Body Theft Concern Because of $$$

I have written about some of the things these abductors have done to me. I am going to be honest, I remember being picked up from a VISITOR camp when I was very young. The people that raised me and are depicted ont his site may not be of my DNA and that is why. The VISITORS gave me to them to be abused, made a agent, sex-trafficked, raped, and to live a miserable life and other than my kids it has been. There was a family that I had before the VISITORS came they were not like the ones

All Good Things Can Come to An End.

  I just cant stand the hate, the greed, the rapes, the circles, the misery the hatefulness the flat out lack of respect and lack of responsibility the lack of accountability. The utter chaos the constant destruction of man and animals. Home and abroad. The discrimination, the creating of divides using manipulation and scare tactics. The lies that were told and are told daily.  The disrespect for people, the disrespect for life, the disrespect for all things, the over consumption, the refusal to comply with the law the refusal to understand that there are two sets of supreme laws to

There are many Donald Trump Look Alikes & Even Droids The real Donald Trump has EVIL INSIDE

You can feel and see evil coming off him and in one of the photos you can see the three lines on his forehead like what was done to me. During one of my trips with my father I was shown a big trophy case of Jaws kept in a vault from all those who’s jaws he had removed to keep them from eating and keep them silent. I am fighting for not just my jaw but also for your jaws. They can be put back into your faces. If they came out they can be put back in. They


I complain publicly that I think my kidney has been removed, I do not know when this happened but I then find a healed scar on my back down around my pants line on the side where I thought the kidney was missing from. My face is completely destroyed and it appears to me that I have one of my mothers eyes and my own eye as we both have green but hers were lighter so on the side of my face that was not shrunk down by the fat melting shrinkie dink machine I have a large forest green


Anonymous are not friends of the United States government or of the people. They are MASONS in disguise trying to build up their army using politics primarily and patriotism they are sex traffickers and rapists and participate in insurance polices the same way the Masons do. Their use of politics is how they find their victims. Anonymous thinks if they build a big enough army they can fight this and over turn the states by having people in those states as part of their organization.  They do the following. They bug peoples devices, and then tell the victims primary the

1986 Nebraska Mason Sex Circles

After my father left Smith was beating me and raping me I was suicidal. I eventually ran away. I think I climbed out the bedroom window and found an officer. I gave him my name and asked him if he could help me find my dad. I was taken to 6009 S. Mobile Ave. Chicago Il. the man who opened the door looked kind of like my father but I knew he was not and he told the officer he was not. The officer left me with them anyway.  At some point my mother showed up and took me to

Statement : Sex Trafficking Abuse Kidnapping and Coffeepot Bombs

One thing that needs to be known is I was kept sedated and drugged most if not all of my life. My memory is hazy and there are gaps, there are children that I thought were all one child in other words I thought I only had four when I actually should have more and photos show that. There are also people involved who have access to extremely large amounts of money that can create or have made anything they can imagine.  There are things that I was taught growing up one was that GHB was a bi product of

Witness Statement: WITSEC Anonymous, Masons, 2/6 Today in News Alyssa Malik & Life Insurance Polices Found

This the story of Jacqueline Crayton was found on Fox News the way that David Boettcher alleged it would be found. I was to look up the name on the USA.Gov’s missing money website and was sure to find polices. These were cancelled polices that were found but Jacqueline Crayton was killed regardless of the fact that the polices found were canceled. The woman who was arrested was allegedly a member of law enforcement. This was told to me that it was going to happen two years ago, and makes me very concerned about the safety of myself and my

Witness Statement : Madalynn Marie Malik

Please note how much weight Maddie has gained, that could be prednisone and poison. This is not funny Maddie was always tiny she was always small and this is not healthy nor is it her fault. Please do not attack her but realize that something is very wrong and she follows the same pattern as what was done to me in the attacking of her appearance and poisoning of her for life insurance money. She is a HERO not just to me but also to her sisters and her community and country the people who live in it.  WHAT I


During the last call with David Boettcher he informed me of what had happened to my daughter Alyssa in that she was allegedly viciously raped after she was taken, what officials were up to in trying to hide what they did, and confessed to me that he had stolen my life to save his own life and keep himself out of jail. Additionally, he explained about RICO which was really a refresher course and reminder more than anything. He told me where to find the answers I needed to combat the efforts of officials and other people in my neighborhood