Chapter 24 “HANDS” D.B. Organized Crime Organization Creation & Involvement & Anarchy

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I was told by D.B. that he had created his own gang which he called HANDS, when I was 9 or 10 years old, he told me that he had taken care of everything. He said “at first I was scared, but I want you to know that everything is okay now, everything is going to be fine.” He was drunk and I had no clue what he was talking about, he said he had made some kind of arrangement with some guys at the bar. He also told me that there were people on the streets keeping an eye on me and that those people were the Hands that built America and consisted of construction workers, and truck drivers. D.B. did not like the Masons and viewed them as another gang or Organized Crime Organization and taught me the same. I am in agreement that it is simply another form of a GANG. D.B. and my grandmother C.B.B.G.G instilled a fear of them into me by telling me of a documented Rites of Passage Ritual and saying that I was going to be forced to participate in that ritual and then later having people pose as Masons and participate in the sex-trafficking and gang rape of me.

The men involved in the gang rape of me were friends of my two ex-husbands and their friends as well. There is also a link between friends of theirs to them. I was told by D.B. who was confessing to me his crimes against me that he was directly responsible and had accepted money from these men along with my two ex-husbands that had allegedly done so to recoup some of the money that they spent taking care of me over the years putting a roof over my head and food on the table. This was done to harm me irreparable destroy my reputation, and to steal my self-esteem, make me afraid to love or have an intimate relationship, and to get back at me for me telling the police what they had been doing to me in the way of poisoning for money.

D.B. also threatened me in saying that if I told that I was raped and sex-trafficked, he was going to be raped by my brother R.A.B. and C.B.B.G.G. with a “Dildo” or that they already had been he alleged that he was either  taken out of his wheelchair and raped with a Dildo because of the rapes that he had caused or that was what would happen if I came forward with the information about the rapes of me and alleged sex-trafficking of me and possibly my daughter’s. D.B. primarily voiced severe concern for A.J.V.M.’s safety from being used by A.E.V. in this manner. Causing her heartache, hits to her self-esteem and self-worth, in having his gang banger friends maliciously lying and tricking her into sex without her knowing that she was being used and raped by them and possibly financial gain may be involved for A.E.V.  

D.B. also alleged that he was being poisoned, had colon cancer as a result, and was scared that they were going to kill him, tie his wheelchair down to the floor and start the house on fire with him inside the house to hide all evidence. D.B. alleged that during his leg amputation that his wife C.P.S.B.S.B had taken away all his pain medication and would not allow him to have any forcing him to suffer in agony which is not only hateful but barbaric, he also alleged that she refused to allow him to shower and that he felt disgusting. D.B. alleged severe elder abuse and asked that I report it as these are inhumane treatments regardless of his crimes or anyone else’s crimes.

 D.B. also made threats of suicide upon apprehension, and expressed fear of being taken by ambulance, he was afraid of the LOCAL POLICE and did not trust them. He insisted that he would only talk to FEDERAL MARSHALS and made that clear many times.

D.B. alleged that when living in Florida he walked into the bedroom and found R.A.B. engaging in intercourse with C.P.S.B.S.B. he alleged that it was all about power and control and that R.A.B. wore an adult diaper and refused to shower in an effort to detour the abuse, but that he would not leave because D.B. was in a wheelchair and he was supposed to be protecting him.

D.B. alleged that C.P.S.B.S.B. had been forced to participate in the rites of passage ritual in his company and that he had made her participate to find out how bad it would allegedly be for me in the future. D.B. and C.P.S.B.S.B. were married at the time and he alleged this was part of why she hated me and resented me so much. D.B. alleged that he forced people to do things that they normally would not do using their past crimes and fear of going to jail as a tool to push them into the things that they were doing.

When told about this and the rites of passage ritual I told D.B. that I would never participate not for any reason and told him that it is disgusting. D.B. alleged I bet you would if there was enough money you would and I replied not for all the money in the world and called him crazy.

D.B. alleged that most if not all the women in the family had all been raped either viciously or by way of sex-trafficking, he alleged that this was done to my mother and the others as well weather they knew it and realized it or not. The men act as though they like the women, then have intercourse with them under false and misleading pretenses, and then when done with they dump the woman for no reason at all. They are sure to say something that their ex would say to them and in the same manner, these catch phrases inform you that you know that you were raped and deceived. This instills fear into you of trusting anyone and makes you feel dirty and violated. D.B. alleged he had this done to my mother repeatedly and that was the real reason she hated men. D.B. alleged the men called her his pet name for her, or used phrases, or did the same things that he used to do, which let her know he sent them.

