Chapter 10 What Goes Around Comes Around A.E.V. & E.M.M.

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Retaliation of any kind, is infantile does more harm than good and never equates to an eye for an eye it only leads to more retaliation.

The only way to stop someone if they are “honestly and really” harming you is to go to the authorities and keep on them until they correct the situation. You don’t make things up or go to them with ridiculous nonsense like “she called the police on me and made a report that I was poisoning her and raped my stepdaughter”, which that order for protection was dropped because I showed up at court and he did not. He then lied to an officer or the officer lied to me when I attempted to call another time at which time, I recorded the call and started to record all subsequent contacts with Morris and Grundy County.

In E.M.M.’s orders for protection he alleged that he needed protection against me because “she made a couple video’s and put them on Youtube, burning things that I gave to her.

The items belong to me and I was in another state, at a campfire on my personal property that I own outright eighty miles away. I had every right to burn the items and every right to record it and upload it to Youtube and the U.S. Constitution states that I do. E.M.M. used to have fires in the backyard with twenty- or thirty-foot flames, if anyone had a problem with what I was doing in my home town they would have come to my house and told me to put the fire out themselves.

E.M.M. filed and was granted these orders of protection which surmount to criminal defamation of character because they were authorized by a judge. And defamed my character by them being granted.

E.M.M. was trying to evade prosecution and keep the girls from me permanently and used that Youtube video and a video also uploaded to Youtube, video sending A.J.V.M. a message saying that I was going to pick her up three days before her eighteenth birthday, and I was planning to pick her up on or after her birthday and it said that in the video. To get my kid that I gave birth to and knew E.M.M. was abusive of and I have documentation of her accounts of that abuse in her Medical papers, and I am still the parent of no matter what anyone says or does, out of an abusive situation.

E.M.M. was looking for a reason to get me caught up and put in jail falsely and with the help of judges who either do not care about the constitution or were willing to overlook it. E.M.M. was intending on using an order of protection to do so If and when I did come to pick her up. The transportation I had was taken away and I could not get to pick A.J.V.M. up. The judges that okayed those orders of protection from Grundy County, and as a result of that and other false charges put on me when that did not work, they are now defendants to this case. They are to be held liable for violation of my civil rights in my freedom of speech and my freedom of expression, criminal corruption and aiding and abetting. There are at least two or three judges from Grundy County that are to be sued for their participation in E.M.M.’s criminal activity.

E.M.M. going to them and requesting these orders of protection and obtaining them proves that E.M.M. is targeting officials and falsely getting officials to target me under false and or misleading pretenses knowing full well that I will file suit against them. E.M.M. knows that I will have to be killed in order to get me to stop fighting for my daughters. He knows I nearly lost my life bringing them into the world and he may or may not have known I knew the law but he knew I was educated, I have skills, can read, and am resourceful.

E.M.M. knows the law in regards to the uploading of Youtube videos as he has over 600 fire and police call Youtube videos and knows the Constitution and a person’s rights in making videos. Do the judges that provided him with ex-parte orders which defamed my character know the constitution? Does anyone even know what it is anymore?

When requesting an Order of Protection, it has to be for a real reason not just because you want one. You need a real and valid reason to obtain a valid order of protection the making of a YouTube video is not a crime. Nor is telling my story or sharing photos or video of my children that I gave birth to and am the rightful parent of. Destorying my websites and using your connections with law enforcement to harass and intimidate me on the contrary is very much against the law.

 E.M.M. making immature childish allegations like “she burned what I gave her”, on an order of protection is nothing more than retaliation, childish, and a waste of the tax payers money and misappropriation of the court and justice system and should be viewed as witness tampering and witness intimidation, the issuance of any said orders by the signing judge constitutes Criminal Corruption, Criminal Defamation of Character, and Aiding and Abetting in the planned parental child abduction at the very least.

D.B. is not only infuriated but beyond infuriated with everyone involved, including E.M.M. just because D.B. tells you to do something does not mean that you do it. If D.B. told you to jump off a bridge or kill yourself, would you?

D.B was upset with me for losing my memoires and not getting this taken care of faster, and with them for carrying on like infants and not stopping with the childish behavior that he alleged he made known he did agree with and did not approve of. Which is why he told me to handle it my way and gave me my own map, (which is what he called it) because he could not seem to get thorough to them.

D.B. alleged that I took A.E.V.’s kids from him for the abuse inflicted on me and the kids by way of order of protection so they did the same to me. What goes around comes around. Except this time, they are going to jail along with all that helped them.

In regard to the report made at the Morris Police Department about M.M.V.M’s alleged rape that I am not sure yet occurred as I was told many, many, many times by D.B. and saw things in the house with my own eyes but do not have M.M.V.M.’s verbal confirmation, I have a photo of M.M.V.M that has her photo and states I STAND WITH PLANNED PARENTHOOD.

I offered to show it to them and asked that they investigate since L.S.P.D. refused to but they refused. I also brought along video and audio to show them that E.M.M. had admitted to nearly putting a hypodermic needle in my leg and which discussed poisoning in the video and again same as the other judges involved, they refused to look at it. I brought my laptop and thumb drives with me to show them and instead they told E.M.M. putting my kids in danger as he could harm them to retaliate against me and allowed him get an order of protection against me for reporting crime.

D.B. wanted me to take a stand against these criminals, and the other kids were trying to get me to take a stand as well. Her putting that she takes a stand makes me worry that it did happen but again she may not feel safe saying so until she is safe and they are apprehended out of fear it may happen again or other retaliation may occur. M.M.V.M. had stood in court to take custody of A.J.V.M. when the other kids were taken as a measure of protection but her request was denied. M.MV.M had very little money and lives with her boyfriend but still attempted to take custody of her younger sister A.J.V.M., M.M.V.M. is protective of all her sisters but A.J.V.M. is not a blood relative to E.M.M. the two younger ones are.

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