Evidence Audio: LSPD Corruption Refusal to provide Police Procedure Manual & Dispatch Logs

I went to the L.S.P.D. to request a copy of the police procedure manual, and dispatch logs for officers dispatched to my residence for the day my children were taken and I was arrested. I was denied both by the police department. I have a right to the police procedure manual as a tax paying citizen that owns three lots and a home in that town. How am I to file a suit against them for wrongdoing if I do not have access to the information that is needed to ensure the police have been trained appropriately and are following

Evidence Audio : D.B.’s Subconscious or Code

D.B. and I speaking one day when I drove to his house to visit him. This is a conversation that I had with D.B. in this conversation he is caught lying and he is speaking to me using a code that he and his gang developed. He says 5 minutes which 5 means five to one one in five no one gets out alive, “I am a gang or mob member” minutes meaning “mini mouse” snitch. If you listen to D.B. you will hear him say that “he was in on it” that is not code that is his subconscious

Evidence Audio : E.M.M. Evidence of Needle Incident & Abuse

These two audio files are of E.M.M. and I arguing about my being abused, and poisoning of me called Popeye’s Chicken. He also admits to the abuse of me and nearly sticking a needle in my bed while I was asleep and his knowledge of his parents MA.M. and C.M.’s involvement. E.M.M. did not own the house, and was being kicked out at the time the audio files were made. We were also divorced. These files were shared with D.B.W. from L.S.P.D. but nothing was done about what E.M.M. had done in the poisoning of me. Instead my children were