Birth Certificate Found Adolph Hitler, AKA Stanley Grabowski, Allegedly TRUMP

I found a birth certificate when snooping in the basement when I was little. I showed and gave it to my dad. He said he knew that was part of the point of his sting and in everything that has happened to expose the aliens, expose Hitler was still alive and still trying to take over the world and prove he was then going to become also Trump. There were two Aldophs, Adolph himself, and Adolpho. 

Anyone know if Trump drinks beer out of beer steins or collects them? Have any blue ones with ships on em? Drink Mickey’s small mouth beer? Or Micalobe?
Cuz Stan Did and he was Hitler. Stem cells research and good old plastic surgery does wonders I hear! Check him out. Does he listen to police scanners or chystal ham radios use a spyglass to check gems and know if they are real or not got a hankering for diamonds and unique one of a kind hand made jewelry? Woodworking Taxadermy and Science and World War 2 stuff primarily photography equipment and photos?
Does he have a lot of knowledge about old Tube Tv’s and hover around people watching them when they fix stuff like a supervisor would. As if he knows about what your doing?
But does not. Does he say tuxameka and bashagoo and gazoontight instead of god bless you?
Does he say three instead of three Stashubinstead ofvStand know and understand polish and Dutch and German Chinese and English some Portuguese and Spanish? Is he not that big on Christmas and only views it as an expense is he shotbir stiff people on tips including ballet and waitstaff?
Does he say things like don’t you already get paid enough? You want a tip get a new job! Does he say do you get me got me good? Does anyone ask what hit me means? He’s asking you if you understand him if you get the just not the jest.
He thinks he has mob ties but he don’t the mobs taking him down like everyone else we have Adolph cornered and right where we want him prime for the pinching and off to the slammer or can or whosegow.
Pop instead of soda Danica instead of sand which pestromy on rye. Toast with no butter that’s because he’s toast and we ain’t letting this slide! coffee black few drops of liquid sweetener doesn’t like cologne much or aftershave he thinks everything stinks and we think it’s him!
Hates psychics says the word sharlotins and crooks and says people never change not much does? Ask him is a can oper ever opened its mouth and spoke to anyone talk about advanced my gram thought she was going nuts the can opener was talking to her til one of my dads opened it up and found bugs and a speaker inside.
Ask him if he knows how Santa fits down a chiming that was my question. If he’s so damn psychic how come he didn’t see this coming? Maybe he did and that’s why he’s lieing and fighting us tooth and nail ever heard that. That’s the last time that can opener ever opens his mouth!
My dad said got me to me a lot many of them probably did. He’s walking around saying Summit and to trust in god and the hole time reminding me that I ain’t gonna fall out of the car and my dad calls himself god! Duh!
Every time you say my name it means be stubborn obstinate don’t stand down tell whose boss and fight. Also I’m not an afterthought An Na the sounds you make between thoughts when your thinking of a lie that is and stammering around like he does when he’s caught which he is and now he knows his time is up the gig is up and it’s time we stop the war from happening if you actually listen of course and do your job and not get taken down with him.
CIA Secret government spy stuff sequenced Ss numbers on them for a reason. He’s the reason and we are the spy’s!
My dad said
Hey Ann you got me? I got you! I don’t hate you never hated you always wanted you stood by you and loved you.
You stand right here next to me cuz yiur the only one worthy enough upstanding Enough god damn life threatening honest enough to stand as my equal not as my wife but as my kid as in billy the kid because you sure do know how to stare down the barrel of a shot gun and not blink an eye laugh in a judges face and smile when you tell em there busted and you have just as many aliases.
You are the kid my kid and don’t you forget it. I don’t mind sharing though he said those other men fought for you looked after you love you and taught you . We were the team your team we always been in your team and we are the champions.
Please get word to my father if ai am allowed ai will get him myself I would be honored if he would leave with me.
No one should ever tell me not to be proud of who I am. I’m not proud of what happened but lucky and proud to have these men behind me watching me and saving my ass and keeping us all alive me and the kids the country should be proud to.
Thick and thin. I learned something I spent my life trying to make my dads proud and I didn’t know just by being me I already did. That’s whole milk.
