Chapter 19 RICO No Man Wants to Die or Go to Jail

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As I was told by D.B. there are two things in life no man ever wants to do, one is going to jail the other is die, that includes him, not for any reason not for any cause.

D.B. alleged to me multiple times that I had a very high I.Q. he stated it was in the 180’s and that I use both my right and left sides of my brain equally the same way he does and my daughter MLM does. He alleged that I was not living up to my potential, it has been alleged by my family that I was wasting my mind by being an artist and doing what I love and wanted to do instead of what they wanted me to do. This is power and control and abuse, it is my choice what I want out of life as it is my life and you only get one.

 This was a form of abuse and has been used as a tool to inspire hate and resentment in those around me, having people refuse to assist me and calling me a gold digger when the people who kill for money are the gold diggers. Again, attempting to inspire hate or fear of having wealth or obtaining it as D.B. alleged that there is no such thing as true love all relationships are simply a form of using. When I was young, he and I had an argument that you could not have both Love and Money it was one or the other.

When I disagreed, he said that was the way it was and that was the end of it. He was infuriated with me because I refused to accept that you can be loved and have money one things should not affect the other. If someone loves you, they love you regardless of your bank account and It makes me wonder about those who think that they can not be loved because they have money. I wonder what is wrong with their self esteem and what that says about their ability to love since they believe that all anyone wants them for is a bank account and that they do not have love. What did they do that is so wrong that they are blaming the other person for?

D.M. made false allegations that I did not truly love A.E.V. and E.M.M. when I was married to them and made them believe that I was only using them for money when that was not the case at the time. The factuality was that I was the one being used and harmed because of the hatefulness inspired by D.M.’s hateful comments.

 D.M. and A.E.V. and E.M.M. have and continue to do everything they can to prevent me from my dreams of business and doing art. I had natural talents that I developed and I have been disallowed from using those talents. I had dreams of business and all attempts at building a business have been sabotaged and destroyed, no one can live the way that I am forced to for very long, dependent on others while they make hateful comments, and degrade my self-esteem and self-worth, by those around me under D.B.’s direction.

D.B. alleged it was to make me give up on my dreams of art and owning a business, so I could pursue his interests and their interests for me regardless of what I want to do, this is the case in D.B. wanting me to create a site and teach the public the law so that they can file their own lawsuits when they are wronged by the government. He alleged that there were people waiting to pay me for what I know and that I was to share the knowledge that he taught to me so that they could fight back.  He alleged that this was a type of administrative war to force the government to make changes for the people and that it was not right to teach what I knew, which it is not, nor is it wrong to inform them as it goes against free enterprise to prevent me from teaching.

However, I really do not think it is what is in the best interest of the government nor is it what is in my best interest or the best interest of my daughters. He has made me homeless and taken away everything that I own leaving me with the bare minimum and no money to survive on. He destroys or has destroyed every website or attempt that I make to earn an income any other way. This is not just a form of coercion and abuse but I am basically being held hostage to my family that is in agreement. There is no where for me to go, no way to obtain assistance, and no way to do anything other than what they want me to do regardless of what I want or think is right and righteous.

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