Chapter 2 Dealing with a Pack of Rabid Wild Wolves

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This was Explained & Alleged to me by D.B. During our Last Telephone call or Close to the Last Call I had with him in 2017

My calls with D.B. very often last 3 or 4 hours and contain a lot of content.

D.B. and the other criminals involved have allegedly killed or accepted payments as a result of killing. They have specifically targeted people with the primary intention and objection of getting those people into trouble for various reasons. When I say trouble I do not mean low level mis-demeanor crimes what I am talking about is Criminal Corruption, Racketeering, Witness Tampering and a slew of other charges which all stem from their desire to not get caught and to take the heat off of them who are the perpetrators of abuse and place the heat on me the victim of their crimes. They use people, they do not care who they use as long as it serves their primary objective which is not getting caught. These people do not like or love they only use, day in and day out they use each other, and those from the outside world to serve their purposes.

If you do not suit their needs, or serve their purpose then they have no use for you, if you are not pliable, not movable and a leader and not a follower they move on, until they find someone they can use. This is what I was taught was called a psychopath. They care not about who’s lives they destroy or take, they care nothing about anything other then not getting caught, not getting prosecuted, and not going to jail and having their lives destroyed for the crimes they have done which also means they have no remorse or empathy for any of the lives they took either by the actual taking of those lives or for the proverbial taking of lives of the people they got involved using their lies and manipulation. They care nothing about anyone or anything other than themselves, they are selfish, self-centered and self-serving. Many are alcoholics, and drug addicts some are open about it, while others are closet drinkers, closet haters, and closet drug abusers all are hateful, vengeful, jealous, resentful.

Some of these people were allegedly targeting officials, officers of the law and other’s with seemingly good intentions as if they were “helping” the people or “helping society” in some way shape or form. Getting rid of people who were willing to bend or break the law, who were willing to accept bribes and that were willing to look the other way about their crimes at least temporarily.

The reality is that while they have been allowed to remain free and their crimes have either been overlooked or dismissed erroneously, they have continued to participate in the acts and cause additional havoc and participate in additional crimes. They have no intention on stopping or even pausing their criminal behavior and they will continue until they are stopped by persons of authority who are leaders and will hit the stop button on this runaway train of criminal activity.

The trading of peoples lives for money is never a good thing no matter how it is done, and regardless if their lives are really lost or proverbially lost by being given jail or prison sentences. No matter how you look at it, it is still the hateful taking of a person’s life. To target someone on purpose because of a position they hold or because you do not like them is a form of hate crime.

I was told that many of those involved primarily E.M.M., C.P.S.B.S.B., R.A.B., and others had purposefully found out where parties were being held, sought out people working at the jail and courthouses, and specifically targeted certain individuals of stature and then asked them for their assistance in different ways. Sometimes these persons would be at parties and they would go to the parties, then they befriended the people using small talk, and then by bringing up in conversation they would mention things to them using hateful talk but done in a nice way.

Defaming my character and other people’s character, and priming and pumping them for information and referrals of other people who might be willing to assist them in their endeavor of taking my children away and “helping me reach my full potential”. These people may or may not of known who and what they were dealing with but the manipulation is apparent and obvious in the sheer number of states, judges, manipulates, and officers of the law that are all named as defendants in my lawsuit which I believe was part of their primary objective.

Using me as their so called “silver bullet” and then making me sicker than a dog, having E.M.M. stop paying his court ordered child support, and having him lie and manipulate people, then causing a chain of events in my life that has resulted in the stealing of more of my life and my time the criminal defamation of my character, my being unlawfully charged, and my kids abducted, then again having me unlawfully charged a second time, and unlawfully held in retaliation which is abducted by the state while further defaming my character and fulfilling D.B.’s agenda of avoiding capture, prison time, and in the event of capture making a highly political statement and taking care of alleged “Mason Family Business”.

Disgracing my name, destroying my perfect reputation, tarnishing my kids’ names, the names of the officials involved, and the real Masons and even involving army service men in the sex-trafficking of me to bring disgrace upon the country. They have brought shame and disgrace upon myself and my daughters with their criminal activity and repeated abuse of all of us, with their abuse of ill-gotten power and falsely obtained authority.

Pitting people against each other is D.B.’s and C.P.S.B.S.B’s specialty they enjoy doing it and they get off on it, that is part of what makes them psychopaths. They have pitted me against those in my home state, home city, and even the neighboring state and city where my children are located. They have pitted me against a state where my daughter wanted to attend college and had wanted to move to live and expressed as much to me.

These criminals most of which are my ex-family members and ex-friends have pitted me against legal officials for their denial of my rights, and their participating in criminal activities in the denial of justice and in the covering up of crime and abduction of my daughters and possibly a grandchild that was allegedly the result of her being raped, and unlawfully taken from her.

They have attempted to pit me against the U.S. Government and even the President of the U.S. who I have no choice but to sue because he is commander in chief of the country and executor of the state for all fifty states. This is the only clear and defined legal way to rectify the situation, restore order, put the criminals in prison, and obtain reunification with my daughters and alleged grandchild if he or she truly exists.

However, D.B. attempted to force me to believe that the U.S. would not help and that the corruption was just as bad if not worse at the Washington D.C. level. D.B. alleged that they had gotten to the top with their lies, manipulation, scare tactics, and sociopathic behaviors. Trying to detour me from trying to obtain justice, and participating in the constant and continued acts of defamation of character, organized crime activity, criminal corruption, witness intimidation, witness tampering, and racketeering, in an effort to keep their freedom while doing so.

Those involved that are my ex-family members have alleged to participating in some of the most insane sounding and obscure criminal activity that can be imagined, I was told that they made this situation so unfathomable purposefully so that I would not believe nor would anyone else which was the point. They have also allegedly really participated in these crimes such s the rapes of my daughters to not only upset me and make me feel helpless in not being able to protect them or get officials to protect them but also to teach the country and everyone in it a lesson of what can happen when Criminals and Criminal Corruption are combined.

These are the things that were alleged to me by D.B., in addition to a slew of other hateful and poor excuses for sex-trafficking and rape of his own daughter and granddaughters, such as rites of passage rituals, deterrents to promiscuity and make us stay with our nonexistent husbands, and my favorite which I write with thick and hateful sarcasm implied, is so we would be “Stronger Women” for it. He also alleged that it was so we would be permanently defiled, undesirable, unable to trust, and so that we would all be to humiliated and embarrassed to come forward with the crimes that have been done out of fear. So, we could not or would not ever love the same as before, but ultimately as tool to silence and control us all as is done in war.

These people are of my blood but they are not my family, the others may be people that I knew or knew of and perhaps hung around but they are not my friends. I have only four family members left perhaps five, and those four are the four that I gave birth to and perhaps who they have given birth to. No one else matters, not to me, not even a little bit. I feel nothing for them and my heart is closed after all that they have done or failed to do.

Some have waged war on me and on my children while others knew the war was being waged and did nothing to protect me nor them. As far as I am concerned all are criminals and all should be arrested and tried for conspiracy at the bare minimum. There may be a few who went to the police and reported what they knew and may have been ignored those few are the only ones to be spared, all others are co-conspirators as silence is golden.

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