To me I always have him if everyone else Meaning the rest of my fam and other dads were to ditch me I got him. I say it to the girls when we talk too you got me? To remind them they got me!
I’m telling them they have me no matter what because everyone else sold us out for insurance money and in some cases as little as five grand and those people aren’t badges and lied and used us all.
Does he keep things in small jars like baby food jars?
Screws and nuts nails etc. does he line them up on a shelf? Does he have surgical experience he got in an army but never says what army?
Does he complain that cable tv is expensive costs to much and should be free? Does he almost always wear black socks when he should wear white sometimes. Does he always wear house slippers and call them that?
Does he have an old desk and old antique chair and a very old encyclopedia set that’s dark blue in color and contains everything from how to teach school old war cries including this one One two buckle my shoe three four shut the door 5 six pick up sticks 7-8 set them straight.
It’s very old I used that set growing up along with a Science Encyclopedia set grey in color one had a pantograph project innit and a terrarium project that I did for school. Gram and and pops and I.
Did he have three daughters from a previous marriage ever been married to Betty and ever talk about Doris who died young?
I can tell you about Doris he mutilated her and made people think she was slow.
I saw photos of her young and she looked normal that happened because of him and the circle and her refusal to remain silent or participate!
He’s a monster had gram all marked up with swastikas on her legs destroyed her woman parts made her sick would let her eat scared her half to death and divorced her because she refused to participate she had to run away and hide!
Can he tell the difference between motor oil and trans fluid or break fluid and think one works for all three which they don’t?
Does he say things sting like this stinks you stink the world really stinks. Does he wear just about the same thing unless you lay his clothing out for him think the woman should do everything have false teeth or rod replacement implants?
Does he have a jaw because we don’t have jaws and a lot of other people don’t!
We need the jaws of life to nail him to a cross the way he nailed us for nothing but standing up to him and trying to get away from him because of his greed hate and abuse!
And thoughts on treason against the country. We are the spy’s spying on him and keeping America safe or we thiught we were until he faked his death patched himself up and then fled on us.
Since then all our lives destroyed a granddaughter that loved him and step sons that did to mutilated so he could do again what was done in Germany wake the world up! And to rob us all blind.
This is not collusion this is a sting always has been and that man is beyond stung. Ashes and dust we can do it televised so the world knows Adolph is really dead!
Does he Collect postage stamps even canceled ones and hang his underwear on a hook? Does he eat summer sausage and cheese and really like orange marmalade?
If he gives you keys does he always without fail remind you to bring them right back so you don’t lose them even though you always do? Does he Eat corn flakes every day for breakfast around the same time which was 10:30am?
Does he wash his own dish in the sink and insist on a dishpan on the left with sudsy water? Uses soft soap or dove for men?
Shave with a brush and a cup and old fashion straightedge or at least prefers it done that way? Same with his hair if he gets it cut! Hates sunbathing and calls tanning cooking himself or asks why your always cooking him like a French fry.
Pouts and is obstinate like a child? It’s Adolph himself he doesn’t get his way he flails his arms around stops around and pouts literally crosses his arms and pouts. How he could hold a precious gift that ai pushed myself to bring to see him when I broght her to him to meet and see and then do to her and her sisters my family I will never know. But I know this much his heart is as cold as ice his skin as slimy as snakes skin his tongue and cheek comments and hate remarks cut like a knife but he’s not the only one with a weapon of mass destruction my mouth is also a weapon and thank god for my dads and dad that called me up woke me up out of a dead sleep all those who helped with good or bad intentions because now ai can get my dad my kids and fam back in my life and all the dirty rotten scumbags that caused this that hold policies can go to jail that way this war you started can end amicably and safely not because of him but because of aUS as in USA. Were United and we Stand United against Stan and for America.
Now does he Hardly ever brush his teeth? set his bowl in the in the dish drainer prefer a scrubbie to a sponge and insist the garbage pail is lined with both paper and plastic?
Does he or did he smoke like a broke stove? 2-3 even 4 packs a day? Have a thing for Model Ts he was born before we had cars first week of August 1901. I had to share my birthday with him and pepper the dog, grandma B when she was alive Adam Ditto and Anthony Victors but it’s early August.
