All Good Things Can Come to An End.

  I just cant stand the hate, the greed, the rapes, the circles, the misery the hatefulness the flat out lack of respect and lack of responsibility the lack of accountability. The utter chaos the constant destruction of man and animals. Home and abroad. The discrimination, the creating of divides using manipulation and scare tactics. The lies that were told and are told daily.  The disrespect for people, the disrespect for life, the disrespect for all things, the over consumption, the refusal to comply with the law the refusal to understand that there are two sets of supreme laws to

Witness Intimidation of the Third Kind V the Final Battle the Invasion of the Visitors in 1983 or Before.

MIND BOGGLING & BEYOND SURREAL IS AN UNDERSTATEMENT V IS FOR VISITOR – JULIE — JULIE as your mind is melted. V the final battle aired when I was a young girl. There was a press conference that was had at that time. I called the movie the story of my life because that is what one of my father’s had said. I have not seen the movie since but some of what I am doing right now like walking through town with a baby stroller with messed up wheels was in there and I think there might of been

There are many Donald Trump Look Alikes & Even Droids The real Donald Trump has EVIL INSIDE

You can feel and see evil coming off him and in one of the photos you can see the three lines on his forehead like what was done to me. During one of my trips with my father I was shown a big trophy case of Jaws kept in a vault from all those who’s jaws he had removed to keep them from eating and keep them silent. I am fighting for not just my jaw but also for your jaws. They can be put back into your faces. If they came out they can be put back in. They

Witness Statement : Visitor takes over Government : CIVIL WAR GROUNDS: Criminal Corruption Supreme Court Life Insurance Polices

Gordon – Lake Station Schools Principal found many policies for myself and children.  John G. Roberts, Jr., Chief Justice Caucasian-page 2 has reference to Gordon John Roberts  Dr. Roberts African American, North-shore, Lake Station In.  Children’s Pediatrician. Anna Roberts, Alyssa Roberts,  Clarence Thomas Associate Judge United States Federal Supreme Court. Kristina Thomas classmate, at Hale School graduate 1990. 10 Pages of Anna, Ann, Sarah, Sara, Bryson, Kayla, Makayla, Mackenzie, Madalynn. Clarence Thomas listed in his own name 200+ Pages Page 10 has reference to Gordon and a search brings up Robert Gordon a Illinois Appellate Judge Robert E. Gordon First District, 4th Division.

Witness Statement : A Threatening Call from D.B. This is for the birds

D.B had called me one of the times E.M.M. had left the house, it was around the time I was starting to regain my memories about the serial killings in my family and what D.B. had said about C.B.B.G.G. which I thought was rumors, after what I had gone through with E.M.M. I was starting to begin to believe the rumors accusations and stories that I was told, I was talking to L.B. and mentioned D.G. to her and said I think my grandmother really was a black widow for all I know.  D.B. contacted me and tried to lure

Statement of Assailants : Criminal Corruption, Targeting, Political Activism, Criminal Defamation of Character ex-Cousin C.B.G.

Start From Page 1  DAUGHTER OF D.L.B & J.E.B. C.B.G. is his daughter and affiliated with A.E.V. in that she went to school with K.L.’s brother, and said some nasty things about K.L. and her stepbrother that I will not repeat. K.L. was the ex-girlfriend of A.E.V. who he broke up with before he and I started dating in 1992 and who hated me out of jealousy. D.B. and has participated in severe abuse of me in many ways. D.B. has made allegations that she worked within “The System” and was “Hands” holds a law degree but was not “used”