Life Insurance STING. What makes it a STING & POLITICAL ACTIVISM

Allegedly 75,000 Life Insurance Policies 16,000 Found & Counting

David Boettcher is my father and he alleged that before I was born my mother and he had decided to trap people and expose greed. They told people that my mother was pregnant with me and that I was not wanted but it was to late to abort so they told people to go ahead and purchase life insurance polices on me before I even existed. He shared with them the story of how “easy” it was to kill and obtain life insurance and it spread like wild fire. Many of the policies were purchased before I was born and people even named their children Patty because they thought the death of me was mint. This is also why I was named the golden child it was literal in context not figurative. He alleged the plan was to have me born and then kill me for life insurance and that is what they believed. 

I came across a long list of polices most of the names from Stagg Highschool the names correlate with the statement and they move across all the mobs in other words there are Patty’s that are Irish, Patty’s that are English, Patty’s that are Arabic, etc. There is not a nationality attached to the name patty or Patricia. The list is very long and it links and shows partnerships between mobs. 

My parents allegedly set out to keep me alive while poisoning me to keep me tied to them and steal my life for their cause. They allegedly never intended on killing me or letting me die, at least D.B. did not as this is his life’s work, he intended on keeping himself out of jail, cathing a bunch of criminals and putting them in jail and using me as his bait.

It was alleged that this was also done to C.H. exactly except C.H is from wealth and prestige and was able to allegedly go to WITSEC where as I have been ignored by my constant and continual requests for WITSEC lending credence to D.B.s allegations that there is something seriously wrong with society in that it seems to value those of wealth more than those who are poor and therefore there is no such thing as equality. There were ties with Hollywood and he allegedly learned about being targeted and used for this “cause”. Now many of the children of the persons that purchased the polices have purchased policies of their own and are upset because they were planning on inheriting the money from their parents, some were sold this way, some during my daughters births, and some when people found out my daughters had been taken away or were going to be taken away. All were counting on cashing in and some of the children of the mob families parents are trying to protect their parents from going to jail for conspired murder of a baby for life insurance.

David Boettcher alleged that this plan had a correlation with CRIB DEATH and SIDS and he believed since the life insurance murder scam was such a problem that people had taken upon themselves to get pregnant take out policies and then kill the newborn infants. He claimed greed had run rampant and that there was no LOGICAL CAUSE for crib death or SIDS and he is not wrong about that. There really is no reason that the brain would simply shut off out of nowhere for no reason. The brain controls the heart and lungs there is no logical explanation for these types of deaths to occur. The only time these kinds of deaths would occur is in suffocation where a baby has a blanket over its nose and mouth and still there mouths are full of bottle or breast when being fed and they can still move their heads. If baby’s are found suffocated or die suddenly from SIDS poison or some other cause including life insurance should automatically be investigated same for baby’s found in garbage cans and ditched elsewhere. 

The policies sold on my life were allegedly primarily $1,000,000,000.00 which is why it was “MINT”, it does not leave much for the imagination to think that the idea has “spread like wildfire”. He alleged that it did and it made him sick that it had and wanted me to inform the public, the government and the insurance companies. Women were allegedly getting pregnant on purpose carrying the baby to term and then killing the baby to obtain the money and buy nice houses and cars and jewelry. Its disgusting. For these people it is greed, I do not know what C.H.’s parents had in mind but from what I understand it had to do with making a statement and putting an end to life insurance. This is part of what makes it a STING the CRIMINAL CORRUPTION in another part of that STING. 

Some of the policies found may be hits taken out on other peoples lives because of what they have done as many show partnerships and seem to indicate that they are. I do not have access to enough information in order to make a final judgement call on them and need government intervention to find out. The problem is many of these persons have worked their way into government agency’s and obtained jobs in those agency’s further causing alarm for the country as they hold nothing but ill will for it. I do not have the time or funds needed to simply survive in order to investigate all the names I was given or that I find copy them and then upload them. My daughters and I are not safe and need to be safe so that I can do the best job possible. 

My entire life has been destroyed by the actions of my parents the people in these gangs and mobs that purchased policies are what makes up MS-13 it is not a “Mexican mob” it is primarily a Cuban mob and consists of all nationalities across the board.  The policies hold the key to capturing and trying MS 13 as these persons are doing what they have done in an effort to obtain money to fund more illegal activity and take control over the government. I have the ability to decode the policies no one else but me and David Boettcher does and he is going away or dieing due to what he had done in his past. I am here to stay, but need WITSEC to pick me and my daughters up from their location and get us out.