Does he watch family feud religiously know the TV guide and the weather from the paper?
Does he have a particular one syllable sounding laugh like he huh with emphasis at the end? Loud and deep? Is he acting like someone hit a nerve? That’s guilt.
Does he get up slow need help getting up out of bed or the chair? Brace himself to get up does he get out of a chair like old arthritic man would?
Does he shuffle sometimes when he walks and not pick his feet up? Does he only shower once a week it used to be once a month if not longer.
Does he need to be reminded of hair cuts grooming like cutting primarily his toenails? Does he insist that house work is woman’s work? Does he speak of Hilda or Yolanda Ivanka Trumps family the and Jergans were my neighbors their black lab was Ashley so was their kid in typical abusive Nazi Fashion. How about Cindy next door? Sue the Pollock?
That’s Sue Kowalski my ex best friend that ditched me for cash and whose uncle is chief in Salk Village were two of my dads are stuck in wheel chairs and need help out there may be three there and kid hostages to.
Hostage to Cathy Portencaso and her boy Robert Adam Jordan.
Dads are CIA give contacted to take Ol boy trump there down you might want to open up your ears and eyes and start working your under surveillance key words are Criminal Corruption Sung Treason war starting this is punishable by permanent death.
These are war crimes against the world!!! Federal Rico Act! Were Federal and you best in accordance with the law! The time has come act now! Buzz & Sting away!
Unless you want me to beat your asses in court I heard most people would rather stick hot pokers in their eyes then go up against me I’ll nail you for everything including the kitchen sink winner takes all that’s what torts are for and personal jurisdiction means.
I hold you personally accountable for each and every thing done and day lost ounce of blood list he indicated she was bleeding him dry best go check!
22210 Paxton Street Salk Village yiur in camera ignoring. War starting tempers flaring. 22213 as well kids may be on premises.
Does Trump speak of his old neighbors or Lill and Lee Brighten bock or the kids Maddie he calls Matt or Matthew a boy?
Or even Annamarie who you never met but is me here in the flesh! How about Dave and Carol or Chrissy who he calls Christina or Christopher, Allen who is me,  and Kenneth and the Doyals, as in Tony Doyle. Stevens Cathy and the boys. Edward Malik Tony will handle them… or Stagg will.
Does he talk about Lake Station and watch Indiana close? Did you know he bought votes and silence here with that money he stole from us not the other way around?
He’s the black spider not us and he’s supposed to be buried six feet under next time we’ll have to do ashes to ensure he never breeds another hate filled discriminatory word again.
Never builds another army, create duplicates The End.
Does he Watch the news every night at 10 loves wheel of fortune jealousy and family feud and the tonight show watch Johnny Carson and late night at the Apollo?
Is he quiet most the time and like to sit staring off into space in silence? Read the paper every day? Does he smoke? Tarryton 100s if they make them anymore?
Or something similar? Does he fall asleep a lot and dose off while smoking? If so your looking at my grandfather and he’s in big trouble arrest that man at once!
Charge him with treason he said if you want to stay alive you must fight to stay alive he’s done we won. Fork over the kids hubby and cash and step down!
Your unbelievably busted DB CIA says your Stan and we are the men taking you down to ashes and dust for every thing you ever did! I grew up in the house with that man so did my dads that’s why his verbiage sounds so familiar he know what they said to me what I was taught what was done. I would graciously and gladly arrest him myself if you wish but I need to be picked up and my badge and gun or you could have the dad he’s impersonated and had other people impersonate and mutilated me do it I’m sure they would be more than happy to!
No matter what and who he is he’s the Mason leader and the time has past and it needs to be done! In his wise words Enougg is Enough.
In my fathers words you gotta know when to say when. Which means the same thing. When is right now this instant. I’m so unbelievably done it’s not even funny and so is he! Let peace & freedom RING out around the world! Is this finally the magic button
Ive been trying to hit for years to get the hell out of this hell that man and his army created because Enough is Enough alright! Enough is certainly enough there is not a word for how enough it is it’s just totally enough.
