Evidence Life Insurance : Expired, Released, Canceled, Fraudulent, Policies found on my life, my kids names, assailants names, witnesses names with Patterns & Twists

monstersinclosets.com/wp-content/evid/unclaimed-money-insurance-policies.zip This is a link to my folder of PDF files that were found, there are more I have not done which is why some of the folders are empty. To view largest images please right click and chose open in new browser for closeups click again to enlarge to see the full list of the names on the pages, pay attention to annotations and repeated names as there are many persons who have taken out pages of S.C or S. and their own name or they may be their first name such as Aucenzia with Jon listed in the

Evidence PDF: Serial Killing Heritage Sweden To Chicago Family Book

FROM SWEDEN TO CHICAGO This book holds my family heritage starting from when my Swedish Ancestors migrated from Sweden to Chicago in the late 1800’s. The book has not been updated since my cousin and I were born in 1976. The book is key and holds both questions and answers as some of what I was told does not add up as far as years are concerned. It was alleged and can be seen that all negative aspects were purposefully omitted from the book. If someone was a drunkard, or an abuser that was left out giving everyone who looked