Chapter 22 O.S.B. & T.B. & A.B.

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O.S.B. & T.B. & A.B.

My Great Grandmother O.S.B. was E.C.’s sister. They were O.S. & E.S before they were married. O.S.B. superseded all of her relatives and stood to gain over $100,000.00 from the death of her husband T.B. though his retirement fund from the Wabash Railroad. M.S. wrote a letter describing a “hit” type scenario where she was hit by a car and documented the event with her physician the same way I documented what was happening to me with police and my doctors’ offices. I am in possession of both documents they were sent to me with my family heritage book right before my children were abducted by my ex-husband and his friends that are police officers.

A.B.L. died young around the age of 35 years old, was dyslexic which was frowned upon by the family and thought of as a shortcoming or downfall, and died of an alleged cyst on her brain according to the Family Heritage Book. I was told by D.B. that Ann was killed purposefully for life insurance proceeds. D.B. alleged that C.B.B.G.G. had participated in the killing of A.B.L. as did D.B.J. which were the two sisters that were taking care of her. Poisoning can cause severe memory problems, motor skills issues, and deterioration of muscles and bone structure. D.B. alleged that when A.B.L. was dying, they did not have the same technology that we have today and that it was thought she had a cyst on her brain. Poison of any kind can cause a cyst or tumor to form anywhere within the human body. Usually it starts out as a cyst and goes untreated and then turns into cancer as the cells from the cyst mutate.

A.B.L. was dyslexic and beautiful she died at age 35, and D.B. chose my birth name due to family heritage and called me Ann for short. He alleged he had chosen this name fo me to constantly remind my grandmother C.B.B.G.G. of what my grandmother had done. From what I was told, A.B.L. left behind a son named R.L. and a husband. They were estranged from the family and my grandmother had hunted down Richie when I was still in grammar school.

While growing up D.B. had talked to me a lot about the killing that went on in the family. He alleged that my grandmother was a serial killer and called her a black widow. He did not tell me until I was older that he too was a killer and when he did. When he did tell me, I did not believe him. It was on his mind often and he spoke to me often about it when we lived together in C.B.B.G. G’s basement.

Once he did tell me he had killed, he kept on telling me, but it did not sink in the same way it would not sink in, when he said he was spying on me or that he was a CIA agent. To me all these things sounded like nothing more than stories to get me upset or “get my goat”. I was often told that I was unbelievably gullible and after being lied to so much by so many people I stopped listening to the things they said and did not believe their confessions when they were giving them to me. Additionally, I have not yet ascertained exactly why the people who have confessed their crimes to me have done so other than they must want me to come forward with the truth or they would have killed me by now.

After being poisoned and having to fight to get healthy again and reviewing the family Heritage book and thinking back on my life and conversations I have real reason to believe him on some statements but I have caught him lying therefore cannot believe all of what he has said. He is not being completely candid with me. I refer to him as “IT” as the basis of the storybook written by Steven King, allegedly contains 50% truth and 50% falsehoods. Regardless D.B. has confessed to stealing my life to keep himself out of jail. He confessed to using me for his political agendas, he confessed to having me sex-trafficked and alleged that my daughters had been raped and he was the one behind it. After all that I have been through and all things considered as far as I am concerned, he should be arrested, prosecuted, and jailed for what he has done to me and to my daughters along with the co-conspirators involved.

D.B. alleged stated that he hated that the family killed for money and just to get ahead and he was going to be the one to put a stop to it once and for all. D.B. used me and took my life and future to keep himself out of jail, and to fulfill his promise to himself, using me as bait to catch other people and risked my life and my kids’ lives without my permission or consent. I am just as much his victims as the other people in the family that he alleged to killing. It is as though I would not believe his words so he set out to show me what he had done first hand so that I would believe. He said to me “I am going to make a believer out of you and the rest of the world yet!”

 D.B. alleged that killing was wrong and he wanted to put a stop to the senseless killing. D.B. alleged that he wanted to secure a future for future generations without addiction, killing, and abuse, he made it my job to do that.  While doing this he also wasted my life and my time and took time from me and my daughters. All the while telling me stories to detour officials from listening and keeping himself from doing any time, as such he traded my life including my childhood, my youth, and my adulthood for his own. D.B. has done this by setting me up with what he called “STOCKBOYS” or hired hitmen by setting me up with men that he allegedly knew were already criminals before I met them. D.B. he used me as bait and put my girls and I in harm’s way.

D.B. alleged that my two ex-husbands had killed and that he found out that they had thorough surveillance and that he performed his surveillance of them as part of his job as an undercover CIA agent and other investigations into crimes that he was working on in private. He alleged that he had secretly paired me up with them in the hopes that I would be killed for the money. The same type of thing has happened to me in the sex-trafficking of me which is a form gang rape.  Another issue he wanted brought before the public and has pushed me into discussing publicly when it should be kept private.


D.B. alleged that she had been given a dose of poison her to take her life at the end however, these are my findings; since poisoning can raise a persons white blood cell count, and internal bleeding can happen from damage to the vital organs or from the irritation of the urethras and intestines, loss of blood in stool can lower red blood cell counts. It is very possible that O.L.S.B. was targeted and murdered as she resided in the house with D.B. and C.B.B.G.G. The other signs and symptoms co-inside with what can be seen in Systemic Lupus and in victims of poisoning. As the poison sets off the Systemic Lupus and can cause a large rise in White Blood Cells, Swollen Glands, Lymph Nodes, Malaise, and easy bruising from damage to the venous system and circulatory system.

The sister of Esther Carlson who was caught killing Mr. Lindstrom. People within the family usually knew that the person was being targeted and were doing so with the intention of collecting on insurance money and estates. They also usually had bad blood between them often that occurred from abuse that was inflicted or disagreements that would happen.

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