Chapter 17 RICO 1993-1994 Palos Hills Il. I Found a Dead Body I am a Witness

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1993 or 1994


I believe it was that day or around that time that I found the body in the basement of the apartment building we lived in located in Palos Hills Il. D.B. alleged to me that he had killed the woman that lived right off the laundry room with a pair of scissors. I found the body and saw the blood and the body on the ground in front of the washing machine. The woman had grey hair and was wearing a dress. D.B. also alleged that the body was a dummy that he had gotten from a costume shop during one call. There were numerous other calls in which D.B. alleged that he had killed the woman because she was in charge of collecting the rent for the landlady.

The night that the body was found I contacted W.E.V. and B.J.V. s as D.B. was not home when I found her. I have always been afraid of the police and on instinct called the next closest adult. I was on autopilot and could not believe what I just saw. They came and picked me up in W.E.V.   car and took me back to their house and stated that they were going to contact the police.

W.E.V.   told me to let the adults handle it. After that night nothing was said at all about the body that I found by anyone at all. I was in shock as a result of finding the body and did not talk about it or remember finding it for quite a while. The night the body was found D.B. picked me up after he was called by B.J.V. because W.E.V.   had attempted to sexually assault me in the laundry room of the V. residence.

I had gone to the laundry room to get a soda and he was standing in front of his washing machine with his pants open and grabbed me to bring me closer to him. I screamed and ran into the bathroom locked the door, and would not come out until I heard D.B.’s voice asking me to open the door. After his wife B.J.V. came into the laundry room and said “You let go of her your big brute”.  I do not know why B.J.V. did not ever speak to me about the night as she and I were close and she was my primary female role model and mentor starting at age 15, I called her mom and we spent a great deal of alone time together.

B.J.V. was sick with type one diabetes and she was dependent on W.E.V. and her kids for everything including finances. B.J.V. allegedly died in 2004 but is allegedly one of the “no bodies” that love me and are in hiding. D.B. alleged he paid W.E.V.   or that he was paid by W.E.V.   to perform the sexual assault of me to prevent me from participating in an alleged rites of passage ritual that D.B. later alleged did not exist anymore as the practice had stopped being used in the 1940’s. W.E.V. had eluded to this “ritual” in my presence as well and had said he looked it up on the internet but could not find any information about it but what he did find he was not happy about.

That night D.B. had my grandmother’s car when he picked me up and not his pickup truck. He said the pickup was at my grandmother’s house and he had to pick it up. When he picked me up and I told him about nearly being raped by W.E.V. he told me to forget the entire night ever happened, he also said that sometimes these things happen. During one of our calls D.B. alleged that he had given the woman a pair of cement boots and threw the body in the CAL SAG River.

D.B. also said that A.E.V. and W.V.E.V. had helped him in getting away with the crime. During one call he stated that he used my scissors from school in the hopes of getting me into trouble but my prints were not on the scissors he said he was sending me up the river because he could not stand dealing with me and having to take care of me. He also alleged that the police had attempted to ask him questions but he said he did not know anything and when they asked to talk to me, he said that they could not. He alleged that the story had been printed in the Star Newspaper about the missing woman. A.E.V. later got a job working for the Daily Southtown which owns the Star Newspapers. Library’s in the Palos Hills area might be the only way to find any printed article by way of microfiche about the woman that was allegedly killed and missing if it exists.

If the body was a fake where was D.B. and why did D.B. have my grandmother’s car on a work night and why was his truck at her house. My grandmother lived in Chicago which is about ten miles away from where we lived in Palos Hills. It was not common at all for D.B. to be driving my grandmother’s car unless there was some type of emergency like his truck broke down which was obviously not the case since, he went and picked it up late at night. D.G. told me D.B. was a serial killer and then a woman is found dead in my apartment building which made me forget the conversation with him. D.B. did not want me to go to be with D.G. he wanted me to stay with A.E.V. who he knew had cheated and was abusive of me which from a parental standpoint makes no sense at all unless D.B. held ill will toward me.

Due to what happened I did not and could not remember that even liked me or the conversation with him about D.B. being a serial killer. D.G. moved to Palos Hills and became friends with A.E.V. in 1992-1993 it was the summer before Junior Year. His father worked for Wrigley Gum Company which is the same company that my Aunt D. L.B.  worked at. D.G. also worked for Wrigley Gum.

D.G. tried to remind me that he had liked me when I divorced A.E.V., and that time, he made sexual innuendos which made me go away as I thought all he wanted was sex and not a real relationship.

I graduated in 1994 and A.E.V.’s parents came to my graduation. D.B. was being so mean to me because I was graduating high school and I thought he was jealous because he told me that he had not graduated high-school himself.

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