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NASA Headquarters
300 E. Street SW, Suite 5R30
Washington, DC 20546
(202) 358-0001 (Office)
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Sarah J. Covington

AKA Anna Marie Boettcher/ Elizabeth Kristine

Secret Service Clandestine, CIA Undercover Operative.

2726 Clay St.

Lake Station IN. 46405







Re: World War Starting Efforts abroad, Revolutionary War Starting efforts USA, Treason, Rape, Sex Trafficking, Human Trafficking, Criminal Corruption, Alien Abduction by the Visitors.


This letter is a brief description of what I have endoured throughout my lifetime. It was alleged that when I was born I was glowing. I was also abducted by the Visitors who are aliens to this planet. They are called visitors for a reason this is not their home planet. It was said I was sent here from god to keep the planet from being destroyed by these visitors. They have abducted me my entire life, stolen my life, raped me, sex trafficked me, mutilated me and done the same to my daughters and my other family members which were my real family and also thought to be gods themselves. All that are good are gods, you are your own god the same way that I am my own god.  The miracle of life one microscopic cell meeting another microscopic cell and creating life proves we are gifts from god.


My life has been full of turmoil, I have seen things that no one on any planet should of seen and subjected to pain and agony which others can also describe inflicted upon us by the visitors who had alleged that they meant us no harm and yet have done nothing but harm and have not allowed any good to happen in any of our lives keeping us from the future and from our own lives. They have done things such as amputations and surgery without Anastasia, forced multiple abortions and then placed the fetus in surrogate parents, stolen and are still abducting children, created groups for people to join for easy pray online and off. Converted Churches and places of worship for Christian or other religions into sex parlors where their sick multi-person sex trafficking and rape origies are conducted. Putting a bad taste in the mouth of many about god himself. Giving GOD a bad name and those who do their jobs and care in all other facets of society a bad name including wives or having a wife and husbands or having a husband, having a child, being a woman as they mutilate and destroy a woman’s reproductive organs religiously, being beautiful as if you are they mutilate your face and body and tattoo it with their V insignia to ensure you are raped repeatedly.


They give space travel a bad name and put fear and anxiety into the hearts and minds of even god himself because of the risks involved risks created by the visitors thereby holding us back from a future that should of started already and is ours for the taking if we destroy them.


They give officers a bad name by becoming officers and then refusing to do their jobs, raping the victims, abusing people, and causing nothing but heartache into the lives of many including myself and my daughters by savagely drugging raping and mutilating those they come into contact to or by doing so while the person is incarcerated.


They take out life insurance polices on these victims in hopes they will kill themselves, or commit them to silence and keep them from telling. They use conditioning and the conditioning is severely damaging. They destroy all that is good, all that is solid, and all that I know.  They are not gods creatures they are serpents lizards, snakes, frogs and toads. It almost seems like god was sending us a warning but he was not if there is a such thing as evil and good then there is a such thing as god and Satan. These creatures are Satan’s beings and not of our earth, not welcome here, and are pure evil of the sickest of kinds. They must all be destroyed starting with their ships and including the Death Star Moon which houses humans that have been destroyed. They are no longer themselves; they no longer exist from what I was told these souls are gone. They can not be collected they can not be brought back they are lost to us forever. The things that were done were to damaging the human body’s flesh sucked up inot a huge vacuum cleaner nozzle, the muscle and tendons exposed, the mind still animate at the time. The body then cut up into parts on huge saws that throw blood everywhere. The soal has long left the body and can not be returned. The muscle is then eaten by the visitors that is in addition to what they do psychologically and to society. These creatures must be put down once and for all.


I am writing this letter to you as a Clandestine agent, my feelings mostly removed, this is what is best for man and society. There is hope for the future to get to that future destroying the visitors is all that must be done.


