Chapter 12 A Reassurance of and End

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D.B. had called me and he alleged that from that moment forward I was no longer going to be abused, he promised me that. For every day since that time I have been abused. He also alleged that he was not lying to me and that he and I had a pact not to lie to each other, he alleged that he would not lie about MMVM being raped, or about any health related issues as far as diagnostic tests that were allegedly performed or anything else of that nature. He stated he might lie about little small insignificant things but not about the big things. My whole life has been a lie so what am I supposed to do with this tidbit of information that has also turned out to be a lie. I think he is only trying to confuse me, and scare me and make me to afraid to get my work done, keep me from my daughters and ultimately get away with his crimes against me and my daughters and the other people he has harmed. 

D.B. gave me directives and strict instructions to get this done. The word’s he said was “No matter what anyone says or does, you do not stop until you get to the Supreme Court, You do not let anyone detour you or throw you off the scent, do not let them scare you or slow you down, track if they get in your way or try and stop you, then you put them away.

At the very least for conspiracy.” “If you think you got hit, I want you to document it,” write down who you think did it, no matter who they are, where you were and the date and time, and “a hair strand analysis can be done and it will be proved.” D.B. alleged that this was how I take my power back from him all others involved, including E.M.M., A.E.V., CPS and the Courts and Authorities that wronged me by helping E.M.M. to abduct my daughters and who allegedly took my alleged grandchild from my daughter A.J.V.M. which he alleged was true and infuriated him.

“Remember there are eyes and ears on the ground”, “Up in the sky, and on the other end of your computer and cellphone, and you have nothing to worry about” you are not the one in trouble you have done nothing wrong, you are doing what you are supposed to be doing. You are not the one that will be getting God Smacked as long as you do what your supposed to do, which I know you, and you will be.” He reminded me that he taught me the law and to use it to my advantage and to look up Federal RICO statutes. He alleged that for the time being that there should be no “New Friends” until this is over and it’s safe and reminded me that the “LAW is my Best Friend” which he used to say to me when I was young “you do not need friends the law is your best friend”.

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