Sent to FOX NEWS requesting Coverage of Story that is News Worthy

8/8/2019 I sent this message along with links to my youtube video and story to Fox news I have seen newscasters with crooked brows missing jaws and screwed mouths they may not know or understand it was done to them because of the mutilated because of the wicked and hateful mean nasty comments that were said about me after Trumps supporters who also had policy’s mutilated my face and my kids face. If they fail to reply they will be added to the list for silencing a victim and denial of justice and failure to report on an news worthy story that the public should be informed of and know about.  Which is also a form of silencing and tyranny as it is a primarily Republican news channel which deals with and handles all government communication with the public directly. 

8/8/2019 I wrote to them, and left them with my telephone number and email address to respond. 

Please view for full details of my story. I have had enough of the games the control and the censorship open up the webs, quit playing games and blocking my website and silencing others or else I will sue on behalf of the people and take all the money I can not just for me but for them. You might scare them and be able to control them but you hold no power or control over me. I am not afraid of you and don’t care who your parents are how much money you have or what your title is. I will sue your ass and put your ass in jail for covering up a crime and criminal corruption under RICO. You fail to report on this accurately or try to defame me or my family and I will make sure its known and so will my family. I will also sue your pants off for failure to report on a news worthy situation and news worthy story that the people have a right to know about and should be brought up to speed on as this has been an ongoing story and there are millions of people out their waiting for me to stand and now I stand and they need to be told. This letter is being copied along with the time and date it was sent I expect to hear back from you in less than one calendar week or your company will be added to the list of defendants to my case which if I have to i will relocate out of the country to file and you can be tried for treason against the US Proper there instead of here. I can also file with the UN which I am also about to do. This country is out of hand and so is the corruption and so are you. I said stop and I mean stop right here right now you stop what your doing and do a turn around or it will be much worse than it was going to be when this was first brought up. My father is David Boettcher and I am his kid and what you did to me and my family and my kids because we cared about this country and you is sick and deplorable because you found out you were caught. Your still caught and you will always be caught and I won’t stop until I obtain TRUE JUSTICE and you are tried for TREASON and turned to ASHES and DUST for what you have done to me, my family, the other victims you killed and mutilated, and to this great land known as The United States of America.

Your all really pissing me off with your childish games lack of grit and lack of reading. You really need to read. Learn to READ before shooting off your ignorant silver spoon fed mouths. Most of you have polices and don’t think your not busted and I don’t know it. Tell the CIA to give me my gun badge, money and pick me up immediately they know who I am and where I live or next I will file suit and tell all I know about them and their lack of caring and how many times I was left to be raped and mutilated because of their lack of doing their job.

Here is a link to a special message to America. My name was Anna Marie Boettcher my father created MS13 when I was 13 years old. It is not a street gang they are revolutionary war fighters trying to hold off and fight the Nazi Regime we are being bombed to make them stop the Missile Sent was a warning for them to pack up and leave they refuse to leave it is leading to a war at home and abroad. This is because of Life Insurance Polices, Sex Circles, Criminal Corruption and Mutilation of me and my kids and family, other victims, all for money jealousy and greed all backed and paid for by trump who must stop what he is doing and step down before a Missile hits the state. 23 Miles away is not all that far please inform the Secret Service or US Proper that I will sign the Interim Papers once they pick me up I am briefed and my kids are rescued and we are patched up. I will not govern in the physical state that I am in. This is all embarrassing and Humiliating enough that goes for the rescue of all my fathers and family members as I need Intel on the entire situation before I hang any of them.

Please pass this along and review it as I am exploding left and right due to my dire financial situation. He is monitoring and watching so if you do not wish to live this way I would stand up and take notice because you would not make it five second let alone three and a half years and winter is coming and I am infuriated as it is. I want my gun my badge my money my kids and to be patched up to have my family picked up fed and patched up so we can take care of business and put this all behind us before it gets any more out of control. This is the biggest criminal corruption and witness intimidation case there ever was Trump stole my win and bombed my city holding me back and slowing me down is useless and only will infuriate me and my father and make me completely impliable as it is right now I am satisfied with Trumps money and what I am owed from Hollywood and not the peoples cash I keep being ignored then the people will be held responsible to. Since everyone is in life for themselves then I will be in it for only my self. I am hateful now all because of you. I can not even stand to look at myself in the mirror all because of you and your greed and hateful ness I did nothing to you. And this is how you treat me for doing nothing more than standing up for my rights and genuinely caring about how messed up things are in this country that you claim you love but dont love because if you loved it you would fight for it and you won’t because you might chip a nail, you wont be able to go to the bar tonight or you might have to put down candy crush and do some actual press-work instead of publishing propaganda and tabloid news to throw the hole country off and cover up what really is going on which is the invasion of Hitlers army known as the Masons who you elected as president and allowed to undermine and destroy our government and now the time has come to correct it preferable amicably but if not amicably then we must move on to the next step and the clock is ticking. Your not going to live forever.

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