I want my kids my fam my dough and badge and cuffs and back up! I have hostage situations going on here with dads and kids! I want to be the hero to my girls and dads! I failed in protecting them because of him and his army and the drugs they gave me and the poison and memories I could not recover but did with my dads and fams help! and everything else he did to me and to them he’s a posological and psychological warfare specialist and calls himself that. And says boy a lot!
It’s my job to keep them safe that’s my job and I failed because of him and the Masons.
I’m not a failure Adolph Hitler Stanley Joseph Grabowsi or brother Donald Trump your the failure!
I’m the champion we all are! I think we win again! That’s at least the third or fourth time wonder when and if we get our hard earned money he stole back and our earnings!
Did you know He brought home souvenirs from ww2 photos of piles and piles of dead Jews the stuff that would make you puke.
My assailant Ed Malik has them.
Old Hitler there might also have my silver boxed set of bicentennial coins from the Frederick mint in DC. there is a silver dime quarter and nickel in a box I think it’s grey white and silver. Those are mine to mark my birth not his!
They were in the addic for years 1776 thru 1976 July 31,1976 I just turned 43 and spent it alone again because of him! He’s a thief!
Those are my kids my family members and my coins my jobs my badges my guns and my millions in hard earned well deserved cash my lawsuit winnings saces lawsuit winnings and cash you stole from their investments which you also stole the stock portfolio your talking trillions of dollars he took from us it’s not your cash we are after it’s ours he robbed us all of!!!
Those coins are Mine my mother bought them for me when I young. They were a fortune for her to buy and she worked her ass off to buy them for me not him! I was told he had them in a case and was showing them off he had know clue they knew where they came from and who they really belonged to! Not an inkling!
They are encased in plastic so they won’t tarnish and get oil from your shin on them.
They were special and mine as was my family you divided up my kids you divided up and so shall he be it’s the End! My girls are the toughest bravest most courageous young fighters in the face of the planet.
They love this country this planet each other and me and their grandpas. They risked their lives got you sacrificed their growing up time with me to keep you safe to protect the community keep me going and I’m the lucked most blessed woman in the galaxy every galaxy for them and my fam.
Missing vaginal lips crooked face missing body parts and all. We are POWs set up in camps and are Hostages to Trump and his men missing jaws and all. Missing limbs body parts blood brains and everything. We need out to get them out we are not the only ones there are more all over the us and world lives are at stake the time has come for this thing to end right here right now I want you to end this war. Signed my fathers all of em.
papa Dave says I stand next to him Haim and all kids, Greys, and all other good newcomers, and Americans, and peaceful people worldwide, that are good stand next to me. Right here next to me. All for one one for all put this to bed once and for all! They thought they had us trapped and we had each other and them trapped, they thought they were triumphant and we are triumphant they thought we were best then find out they are beat since day one! entire time! Were not had your had. Were not duped your duped I don’t see any pull chains around here. Ain’t no one pulling my leg wool over my eyes or nothing. I’m not delusional more like disillusioned.
Everyone, no gloating yet time for that soon!
Eyes straight ahead. Stand up big and tall nothing to be ashamed of, chin up and keep on going full speed ahead mock ten like the razor.
Do not stop do not pass go do not go directly to jail on false bullshit charges say goodbye to state run government run torture chamber hospitals piss testing at jails wrongful dna collection prescribing from the bench competency law and disorderly conduct and hopefully chins. Freedom at last an end to oppression suppression and war! If we stick and the people stick to it we will of restored justice and the future without tearing it apart losing life infrastructure and end a world war.
When fighting bullies pick the biggest mother faker there is and beat the piss out of em. You’ll no longer have a problem with bullies. I’m bruised and scared just wait til you see what’s gonna happen to the other guy!
Straight ahead and right across that finish line do not stop do not pause to not give it a second thought just keep pushing through. And then it ends not the world but the Nazi Regime.
Question how bad you you want freedom ? So bad I can taste it on the tip of my tongue. it in the air and feel it in the soft silky breeze. That lawsuit was to easy so easy it was insulting to my intellect. Seriously?
I was literally insulted because of you stupid looks on your faces smirks and lack of caring about the law. You should never be so smug you should know the law if you work for the law. Look what you did with your trump cover-up. This isn’t just about a Trump it was about corruption overall which means you too! Duh!