 This was also the case was in what had happened to me. Which is how I know who sent them and was able to link them. It was alleged that the men who had participated in the sex-trafficking of me had done the same to their own ex’s without them knowing it. D.B. called it a circle jerk.

When the women figure it out, they become extremely afraid of their ex’s and of all men leaving them alone and lonely. They have a hard time forming any kind of relationship, or trusting any other men they meet out of fear that it will happen to them. Ultimately this has been done repeatedly to promote silence, cause loneliness and despair, instills a fear of attachment and of being in a relationship, exerts power and control over the lives of ex-wives and ex’s and to get back at them, make them afraid to tell what they know or what they have witnessed or gone through themselves. Moving to another state, or another location makes absolutely no difference at all nor does how or where you meet them. The woman is targeted and the entire ordeal is pre-planned and conspired before, sometimes money exchanges hands and other’s it is done as a “favor” or for payment of a debt. Then the harassment begins, crank calls on your phone that are hang up calls to imply you’re a call girl.

Insults in public from people such as, “Don’t ‘cha know you got to call girl? Whore, Skank, Prostitute to your face. I went to check on my father and one of the officers said prostitute. Implying or saying they were “just lay’s” or saying “you know you wanted it”. None of these things are true, rape is rape end of story. Making statements that the rape victims are not victims but “fictims” erecting or having erected a website that defames the victims character and discounts her statements such as “” and “” which contains verbiage that appears to resemble the hateful and distasteful writing of D.B. and which I cannot obtain the registration information of so that I can sue for racketeering and criminal defamation of character, witness intimidation, and witness tampering. The site is defamatory in nature and should be removed due to its efforts in undermining victims of rape, other reported crimes and the law.





D.B. alleged to having colon cancer, L. Chor. has stage 4 renal cancer, E.M.M. was told that he had Lung Cancer and that he was destined for Prostate Cancer, A. E. V.  has suffered health problems from Drug Abuse, L.B. was told she was dyeing by doctors. W.V. E. V. staged his death to escape prosecution for his crimes. There were allegedly Five Kings and all those named with the exception of L.B. and B. J. V. were supposed to make up the Kings.

D.B. alleged that cleaning the streets, bringing deep corruption into light, and killing for life insurance into life was going to make them go down in history for doing “good” and make their lives worth living as every story needs a villain. These persons had already participated in criminal activity in their pasts, and D.B. found out about their activity and blackmailed them. He stated he approached them telling them that he knew what they had done and told them what it was, he then told them that if they did not participate in his demands they would be put in jail or tell their wives if they had cheated. He alleged that he would put himself into jail to put them away for what they had done.

D.B. also alleged that he told them that they had best do what he was telling them to do if they wanted to prolong themselves from going to jail and that he thought he could stop me from coming forward with the truth about what I knew, and that they tried to take my life from me using any methods possible, stealing my life, my children, my health, my time, and personal belongings including my house to scare me and silence me and make me as nervous as humanly possible so that I would not stand and tell that they had confessed their murders to me.

D.B. alleged that this way all the criminals who have harmed me would no longer be able to do anymore abuse, nor use me for money or talents, or cause the girls any future harm. He alleged and promised that I was no longer going to be abused and that part of my life was over, yet I have been abused every day since that time.

D.B. alleged that they would all be brought to justice for the harm that they had caused and had already imposed upon me and my daughters. He alleged that this was his way of getting back at them and getting me to the top before he passed away. He wanted to be sure that I would have the finances available to secure a future for the girls and I. 

When I was told about this I exploded as I wanted justice and closure but I did not want to participate in any form of political activism. I have no choice at this time as D.B. and his co-horts have put me in a position and so much damage has been done to me and my children at the hand of the officials that I must follow through and tell what I know and file suit regardless of the fact that I said NO I did not wish to participate so he destroyed my residence, and took my kids instead leaving me with no choice, no freedom and no liberty in choosing.





D.B. alleged that the abuses depicted herein were carefully thought out and pre-conspired and done to me on purpose to create a “certain type of strong-minded individual” that would not back down or be to scared to stand up for themselves in any court or life or death situation.

D.B. allegedly used his position to lie to officials and get them to break the law which is not entrapment because I am not any type of agent, but a victim of crime that is doing the right thing and telling the government about him his co-horts and the atrocity’s that have gone on all of which are crimes.

D.B. also confessed his crimes to me and a couple of those crimes I viewed evidence of for myself with my own two eyes. He alleged that the CIA had no clue what he had done in his past as far as killing or killing for life insurance proceeds.

My family on D.B.’s side comes from a long line of MASONS from Sweden and that is stated in my Family History book. I was also told that my grandmother C.B.B.G.G. who I am also turning in was allegedly Illuminati, which I do not know if that is true or not.