The United States Government and possibly other governments have been taken over by Visitors. The originals packed away on a ship is what I was told the duplicates which are actually lizards themselves are running things and they are ignoring everything. Turning people against each other breeding hate on the streets erecting a boarder wall. Launching new presidential seals which are directly from the Masons and Nazi Germany’s Hitler days. The president sports a white spot under his nose that is an indicator of Adolph Hitler it is obvious. I was elected president before he was and he stole that presidency from myself and my children the same way he stole my badge, my guns, my cuffs, and my bank book, and then mutilated my face and raped me himself. I am not the first woman to allege rape against this man I am something like the 1500th that is because the man is a rapist. 


Now I ask you why it is that a President is accused of an affair with a member of staff and is impeached yet I have seen other women come forward before me and I am sure there will be more after that have made allegations of simply sexual misconduct and yet he is not? Is it because of his wealth or because he is a Alien and those around him are also aliens. These types of things are not logical, do not make sense, are not fair and just and go against everything the United States Constitution states. His actions are treason for the acts of Tyranny and crimes against humanity, as well as against the government. The law applies to aliens just as much as it applies to man. There is no justification for not doing the jobs that you were provided no matter who or what you are.


Those who work in Nasa already know the problem is called the MASONS, then called the Nazi’s and now called the Mason, Nazi, Visitors, the name means the same thing its just multiple words for the same problem. This problem must be resolved in order to preserve and protect human life and every other species on this planet and all the rest.

As a CIA Operative I need extrication as do my daughters and fathers in another state. Because of the visitors and their economic restraint and control I am stuck where I am traveling by foot daily to the Lake Station Public Library where I am righting this to you.  I need someone who will not rape me, put me in the mental ward, or jail to pick me up so this situation can be rectified. My daughters are in harms way, their lives are not disposable nor is my time. I deserve my money, my guns, my cuffs, and justice for what was done to me. The life they stole, and the lives they steal every day. These are not small problems we have right now these are big issues and I was trained to handle this situation. They enjoyed abducting me so much they instilled a deep hatred in me that simply can not be quenched. They must be destroyed and I refuse to stop until every last one of them is.


Please send extrication in the form of News with Camera’s to ensure I am not raped and Secret Service agents who can provide proper Identification. Please pick me up as soon as possible as they have been trying to starve me to death and I have very limited food, no gas, no water, and no electric.  I have little left to sell do to them stealing anything of value. I reside inside one of their Hitler style consentration camps where there is a large number of them. I can not get out on my own and due to severe criminal corruption as this is also a sting and the life insurance policies taken out on my life in the alleged millions I am trapped. I also have a winning lawsuit on the books that I should of won but was denied winning by the Visitors who stole my wins like they stole my life, and my art, and my family and children, looks, and anything else they want.


My address is 2726 Clay Lake Station, In. 46405 copies of this letter will be posted online all over the place. For more information please visit be advised my family members are also CIA and government contracted to kill those who harm or break the law therefore they are not really serial killers but agents who are also due their salaries and their lawsuit winnings who have been wronged by the government for quite some time due to corruption and their finding out that this is a sting not a stickup. In other words my family are all badges just like I am and my children are. The aliens known as the Greys are to be protected by me and deemed not a threat at this time. I will review any alleged evidence but do not belive that they are and that it was the Visitors who have worn makeup and costumes to trick people into thinking it was them. The Greys need to be released or at least moved to safe and COMFORTABLE settings same as a human would have, they also eat the same food including meat and tomatoes and veggies, snacks etc. Just like you and I. You can thank them for the Internet and for empathy and love that is what they are. All empathy and peace harmony and love.


P.S. one of the round ships has some of my family on it, and possibly Trump the Real LAW MAKERS. Not the ones that erect unlawful laws such as false reporting for reporting crime which failure to report is aiding and abetting. This is a real mess, and criminal corruption and the visitors causing that corruption is why.


Sincerely and with Just Cause and Concern for Humanity,


Anna Marie Boettcher, Sarah Jean Covington Elizabeth Kristine

Wife of Corey Haim, Daughter of David Michael Boettcher, Carol Marie Grabowski Mother of Madalynn Marie, Alyssa Jean, Mackenzie Rose, Makayla Louise.

This should evoke your own will so the Visitors can not control you or hypnotize you. You need to work on your will everyone has a will and should exercise it constantly. 

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