Chapter 18 RICO D.B. & C.B.B.G.G. Confessed to Killing

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D.B. also confessed to killing and helping my grandmother to kill and stated he had done so as a teenager and had done so for insurance proceeds which my grandmother collected. Later on, after my grandfather S. G. died my grandmother confessed to killing him by giving him too much morphine and D.B. alleged to poisoning his applesauce. There was life insurance money that my grandmother had gotten from his death.

 D.B. first and repeatedly accused my Grandmother of killing D. G., then alleged that they had killed her. D. G. was mentally handicapped and viewed as a strain on the family, and he alleged that she had been killed to free up my grandmother’s time so that she could take care of me instead of D.G. D.G. died at a very young age and had died suddenly of unknown causes. No autopsy was ever done on her body and the Chicago Police were allegedly called by L.B.

L.B. who they ignored because of her drinking. L.B. has stated to me in the past that D.G. was killed but recently recanted her statements and is not being forthright nor candid.

 It was at the time of D.G.’s death that there was an additional burial plot bought by my grandmother who was allegedly supposed to buried in that plot. My grandmother is supposed to be deceased and was allegedly cremated which was not what she had discussed with me as her choice of burials. Additionally, D.B. alleged that my grandmother was still alive and was placed into hiding. He alleged that she said she would not miss this for the world and was hanging on to life to see these persons brought to justice for their crimes.

The murders of persons in my family for life insurance were confessed to me when I was a child, teenager, young adult and again as a middle-aged woman.  I really did not believe that my grandmother had killed anyone even though D.B. repeatedly stated that she had. Until I thought back on conversations that took place in my grandmothers’ basement where I lived with D.B. The conversations were between my grandmother and father and she was asking him to kill my grandfather by pushing him down the stairs.

D.B. constantly refused to kill him, and then expressed to me in private that the man had never done anything to her or anyone else and that all she wanted was the house and the money from life insurance. I ignored the two of them most of the time and did not take her comments seriously, as the things that were said were said lightheartedly and D.B. and grandma were often smiling or smirking while the things were being said. I honestly thought they were pulling my leg as I was often called gullible and made fun of for believing things and often do not believe when there is no “heat” to their tone or body language. The problem is I do believe that they conspired to kill and have killed as I have seen a body with my own two eyes of a woman D.B. confessed to killing and have nearly lost my life as a result of him and his alleged hired hitmen who I was set up to marry and unknowingly married without knowing it was a setup or what their true intentions were.

D.B. alleged that when he was an adult he sat and thought about what he had done and decided that he was going to do something about it but he allegedly did not stop killing. He expressed remorse for his crimes to me. He also stated that he had kept grandma locked up in the house like a prisoner her entire life for her crimes as he did not have the guts to turn her in as if he did, he would also have to turn himself in.  Therefore, he taught me that when and if the time came, I was to do the right thing and turn them both in.

In his confessional telephone call he confessed to killing and putting hits out on people lives, he spoke of the use of cars and trucks as weapons and alleged that he had gang members of his committing acts of terrorism on American Soil such as the forest fire in California that burned down the houses of movie stars. He also confessed to getting other people to kill for him including Adam Ditto who is C.P.S.B.S.B. ’s eldest son. He alleged that A.D. had pushed my ex-friend T. S. M. mother in front of a Metra Train near where she lived and that she had been being targeted by D.B. He also alleged to killing my godfather R.Z. and alleged that R. Z. had tried to rape L.B. and as a result D.B. found him in a parking lot and killed him, he alleged that he told L.B. she was an accomplice because she had seen D.B. afterward.


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