Chapter 16 RICO I am a Witness

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D.B. is the one I lived with in the apartment when I saw the dead body, he is the one who made the allegations of serial killings, he has taken credit for everything including all the abuses that have occurred throughout my life. He has alleged used blackmail and term “kill or be killed” to get others to listen to him and follow his instruction while it is their faults that they followed him he is the “TOP DOG” and one that everyone seems to want.  D.B. alleged to me over the telephone that I had also seen a dead body in the trunk of my Aunt M.Chorn.’s White Buick Park Avenue when I  was very young. The abuse and molestation were what was done in an effort to silence me. I do not have memory of seeing a body, I have memory of the car and the abuse and molestation.

Additionally, it has been my experience that as far as D.B. is concerned this is “every man for himself”, he has lied to me, and some of his allegations may be false, some of what he has said is so unbelievable it’s not even funny. However, at the same time I have been put some abuses inflicted under his direction that are unthinkable. I was told that some of this was so that I would not believe and so authorities would not believe me. Essentially what has been done to me is no different than if I was held in captivity by any other crazy person who abducted me and put me in a cell and raped me, and tortured me for many years. The only difference is I did not live in a cell just poverty and in sickness.

I am D.B.’s victim, and the victim of other family members here in described. I have always been their victim and will continue to be their victim until they are arrested for their crimes and put behind bars where they belong.

During our last telephone call D.B. alleged that someone had held a gun to his head and forced him to call me and inform me of his crimes against me, my daughters, and crimes against others. He then sent R.A.B. to my house with the Family Heritage book and other memorabilia that had been stored at my Grandmother C.B.B.G.G.’s house.

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