Chapter 20 C.B.B.G.G. & D.B. Make Allegations of Multiple Serial Killers in Heritage

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In a conversation that was held in the middle bedroom of my grandmother’s house he talked to me about some of the people in the family heritage book that had been killed for money. These persons are listed in the book and she also told me why they were killed as it was not just about money it was also because of the way they treated other members in the family primarily the women.  My grandmother alleged that when the Swedes came over from Sweden her Grandfather or Great Grandfather Clouse was killed for life insurance to get money to help the family get started here in America.  If you look at the book there is nothing bad said about anyone who is named inside of it. There is no mention of alcoholism, abuse, or anything derogatory when considering the abuse inflicted upon me it had to of been taught to those that inflicted the abuse somehow. Therefore, it is safe to surmised that the book is not completely accurate it has been skewed and provides the viewer with a one sided viewpoint or the illusion of only good and nothing bag at all from the beginning of our heritage coming from Sweden until when C.B.G. and I were born in 1976, when the book was written. D.B. This lends credence to what I was always taught which was to question all that I read and to beware of the skewing of viewpoints by authors as man wrote the book and man is not infallible.

D.B. later alleged that “Clouse” had performed the act of suicide for the purpose of getting the family ahead. My grandmother C.B.B.G.G. alleged “They killed Clouse”. There were other persons that were targeted and she alleged “they killed John Albert”, “They Killed Charles Oscar”. “they Killed my aunt Mabel”, “they Killed my father Teddy”.

John Albert and Charles Oscar were two of my Great Grandmother O.S.B. brothers, Mabel one of her sisters, and Teddy her husband all were related to Esther Carlson and listed as her brothers, sister, and father. It was alleged that these people were “tag teamed” and that the other family members knew and stood to gain in one way or another.

Then Grandma C.B.B.G.G. alleged that “they killed Little Oscar”, who was killed by the family because he “had a club foot, and was a burden on the family”. Allegedly they kept his body in a cedar trunk until it turned to bones and then got rid of the bones.

Any sort of difference or sickness is frowned upon by the family, you are punished for being sick or in ailing health, a difference such as dyslexia is considered a short coming or handicap and not simply a difference in learning styles. It was said that I was considered a burden upon my grandmother C.B.B.G.G. and I have been called a “Cancer” on the family as are all those that are sick, ailing or dying.

O.S.L.B. was my great grandmother the mother of allegedly seven, including C.B.B.G.G. and the grandmother to J.E.B and D.B. and it was alleged that she also died when she was in her 80’s. I was told that it was from Leukemia, but after doing some research I do not believe that is the case.



D.B. attempted to allege that Little Oscar was the descendant of Al Capone and that O.S.B. had been with Capone prior to the St. Valentine’s day massacre and that he had been removed from the residence because T.B. did not want to take care of him.

It was alleged that he is pictured in the book as Mildred Sandberg and that he was sent to live with Oscar and Nellie Sandberg. The photo shown in the book does show a baby with a club foot. It was alleged that the baby was killed because he was allegedly Al Capones and that it was thought he was the spawn of Satan because of his criminal ways.

The dates shown do not seem to line up as “Mildred Sandberg” being Al Capone’s kid. Also, there is a photo shown of Mildred Sandberg and her family later on in life. This story may be a form or type of scare tactic that has been used to scare people and to prevent authorities from doing their jobs and to help keep other criminals and criminal families away from each other out of fear.

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