Chapter 26 D.B. Can Not Be Trusted he will DENY- DENY- DENY

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The problem is I do not trust D.B. anymore due to his attempts to cover up his own crimes, and the attempts that he has made on my life both himself with his “Stock Boys”, the abduction of my kids, and the sex-trafficking of me and alleged rapes of them, and the possible missing grandchild, destruction and thieving of my home and personal items under his direction.

D.B. has lost my trust and has become the opposition. All those involved in the racketeering have made themselves criminals by aiding and abetting after the fact, and helping him to cover his tracks and hide the crimes they have done and that he has done. No matter how you look at it what has been done to me, and to my daughters is a crime and his is not the only person behind that crime but he is one of the main persons directing and facilitating the crimes and directing others on what to do, what to say and how to act. Why they listen is beyond me as he is telling them to do the wrong thing and not the right. 

Regardless, of if the hole next to the furnace I saw in Summit was a burial spot, where D.B. alleged he had buried a man. Regardless, of if the woman in Palos Hills was a person or a dummy, if the hole found in my basement contains a body, or if my garage had a dead man inside or has dead peopled buried in the dirt floor, all of this is a crime. Regardless, of if there is a paper trail or not what has been done is malicious and other crimes have been participated in as a result.

I know I saw a body in Palos Hills and blood in the laundry room of the apartment we lived in, I know I was nearly sexually assaulted by W.E.V. in an attempt to get me to forget what I saw. During one call D.B. alleged it was a dummy, in many, many others he alleged he had killed the woman. I do not believe it was a dummy that I saw but a woman, if it were a dummy then D.B. would simply cough up the dummy and put an end to the whole thing by saying here look Dummy it was just a dummy he can’t because it was not a dummy. If he does then it still proves how malicious, hateful and vindictive he is.

Getting Authorities into Trouble to Create Diversions &  Prolong the Inevitable


Everything that was done to me, including lies that were told and people contacting the police and authorities before I get there has been done to prevent them from listing to me or taking me seriously. This was done because of what I saw, what I lived thorough and have experienced, I spent most my life in shock as a result. If there was nothing for anyone to worry about they would not have to contact anyone ahead of time, or make up excuses for why I am going to them with the reports that I have gone to them with as they would not even suspect or think that I would be making a report in the first place. If you have done nothing wrong you have nothing to be fearful of, the only time someone does to a person what has been done to me is if they are hiding something or trying to cover up crimes or wish them ill will. In any event I need protection from those involved and they need to go to jail so I can have a life of my own free from D.B’s tyranny and oppression, preserving my health, and helping me to secure a future of some kind for the rest of my life and my daughters lives, and if there are any grandchildren then their lives.

My life has been destroyed on a constant and continual basis ever since. D.B. alleged that he had stolen my own life for his and he has done the same to many, many, others. D.B. had called me and alleged to killing or having to do with the deaths of 300 people at which time I started to cry.



D.B. has said that there were two ways to take a man’s life one was by killing the other was by putting them in jail. When he or anyone else contacts the authorities and lies about me and they do not do their job and locking me up, or putting me in psych wards against my will, that very second, they turn themselves into criminals and will be held liable for criminal corruption, racketeering, and criminal denial of civil liberties. This is his intention and the other’s involved intention in doing so in the first place and what makes this some kind of criminal corruption sting.

D.B. alleged that he was infuriated with me for going to the police in the first place back in 2102 when I did, he also alleged that I was wasting my time fighting for my kids and for justice in what was done to me and that he had made sure of it as did the others by calling ahead and starting rumors about me out on the streets that got back to the people in charge. (whatever that means). He said that he, E.M.M. and others made up all kinds of lies and stories and that people believed the things that were said and that was why I was constantly harassed, ignored by cops and officers of the law and why I kept getting into trouble with the law and put in psych wards, could not get reasonable medical care or attention and why people said some not all of the things they said to me and about me. D.B. alleged that each and every family member  I ever had other than my kids were “ALL GONE” at a bare minimum for conspiracy. 

I believe both he and the others have done this, and he had confessed to me his crimes of killing Grandpa and Doris and had confessed to killing others in my family because they were thought to be a burden and for life insurance no different than me. In D.B.’s eyes and my family’s eyes I am nothing more than a burden because I am dyslexic and have Systemic Lupus, Fibromyalgia, and RA, plus the beginning of COPD.   I have been plagued with health problems my entire life and D.B. stated that I was sick because he made sure I was made sick and kept me that way so I could not get away and could be used for his “little project”. My family views people that are sick as “Cancers on society, and cancers on the family”. If I died he got a payout if not then I could be used for his political agenda’s and “sting”. 

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