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There are hard facts and evidence including the entire story on the website additional evidence can be found via’s website by following the link to the un-found money database for “Found Money” the names are listed in a specific order using a specific pattern and also hold a code to them. Most are linked. I can decipher the code for the polices. There is a very real problem with Concentration camp style killing camps in many states where persons are targeted and killed for life insurance. I am one of those people and need assistance immediately in getting

Witness Statement : Visitor takes over Government : CIVIL WAR GROUNDS: Criminal Corruption Supreme Court Life Insurance Polices

Gordon – Lake Station Schools Principal found many policies for myself and children.  John G. Roberts, Jr., Chief Justice Caucasian-page 2 has reference to Gordon John Roberts  Dr. Roberts African American, North-shore, Lake Station In.  Children’s Pediatrician. Anna Roberts, Alyssa Roberts,  Clarence Thomas Associate Judge United States Federal Supreme Court. Kristina Thomas classmate, at Hale School graduate 1990. 10 Pages of Anna, Ann, Sarah, Sara, Bryson, Kayla, Makayla, Mackenzie, Madalynn. Clarence Thomas listed in his own name 200+ Pages Page 10 has reference to Gordon and a search brings up Robert Gordon a Illinois Appellate Judge Robert E. Gordon First District, 4th Division.