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There are hard facts and evidence including the entire story on the website additional evidence can be found via’s website by following the link to the un-found money database for “Found Money” the names are listed in a specific order using a specific pattern and also hold a code to them. Most are linked. I can decipher the code for the polices. There is a very real problem with Concentration camp style killing camps in many states where persons are targeted and killed for life insurance. I am one of those people and need assistance immediately in getting out there is a donation page on my site. I do not have any access to cash and am being kept from earning and suppressed by Tyranny and other criminally corruption practices including the erection of laws not in good standing and unconstitutional in an effort to silence and force me to submit to the Masons who are NAZI’s. I was voted President and Trump stole my presidency. He holds polices as do other top government persons. Please see site for details. Thank you in advance. Currently Sarah J. Covington born Anna Marie Boettcher the daughter of MS13’s David Boettcher. MS13 is not a mob but is the American Public fighting for our rights under the United States Constitution is world wide and that should be known that the people have been misinformed. The small photo is all I could get please enlarge this is what Trumps army the Masons and Republicans did to my daughter Makayla a gift from god. They mutilated and raped me multiple times, mutilated my other daughters and refuse to stand down and step back and do the right thing. Please ensure this gets presented to the public I have alot more to go over with you. They took out my jaw and I have seen many jaw less people in my neighborhood. Also be aware that Hypnotism is being used. Hypnotizing instructions can be found on

requesting immediate publication and public involvement lets see what happens. At the rate I am going I own Youtube, Godaddy, Google and Facebook, and Twitter when this is over, I may also go after Ebay, and Hostgator and blue host are given. As far as hosting goes can you say Trump Owned and Operated and Monopoly. 

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