still needs to be solved and that problem is sex trafficking, molestation, and rape of women both by those sleeping in their beds and unknowingly raped and those who are being forced or who others are trying to force into participating in Circles. The reality is the public at large has got to both believe and accept that these things happened, happen every day, and keep on happening. That they need to be stopped, and by not putting a stop to it you are feeding into the problem and by feeding in you are just as bad as those who facilitate and participate in these actions. 

Mutilation has to be stopped, starving has to be stopped, being greedy and envious and lustful all needs to be stopped, coveting needs to be stopped if all these simple things, they really are not hard things they are super simple easy to achieve things we were all done the world would be safe. But because they refuse to take a pause, and listen and pay attention, and refuse to stop even though I know that there is a great big tv screen in a back room somewhere that watches me as well as other elders lives and they refuse to do the right thing. I have given the world to light things up not lighten them up but light them up. Perhaps when things start getting lit up you will start to believe and accept that you are beaten, you will not win, I will be triumphant and that your lives will be extinguished if you don’t put on some clothing and get to work and start doing what you promised to do which was protect this country and its citizens including me and yourselves and your own family or your out and you and all them are dead. This is not a game, this is war its real, not TV, not some scif-y adventure but real.

CIA has stopped by my house multiple times in the past, they know the website a bunch of people do, I know I am under surveillance there is no getting around that now either you pick me up and  bring me my badge and gun so I can put these assholes in jail or I will give the signal to hit the states. I am tired of this just like my family and really don’t give a fuck anymore. My face and privates and kids faces and your indigence is why. I wont cow tow to terrorism nor will I tolerate it. Im not asking for anything more than what I am owed and is mine. 

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