How to take the Country Back and Obtain Justice without Killing Ourselves, and Destroying the Country & PLANET we live in and on. Peacefully.


You just tell but show the Government that “YOU don’t respect my vote anyway so therefore, I REFUSE to VOTE”. If we all refuse to vote they must all step down the government is then handed back into the hands of the people automatically. If they refuse to step down then a  revolutionary  war will ensue. It proves without a shadow of a doubt a dictatorship,  tyranny, corruption,  and imperial type rule. All registered voters should not vote, register but then do not show up to vote. That way you can prove you did not. 

This is also a test, to see where their heads are at. If they are really not treasonous war starters like they claim they are not but really are,  they will do the right thing and step down. If not then a war is well warranted and would be allowed. 

My name says it all, YOU DO NOT OWN ME. The same should be said of each American Citizen out there show them you can not be bought. Your vote and denying its purchase in any way shape or form  is your way to show them that. BE it cash, promises made etc. That is how we take our country back and secure peace for our country and ultimately the world this is how we show them enough is enough and put our foot down without killing off the bat. Reserve killing for the last option. This makes us superior to them and proves that we are and always have been far superior that we are the ones that provide them with the power that they hold and sets an example for the future as this is sure to be documented and put into history books so the future will make the same mistakes that had been made up until now. This is how we learn from our mistakes and correct them and put everything back on track all at the same time. 

Anna Means Favor of Grace, God has favored me. It also means I can not be bought or sold I am not a commodity. I do not work for free and am not your free defense attorney or free healer. I am to be paid for my time and knowledge and to be listened to my work is not to be stolen and reproduced unless I give you permission same is said for my story which some thieves from of course Hollywood and public have already done. Surprise surprise the rich feeding off the poor. If you saw how I have been forced to live and how my family has been forced to live you would understand my anger, frustration and infuriate. My presidency was stolen and I have barley enough to eat in fact I have nothing left to eat off of and to much left to sell due to theft. Pushing a stupid baby stroller through town daily with the wheels falling off it. I could of been rich on my own had you stayed out of my way and my life.

Trump stole my life, my kids, my body, my face, my privates, and my presidency, and my cash and fathers cash as did Hollywood, mutated me and my kids, and they all think they are going to get away with it. Keep in mind those who did this have life insurance polices on us and how far would they go to cover that up. Would they create a HOAX of aliens or was Hollywood and the Elite Infiltrated. Surveillance knows for sure. I have a little doubt in my mind mostly because I Have never met a alien stone cold sober thanks to them not me. Its already been known that Hollywood ad the government will drug people and abuse them to get away with crimes. These types of things have been stated by others in the past its nothing new. The things I have gone through are unfathomable. However, if there are aliens they would not want you to believe that there were either so they would in fact deny their own existence so they could get away with harvesting you and your family and rape our world blind of its resources. In either case the world has a huge problem on its hands and that problem stems from Hollywood and the Elite all who are Masons, Nazi’s and who may also be VISITORS who invaded our world in an effort to take it over. They obtain their power from wreath and mostly from fear that we have shown to them. If we are no longer afraid they lose all power. This is how you defeat any enemy your take your power back from them by not giving it to them in the first place. To save the countries infrastructure and keep from major and serous loss of life as well as a invasion and nuclear holocaust all you have to do is make one simple choice and that is to not vote for these people again. Once you do not vote they lose power over us. New people who have been better screened can then be voted in during a special election. The government will shut down for a short while while that is being held using a blind ballot system and then you will be sure to be able to obtain justice in the courts again.

All those in power will then lose power and will more easilty be prosecuted the visitors Hollywood and Washington as well as all other smaller municipality participating in the harvesting of human life will then be over thrown without loss of life, lost money, and the mass loss of life that would go hand in hand with a all out blood bath. Its a consideration and its an amicable option suggested to me by one of my dads who seemed to care about the final outcome. It may of been god or it may of been another.Odds are it was god as he really does not like war and always thinks of alternatives to avoid one as it results in chaos and more of the same that has already been going on. If you want to send these people away with their tails between their legs all you have to do is show solidarity can your fear and make a stand both on the streets and in the government they will run and hide the same way a bully does when you pick the biggest one and beat him in front of his bully friends. Its simple straightforward and not that big of a deal to not show up to rally’s or on election day. Then the government will close and we can vote people in that you voted for not that they wanted to retain their seats unlawfully. There is no other way to obtain justice the courts are eroded.> i have the dirt but no way to make the charges stick if we do this then the charges will stick justice will be restored as will government and we can save the world from self destruction. Its simple just don’t show, don’t chant, and don’t vote. Then we will win its only another 4 months or so to wait it out and see. 

This is why I think the visitors are a hoax. There is a lot of crime that had gone on that they are trying to cover up.

I am left alone without any family, without my daughters, with the assailants free living across the street and next door while surveillance watches, while the man who stole my job, my cash and stole my entire CIA life savings, my badge, my guns, and my cuffs, to make the appropriate arrests which is infuriating to me because I could put a stop to this all if I had them which is why they were taken. 

I have been raped and robbed, raked over the coals, for no reason and all the other money I should of had which is in the millions of dollars in my accounts from different jobs I had that were to pay me is in the millions and millions of dollars but my bank book was stolen by the local police department that was intent on starting a war and using me and my daughters to do it. Which is treason on their part not mine.

