Chapter 23 It was Allegedly MURDER | Death Certificates May Show Sickness or other causes

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While many of these people in my family that were either killed or whose lives were cut short by way of poison by the persons around them that were their primary care givers,  may have appeared to of died of natural causes or sickness or even of old age, D.B. alleged that they had been poisoned to hasten to cause their sickness and bring on the cause of their deaths he also alleged that while the people were dyeing they were given poison to hasten the amount of time they would need to be cared for and to hasten the dying process which is murder.

 D.B. and C.B.B.G.G. alleged that the following persons had been killed: 

  • Claes Sandberg who may of killed himself to help the family get ahead according to D.B. but C.B.B.G.G. said he was killed. 
  • Albert Oscar Sandberg
  • John Albert Sandberg
  • Ted Brelsford 
  • Mabel Sandberg
  • Ann Brelsford
  • Grandma’s Brother Little Oscar Sandberg
  • Olga Sandberg Brelsford
  • Roy Boettcher
  • Ed Galetka
  • ***Doris Grabowski 
  • ***Stanley J. Grabowski 
  • D.B. Alleged to killing: 
  • Dr. Roache Grandma’s and my Dr. 
  • Greg Skylane 

May or may not be dead, D.B alleged he was killed by him. >My godfather Ronnie Zimba who I do not know. 

May or may not be dead, D.B alleged he was killed by him. >Archibald Mc-Dunna who was also called “Butchie”.

Some of these people may not be dead. D.B. alleged that it is not unlawful for a person to proverbially kill themselves especially if they do not want anyone to bother them anymore. All that needs to be done is the obtaining of a death certificate which can be obtained by a mortician, doctor, or medical examiner, or funeral home director. D.B. stated that they pay for the death certificate and then stage a funeral. They do not even need to be there for the funeral, after that they have nothing to worry about anymore. They pack up their belongings and move to another state or country and change their name legally or live under an assumed name like someone in their family that would be close to the same age. It’s not against the law to do so and no one that is in hiding currently can be prosecuted for going into hiding as even if a law was erected it would be an expo-facto law.

How a person fakes their death: They allegedly pay a surgeon or a Coroner’s  or someone steals a stack of blank ones from the Coroner’s office or from a hospital or some other medical profession, for a death certificates a relative, then turn that death certificate into the State and request a State Certified death certificate from the state. Just as the burden of proof rests solely on the prosecution with tangible hard evidence not simply hearsay, the burden of guilt rests solely on the person who was granted, given, or assigned the authority. 

The act of making a request is not unlawful, and it is not unlawful for any person to pay their doctor, surgeon or anyone else a fee for any kind of service, it is unlawful for a trusted person of prestige to fulfill the request only. Additionally, it is a persons right if they want to disappear away from a bad setting and if faking their death is the best way to ensure safety that should not be banned nor should any one be held responsible for doing so, it boils down to liberty and safety. What has happened to me is more than evidence that the police and authorities sometimes do not give their all in protecting persons and keeping them safe, I was nearly killed as were my children had I been given that opportunity I would of taken it as the racketeering is beyond understanding.

Wesley Victors had once told me about going to a wax museum and how he had obtained information on having a life size precisely weighted wax statue of himself made. D.B. alleged that the autopsy of C.H. was a fake, and created by Hollywood, he reminded me about watching alien autopsy videos on T.V. which are also fake. D.B. was insistent that these people were alive and did not just say it one time or two but many, many, many, many, times over the course of many years. 

I also think it should be known that one of E.M.M.’s friends from Facebook was the Lake County Coroner and if anyone involved in this dies I want to see the body before it is buried to ensure that they are really dead as I am not very trusting anymore and want to be sure that justice is served, but realize that no one can control the actions of others and they may take or try to take their own lives.  

  • Putting hits out on
  • Myself, MMVM, AJVM, MRM, MLM. he said he wanted to show me what it felt like to lose a kid.
  • ***Wesley Victors (“If your gambling with human life bet on the house”. My house came from A.E.V.’s portion of his parents life insurance or estate. It was money owed to me for back child support). 
  • ***Barbra Victors (“If your gambling with human life bet on the house”. My house came from A.E.V.’s portion of his parents life insurance or estate. It was money owed to me for back child support). 
  • Anthony Victors
  • ***Deborah Boettcher
  • ***Corey Haim / Corey Feldmen had a video about a near miss accident that is reminiscent of D.B.’s doing. 
  • Causing the car crash of 
  • ***John Sylvester Jr. 
  • Carol Brelsford Grabowski is allegedly alive and either in WITSEC or in hiding under an assumed name. D.B. alleged she would not miss this for the world and was hanging on just to see me get this done. 
  • Ronnie Zimba Jr. 
  • During his last call he made threats against all who have harmed me and the girls, including E.M.M., his wife, my step brothers, all extended family and all officials involved in the kidnapping of my daughters. He was already aware of who they were and what has been done,  and alleged he knew about it all before I ever met them or they harmed the girls or I.
  • I have strict instructions to do the right thing and turn him in and all those involved in illegal activity, exhume the bodies, file with the Supreme Court,  and rectify the situation or I will never have any kind of life and he will have me killed.
  • D.B. called it do or die, kill or be killed. 
  • ***The bold texted names listed are supposed to be exhumed some are alive and others are deceased. Doris Grabowski, and Stanley Grabowski are deceased the rest are allegedly alive and in hiding and would like their lives back which I was told it was my job to help that happen. 

Other family members by causing them to live a lie and having “his men or his women who are gang members or HANDS” to pretend to be their loved ones and then harm them in various ways including by poisoning their houses however, he also alleged that these people were also poisoning each other causing them selves sickness. 

Basically, from what was explained to me when the people in my family get old and have to be taken care of or even when they are on their death beds they are fed poison to kill them off quicker. This is euthanasia and is unlawful in all 50 states and is murder. IF they do not like the person for any reason usually jealousy resentment, differences of opinion revenge or greed they target the person and kill them off using poison, cars or any other means to get rid of the person and obtain a payout. This is murder, sick and twisted. To be poisoned is absolute torture and to be hunted is not fun or entertaining. 



Euthanasia is unlawful in all 50 states and rat poison is to be used to get rid of rats and mice and ensure a healthy living environment, not to target and kill unsuspecting and un-knowledgeable victims who probably do not know they are being targeted for financial gain or because they are an alleged burden upon those around them or obtain life insurance proceeds. Life insurance is meant to help your loved ones carry on with their lives and cover funeral experiences, and provide for them when your gone, it is not meant to be a winning lottery ticket. D.B. wanted a cap on life insurance and insisted that a cap was needed by the federal government however, even though that was allegedly his “Cause” or reason for doing this, the fact is an insurance cap would be unconstitutional as telling some one how much they can or can not buy of something is goes against liberty, and who is to say how someone else should or should not live.

If a man is the primary earner for his house and dies naturally his wife should not have to sell everything to survive or be left desolate and homeless as a result. I have been put in a position when I wanted to purchase more than three Diet Coke’s that were on sale and did not expect the sale price for the ones that were above the limit three purchase. I was very angry when the store told me i could not purchase as many as i wanted even though I was willing to pay full price for them. 

The solution is not a life insurance cap, the solution is automatic autopsy’s on all persons who die regardless of age or reason. The constitution does not apply once a person dies, and your rights do not carry over to your surviving relatives, therefore there is no excuse for not automatically performing proper testing and full toxicology reports on all dead persons which would also put a stop to euthanasia as well.  Regulations on poison and testing in hospitals readily available. The other solution is raising awareness and education to authorities on how to handle severely abusive situations and victims more appropriately.

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