Chapter 11 D’s Law Has Been In Enacted

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D.B. has alleged that there are three types of law, the actual law, mob law, and D’s law and he alleged that he had enacted D.’s law which surmounts to an eye for an eye time’s three. I have zero control over what D.B. does or has done. D.B. is a leader and does not listen to me or take orders or requests from anyone and that includes me. D.B. stated whatever you send out you get back to you in triplicate. D.B. alleged that those who refused to assist me and put me out of their houses would lose their houses, those who caused me to not be able to earn an income would lose their incomes be it by increased bills, taxes, or any other mean’s necessary. They intended to make me homeless and destitute and keep me from eating they were going to be experiencing the same. He alleged they would find themselves out on the streets with nothing left but their cellphones and after a month or so he would see to it they would not even have that.

D.B. alleged it may take a little longer for it to effect everyone as some persons had more financial backing than other’s but assured me that he had his ways. He informed me that anyone who harms me or said hateful things to me was being documented and was know about, those who were antagonizing me about working and getting a job were going to be getting a wakeup call when they lost theirs. Those who stood I my way of filing were to automatically be added to the lawsuit as co-conspirators to crimes against me and were to be prosecuted under the RICO act at a bare minimum.

Allot, of allegations and threats have been made against my life, my kids live, alleged family members lives, and old friends lives as well as the lives of the people of the city where I live and officials. Creating mass panic is a form of terrorism. I have been worried sick about my daughter’s safety and well being and walking around feeling helpless without any answers about the allegations made about them being raped and forced to have abortions and alleged grandchildren taken away as well as about the people of the city where I live.

Allot of the people in Lake Station have helped me in many small, big and important ways. I care about what happens to them. I don’t want to create mass panic but the people around me have gotten a lot of people into a lot of trouble, and they seem to enjoy what they are doing. It makes them feel superior as if they are all powerful, it gives their ego’s a boost, and I don’t like to be the one to say what was alleged but when D.B. has killed and is facing murder charges for serial killings and your old like he is and lost his daughter and grand kids because of his criminal activity and the other criminals are going away leaving him alone anyway what do you have to lose really by harming more people?

I do not know if what D.B. alleges is based on surveillance or if it is based on hunches or if he is making some of what he says up off the cuff. All I do know is he alleged that when E.M.M. met someone or talked to someone new he started to surveillance them too. He alleged that there was a team of people working on his investigation and surveillance to find out who was up to no good and who was not.

People get sick, it happens its part of life, and I don’t want to discount any poisoning victims’ complaints, but just because someone is sick or dying or has cancer does not always mean that they were poisoned. I do understand that some people do get poisoned and that can make them sick as that has happened in my family history and to me.

There are many family members that are sick on both sides of the family in fact it seems almost everyone suffers from diabetes on both sides and has other ailments as well. It is odd that this is the case and D.B. alleged that the family members were retaliating against each other and were poisoning each other. I had once heard my grandmother  when she was sitting at the kitchen table say “Oh Jesus! They should put ‘em all in a great big camp and drive in truckloads of poison and let em’ have at it, and save the government money that’s what they should do. She called the entire situation asinine and it is asinine.

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