Not to mention, law suit winnings were stolen from myself, and dad and gram’s, and from Hollywood, and that president sits their and wines and dines on my dime and your dime. Rapes, Mutilates, Kills, and ignores the very real world problems at hand like having nukes sent within 23 miles of the countries boarders by North Korea. Was found incompetent by three psychologists. I was found COMPETENT oh by the way! 

WHY is he still in office and why has he not been indicted, impeached, and arrested? 

Trump destroys the country, messes with the economy, sports a Adolph Hitler mustache, builds a Berlin Wall, instills hate in the hearts and minds of the people of the world wrongly I might add.  And inflicts his hate and power upon the world and inflicts horror and calamity into the minds and lives of all those world wide, including those who know what he has done and what he is doing. Because he has cash and is affiliated with the elite and Hollywood and mob people are to scared to stand. Teh only power anyone has over you is the power you give them. If you chose to allow yourselves to be dominated you will be dominated if you choose not to then you will take your power back it really is that simple. 

Trump is causing a world war and this is leading to a World Collapse,  in hopes that his kind, primarily the elite and the masons will invade the US and he will ultimately evade prosecution this way. he would not be here when this happens he would be flying around in Airforce one safe and sound and kept out of harms way while we all fight each other and kill each other while he remains free as a bird up in the air flying around watching it all happen without a care in the world. Think about it. Same goes for all the other rich elite that have caused this mess with their greed, envy and arrogance, ignorance and ego.

His style and intent are obvious, and I have mounds of dirt on him and others in black and white printed on paper provide by the United States Government, that dirt is not just my walking talking scared up body but the lawsuit that was filed, and the life insurance policy’s that were take out on my life and kids lives by government and the elite all over the course of my life.  This dirt is undeniable and enough to put them all away for treason, taking their lives from them instead of risking and taking our lives from us. I can take your life from you with one word. TREASON. 

These people own life insurance policy’s with my name on them they have denied me justice and eroded our government to keep themselves out of trouble and get away with their crimes. Can you say RICO ACT? 

That is hard enough evidence of crime and enough to get all of them thrown out of office. 

If and only if the american public and world public stand and take notice, and band against them. 

This way we can avoid blood shed, further collection of life insurance money, and a war to end all wars a war that I saw of epic proportions.

Its a simple solution that provides a means to an end. Right there at our finger tips and the only way I can see to make this happen is for you to refuse to vote at all for anyone that is running and has a policy which from what I can see is all of them.

Then  the government will be forced to shut down. They must step down and resign if they are not reelected in. 

That is how you vote them out without replacing them with more of the same. People they chose to step in their place in their absence. This is how you avoid the passing of the proverbial torch so to speak.

They need to be voted out and the only way to make that happen is if you refuse to vote for anyone at all at least for awhile. The government can not be run without any one in it. It will be forced to shut down for a short while while the corruption is cleaned up this will help my story to surface and help me close in on them and get justice, it will help open the door for all of you to obtain justice as well. In fact it will open and hold the door open for you to walk through.

This is how you force them to step back and step down. If they don’t the corruption will be obvious and apparent and will-then also lead to both full fledged revolutionary war and world war. No matter what they do if they do not step down a world war will ensue. The choice is ours not theirs what happens you need to decide which way you want to handle it. I think this makes sense if you work together if you can work together to elect a president or constituent you can work together to not vote for any. 

Trump does not care about you, I do, that man has no conscious, does not know right from wrong and does not care how many or who dies, he does not care about anything but remaining free and inflicting harm onto others to do so. Dominating all around him and throwing his cash and weight around as if he is god. He is not god he is a thief, a criminal and not fit to be president. He has a heart black as sin while I have a heart of gold and care about our county and ultimately your and my own survival. 

Trump and the Government as well as the world far and wide is  aware of what I write, what I say, and what I do. I have no secrets to hide my objective was to be a normal mom a wife and an artist. The world threw me a curve ball and I some how possess the abilities that I have. I think its gods will and time will tell. I don’t have to be president but I should be repaid for what was taken from  me. I need also to ensure justice is served for all victims and that we are back on track to freedom the way the United States Constitution was written and established. that all false laws are removed so we can live in peace and get out from under the thumb of tyranny and misjudgment to ensure happiness and tranquility which is also called peace and harmony world wide. I have the skills, I was groomed for the job, I did not really want the job now I see that I can do the job and will gladly,  but only if you really want me to. If you don’t I will not be offended. I will understand however things must change to ensure safety and survival and peace for all men and women across the globe. 

Trump rebuts and reacts in code, he blatantly refuses to step down even though he knows he is caught. He  figures you will not stand up against him out of fear. If you should solidarity and refused to allow him to get away with all he is done he would be forced into silence and submission and forced to step down.. You do this by refusing to accept his bribes. refusal to go to his rally’s and ultimately refusal to vote for any of them as they all hole policies which I can prove and show you and will.

We must remove these corrupt political leaders from office first, Then the elite will be arrested and jailed as well. There are prisons already built and transition housing set up for them to be put into and held in. They must be removed from power as swiftly and amicably meaning diplomatically as possible, and if the justice system will not allow it this way due to the severity, of the corruption, then not voting  is the only other way to do it without a all out civil war that will result in death and destruction and ultimately world war. You relieve current officials of their jobs them of their duties by not voting for them . This shuts the government down and then the powers that be will step in to help correct the situation get things on track the way they should be in accordance with the law and then bow out with our Original Constitution and rule of law in place. 

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