All Good Things Can Come to An End.

  I just cant stand the hate, the greed, the rapes, the circles, the misery the hatefulness the flat out lack of respect and lack of responsibility the lack of accountability. The utter chaos the constant destruction of man and animals. Home and abroad. The discrimination, the creating of divides using manipulation and scare tactics. The lies that were told and are told daily.  The disrespect for people, the disrespect for life, the disrespect for all things, the over consumption, the refusal to comply with the law the refusal to understand that there are two sets of supreme laws to


During the last call with David Boettcher he informed me of what had happened to my daughter Alyssa in that she was allegedly viciously raped after she was taken, what officials were up to in trying to hide what they did, and confessed to me that he had stolen my life to save his own life and keep himself out of jail. Additionally, he explained about RICO which was really a refresher course and reminder more than anything. He told me where to find the answers I needed to combat the efforts of officials and other people in my neighborhood

Witness Statement: RICO CRIMINAL CORRUPTION Posts missing from my website

This has happened before, there are pages missing from my website in particular in regard to criminal corruption and the prescribing of medication and other forms of medical services from the bench which is an unlawful act. Impeding on my reporting of my findings and efforts to obtain justice at this point in any manner is Organized Crime Activity, The creation of and Organized Crime Enterprise by those who are participating, Racketeering, Witness Tampering in an effort to silence a witness, Witness Intimidation, A Cyber Crime, Organized Crime Stalking, Denial of Justice, Obstruction Justice, and a Denial of a victims

Witness Statement : Visitor takes over Government : CIVIL WAR GROUNDS: Criminal Corruption Supreme Court Life Insurance Polices

Gordon – Lake Station Schools Principal found many policies for myself and children.  John G. Roberts, Jr., Chief Justice Caucasian-page 2 has reference to Gordon John Roberts  Dr. Roberts African American, North-shore, Lake Station In.  Children’s Pediatrician. Anna Roberts, Alyssa Roberts,  Clarence Thomas Associate Judge United States Federal Supreme Court. Kristina Thomas classmate, at Hale School graduate 1990. 10 Pages of Anna, Ann, Sarah, Sara, Bryson, Kayla, Makayla, Mackenzie, Madalynn. Clarence Thomas listed in his own name 200+ Pages Page 10 has reference to Gordon and a search brings up Robert Gordon a Illinois Appellate Judge Robert E. Gordon First District, 4th Division.

Witness Statement : E.M.M. Poisoning incident of 2012

Photos to follow THE POISONING INCIDENT OF 2012 The weekend of June 2, and 3rd of 2012 E.M.M.’s mother MA.M. had come to the residence to purportedly help with the flowerbed. MA.M. stated she was going to drive back out the residence the following weekend to bring a garden hose. After MA.M. left the residence, I had strong memories of the hypodermic needle incident. I experienced a severe panic attack, during that attack E.M.M. inquired what was wrong. I told E.M.M. that she had a “dream” that was to poke her in the leg with a hypodermic needle but that

Witness Statement : E.M.M Winter 2014 Fire Incident

Photos to follow WINTER 2014 FIRE INCIDENT One day, while I was living upstairs, I woke up and noticed that there was a pile of cigarette packs on my nightstand. I also noticed a sheet on the floor that had not been there the night before, the sheet had a cigarette burn on it. Further the children had pointed out that there were two small holes poked into the wall about knee high in the un-used bedroom adjacent to hers. I then went into the hallway, I noticed that the light-bulb was out. There were two air conditioners that had

LAW : Legal Kidnapping Exposed by Senator Schaefer

Adoption and Safe Families Act of 1997 (P.L. 105-89 I do not know nor will I pretend to begin to understand the financial aspects of CHINS Proceedings or Family Services kickbacks and how payments are handled. All I can do is explain to you my point of view as an “poor person without the “wherewithal” to hire an attorney to fight the system and what this has done to my family and the families of my community”.  Before I begin I would like to point out that Senator Schaefer was killed for her statements and for her fighting for

Law : E.M.M. Violation of 18 U.S.C. § 228- Failure to pay legal child support obligations & RICO :18 U.S. Code § 1961 KIDNAPPING CHILD ABDUCTION

 STATEMENT OF JURISDICTION  This court hold jurisdiction over these proceedings due to the federal statutes herein violated and cited the failure of the Hammond Federal District Court to hear and try or correct the 1983 Deprivation of Civil Rights Constitutional matters here in stated.  Plaintiff holds personal jurisdiction over the defendant E.M.M. CAUSE  The Recovery of Back Child Support Payments that resulted in the Child Abduction of A.J.V.M, M.L.M. & M.R.M. COMES NOW; Plaintiff S.C., who stands before you pro-se with the request to hold defendant E.M.M. and accountable under federal statute 18 U.S.C. § 228- Failure to pay legal

Evidence Law : Proof of other Cases Involving Hate Crime, and Gang Related Incidents

Department of Justice Office of Public Affairs FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Tuesday, February 12, 2019 Multiple White Supremacist Gang Members among 54 Defendants Charged in RICO Indictment Charges Include Solicitation of Murder, Kidnapping, Maiming, and Conspiracy to Distribute Methamphetamine Dozens of members of a white supremacist gang allegedly responsible for multiple acts of violence were charged in a superseding indictment unsealed today in the Eastern District of Arkansas.   The indictment alleges that the New Aryan Empire (NAE) is a racketeering enterprise, which committed violent acts—attempted murder, kidnapping, and maiming—in support of its organization and its wide-ranging drug-trafficking operation. Assistant Attorney

Evidence Photos: Criminal Corruption/ Witness Tampering/ HATE CRIMES Criminal Deprivation of Rights & Discrimination based on Religious Differences & Evidence of Ministry

Criminal Deprivation of Rights & Discrimination Based on Religious Differences & Evidence of Ministry Please check the dates on everything and you will see that this was done way before my children were taken or any false charges were placed against me. On the report for the reasons why my children were taken from me the CONCRETE findings were that my name was allegedly derived from the Salem Witch Trials, and that I did not have an source of income other than child support that E.M.M. was not paying and food stamps. These reasons are not enough and are so