I had many dad’s.

All my dads were named D.B. and this post is going to be long. They are all very good with words, they all cared about the people and love and cherishing me and keeping me safe with one exception that would be Salk Village. He says he cares and what he is doing is tough love but I was taught by my other fathers that there is no such thing nor a need for tough love it is called abuse. 

None of my dads liked the idea of sex trafficking me and having me raped except for him. He has ripped me off on a house I bought him raped me himself, touched my privates, put me in many unsafe situations, and risked my life and his life to save his own and buy himself more time. At this point he has even started a war and thinks its no big deal. It serves you right is his motto you did it to yourselves listening to me for so long. Hes a real dick a asshole a pin head a steaming pile of shit for what he has done to us all. Raping, stealing, killing, without remorse without a care in the world without a flicker of shame. He busted my leg twice with a sledge hammer, he had me raped and sex trafficked, and took my girls and I and had us mutilated beyond recognition. 

My real dads were not that way, they did not believe in killing, they did not believe in war unless there was absolutely no other option and even then it better be for a huge and real reason like aliens had infiltrated government and taken over the world or were trying to. They belived in war to save the planet and restore order only. Really they don’t believe in nukes and think they should be disposed of and so do I. 

There was a time prior to the aliens in 1983 landing that was a lot more peaceful their in your face style scared many people all over the world their flat out informing us they were taking our resources and their Nazi authoritative matter of fact style is exactly that of my father. 

Now I am going to have you raped and sex trafficked he said to me matter of factually just like a lizard would. Which is really what I thought he was. I called him out on not being my dad but then because of the abductions and rapes and mind washing machines I thought he was my dad. I thought wrong. I chalked off his crabbiness and moodiness and even forgetful-ness to old age and grudges from being left alone. However, I have memories of what he did to me and my daughters and they have literally tortured us all. We have lived a life of misery because of him a life of misery like you would never imagine in your worst nightmare. In many ways I can not divulge because you would not want to believe I know i did not but I do now. I have real reason to and that is because I remembered who I am and what my skills are and the more I use those skills the more I recall what happened. The more I remember the insistent the more my heart aches and breaks because of what he and those who have helped him that are masons have done. Masons meaning Nazi’s meaning Lizards. I don’t think he eats much meat he can live without where as all my other fathers all ate meat and so do I. He spearheaded a starvation of not just me but of everyone else who eats meat using his ties in Hollywood and who is seen on tv to get them to stop even infiltrating the UN and the US government and starting MAD cow disease to get people not to.. He is starving people to extinction while he does not appear to miss a meal. 

The aliens abducted my dads and my family hoping they would stop me from calling them out on what they are doing. They put in this replica and hoped that my love for him would stop me from telling. They thought wrong. I remember my other dads and can hear their hearts and telepathy over the airwaves I remember what they said because they help me to remember, I remember our time together. I know I am not losing anything as all I have now is everything to gain by telling which is to be reunited with them as they are who I want and who and what I need in my life to survive. Not the constant hate that the family of lizards brings.  I need my family, I need the love of my family and my girls in order to live a happy and productive life. I need and want them all and always did. They create my universe and they are my protectors they watch over me not in spirit alone they are up walking around keeping their distance until the time is right. Some might be aboard ships while they also said they had escaped. Same holds true for my grandmother and my daughters and even for Corey Haim. 


It really is a mystical magical world we live in, the magic comes from your heart and your love and not from your stomach or your privates.  If you don’t think it is try some meditation and working on getting rid of the baggage. Write a book about your life and try to remember all the things that happened in the past and if you cant recall aliens may be why or drugs. The reality is, if you think it was a dream it probably was not, if you think it is not real it probably is. Don’t allow yourself to doubt yourself if you think something happened then ask someone who might of been through it with you and sit and ponder on it. Use telepathy to ask your family if they can recall and remember you might also be surveillance if you tell them what they need to help you like a question you have you might just find the answer you lack say it out loud. Pray to god and ask him he might know. Also don’t ignore him when he says watch out for that bus your about to get hit. He is only trying to save your life. 

It helps me. 

This journey has been long and hard and its not over yet. I do not see my family standing in front of me nor my daughters thanks to the failed government and the lack of respect that I am constantly shown due to Aliens and the Nazi Regime who want to hide and cover up what they have done but wont be allowed to because the people already know worldwide for the most part. Which is why we are at war and the Aliens are guilty of war crimes against humanity and starting a war here at home and abroad due to their corruption and silencing practices. This also happened in China and was put a stop to there its only a matter of time before it is put a stop to here at home. We need to rid the planet of lizards. 

There is a future for us all if we choose to have one but we must fight for it. I have seen it and it is beautiful. However to make it better and to ensure it happens we must do this and get rid of the Aliens or our planet will die which I have also seen. The choice is yours. Extinction for  Life to continue on. 

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