David Boettcher, Alyssa, Madalynn, David Boettcher and Anna Marie, Sarah Covington, Mackenzie, Makayla. David Boettcher alleged that we are his family and that the other assailants took his family. He killed while I was awake and in the house, he used me for political activism, he taught me the law, then had me set up and took my kids from me unlawfully, he knew I was being poisoned and did nothing about it, he facilitated the sex trafficking of me and was behind it all. Everything that has happened in the past was his idea he risked my life and my daughters lives who he claims he loves for his own selfish indigent reasons. That is why he lost his daughter and grandchildren not because of anyone else but him, he does not respect me enough to do the right thing and turn himself in or to even apologize which is how little he really cares, he took my life from me and time away from my children that should of been spent raising them to be good women not being abused in hateful households where their lives are now at stake to keep himself out of prison. 

Edward Malik