Chapter 14 When Taking Down a Mob

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D.B. had once explained the names of different MOB’s and Gangs and during that conversation he explained to me that when you are taking down the MOB you take down the man at the top or “top dogs” and then all the lower level “minion’s” all fall down around him. He went over the different mobs and gang names with me when I was a teen or in my twenties.

There is the Italian Mob, Irish Mob, Czechoslovakian Mob, Polish Mob, Swedish Mafia, Greek Mob, Arabian Mob, Asian Mob, Armenian Mob, Russian Mob, Korean Mob.

There are the smaller street-gangs that extend out from the different mobs, Latin Kings, 2/6, Satan Disciples, Crypts, Bloods, Insane Popes, TAP, Ambrose. Then there are even smaller neighborhood gangs such as The Garfield Ridge Kids or gangs of that nature.

D.B. alleged that he had meetings and got top members of these gangs involved and had either sold them life insurance policies in my name and derivatives of my name or that my information had been sold and shared with them by A.E.V., E.M.M., R.A.B. and others.

D.B. alleged that many of these people thought I was already dead and since he instructed me to change my name that I did not have too much to worry about. He alleged that he had illegally obtained a death certificate and that some persons who had insurance polices had already cashed in on them when I had my youngest daughter M.L.M. and nearly lost my life doing so.

D.B. may be lying and making false accusations but it is not known for sure by me at this time because I have had many issues with members of street gangs and since I am not a member of any gang nor affiliated with any I do not have a cause for the problems I am having other that those from my past’s affiliations. This could simply be a form of witness tampering or intimidation to make me too scared to come forward with what I know about his criminal activity and the criminal activity of others that were covert criminals.


My grandmother complained to me about D.B.’s criminal activity and once woke up and looked at me and said “A. I don’t know how else to tell you this but your father is a criminal”. She also told me she did not understand what had happened and thought that his criminal behavior stemmed from the stories of Esther Carlson and Al Capone. She alleged that her oldest son J.E.B. was not the same way as D.B. and that she did not understand what had happened. She raised them both the same but once D.B. got to a certain age she was no longer able to control his behavior as he had started to ignore her and run with neighborhood street thugs.

I think she woke up and told me that he was a criminal during the time that D.B. had left me with C.B.B.G.G. and S.J.C. and went to Florida with my uncle R.B. and D.L. and sold the PIRATE SHIP NAMED THE PINAFORE a large pirate ship that had once belonged to the Navy, D.B. alleged that it was being used to smuggle drugs but I did not believe him on that either because D.B. always said he hated drugs. I was twelve when he took the boat to Florida.




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