D.B. stated that at the time that he was brought on as a CIA agent it was not common place to do lie detector tests or anything of that nature. He also alleged that he had attempted to get a job as a correctional officer which I do remember, and he had failed the lie detector test when asked if he had killed someone. The correctional officer position would have been in 1992-1993 timeframe.

D.B. alleged that he had pre-planned and mapped out my life including the abuses inflicted on me, having me molested, raped, and sex-trafficked by gang members. He has purposefully made me sick and caused my genetic disposition for Systemic Lupus to become an everyday struggle, nearly had me killed, left me in harm’s way, had my children abducted, had me abducted, and has kept me from having any type of life.

Until after I file this document and the lawsuit that is filed in conjunction but separately. He has done this to push their political agenda’s trough me and my life story.  Obviously, since I was the victim of those herein described, I was not in agreement with this and have been severely abused my entire life in every way imaginable starting out when I was an infant.

I demand fit and proper justice for what has been done to me by all assailants herein described. Failure to do so is a denial of justice.

The first time that I remember D.B. telling me that he was a CIA operative I was ten or twelve years old. We were sitting in my grandmother’s kitchen at the table and he was sitting in my grandfather’s seat. He showed me a Black hat that said CIA on it. When he told me, I rebutted “You could have gotten that hat at the Flea Market.” I said “You’re a door installer, and don’t even have a high-school diploma”, he responded “You don’t need one not for what I am doing, and some day you are going to eat them words.”

D.B. worked as a door, and window guard installer for a Sears backed company “Family Security”.  He also had worked for “Superior” doors and windows, and had a company of his own named “POWERHOUSE”. D.B. made a living putting steel security doors on people’s houses in bad neighborhoods, and turning their houses into firetraps and prisons with Window Guards. He alleged that these were real jobs and he got paid for the jobs that he did, but he had a lot of down time and extra time on his hand which is when he did his writing, illegal dealings which was allegedly CIA work.

D.B. alleged being a CIA agent to me another time while living in my grandmother’s basement, and stated that there was a great deal of animosity between him and my J.E.B. because my uncle J.E.B. was undercover FBI and D.B. alleged he was higher ranking even though he was the younger brother and though of as the “FU-P” he then alleged he was made Inspector General for the country.

D.B. alleged that every dime he ever made as a CIA operative had been put into an account that he only was able to make deposits on. He also alleged that that is where his portion of royalties went from books he had written, songs he sold, and stories he had sold to Hollywood and had been made into films such as Star Wars. My aunt D. “Lucus” was allegedly related to G.L. The money was allegedly taken from D.B. or given to D.T. for safe keeping. 

D.B. alleged, that since he had killed, he did not allow himself any enjoyment, and stayed with C.P.S.B.S.B., who he alleged is also a criminal. D.B. alleged that because C.P.S.B.S.B. had killed and he knew she killed, poisoned him, poisoned me, and poisoned her boys, and caused him to lose his foot, he had made her into his slave and forced her to take care of him all these years and that there was no love involved in their relationship at all.

D.B. alleged that she had forced me to live a lie therefore he forced her to live one, he said she was just too stupid to know it or accept it. 

D.B. has been telling me to sue him since I was about eight years old, he said that I should sue him for all the abuse that he inflicted on me when I was growing up. He also told me that If I did not like him, I could divorce him. I responded that was gross as he was my father not my husband.

Once he said that he was going to force me to sue and in his “Directives”, he stated “I keep telling you I work for the CIA and always have but you don’t seem to be grasping that information, I do not know what is so bad about it but you don’t. He stated “these are your directives, you have your own set of directives I gave everyone else the wrong instructions and the wrong map, you follow yours”.

D.B. then proceeded to inform me and remind me of my past and the things that had occurred in my past that I did not think had anything to do with my children being taken from me unlawfully.

D.B. made allegations of what had occurred and what was going to occur far in advance which he alleged he learned through surveillance and by leading people to believe that the things he was telling them to do was the right way to handle the situation, and get me to be silent, in the filing of a lawsuit which I filed against all parties that had participated in the unlawful removal of my minor children and failure to do the jobs they were sworn to do.

I filed a Federal Court Case in Hammond Federal District court in 1/ 2017 for their unlawful removal and turned in my ex-husband and others for their crimes against me and had been ignored by Judges, Police, and other officials in my very real and true allegations of what I had gone through in my life and while living with my ex-husband E.M.M.  I never had a preliminary hearing, the case was not dismissed and stands based on it’s merit but no action has been taken by the court to rectify any problems, I have been ignored.



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