Chapter 27 Real Masons VS. People Posing As Masons & Hold No Heritage

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I have met real Masons and they have never been crewel to me or my kids. The people I have met seemed to me to have class and were studious, and wanted me to be studious. I have been inside the 32nd degree Masonic Temple in South Bend Indiana, and felt comfortable there and comfortable taking my children to them for assistance. I have never felt or picked up on any ill will toward me or my daughters and there was never any sexual content or anything of that type brought up. I was trained as a dyslexia tutor there and was never asked for anything in return. Their help to me and my daughters was made freely available, and knowledge is a powerful tool that can and is used to earn money. They provided me with a free tool to take care of the problem of my children not being able to read and to take care of myself if I chose.

This helped me to build self-esteem that has helped me in this time of need. I found myself there because my daughter M.R.M. could not read and was having problems as fate would have it, I was being poisoned by my ex-husband E.M.M. and very sick at the time and I know they saw how sick that I was.  Somehow, I found the right place to go without knowing that I was in the right place as I had forgotten my family history and did not think it was important at the time.

I was brought up and taught to believe that the many MASONS were Sheriff’s and members of authority and law enforcement. Since D.B. and family members are criminals, I suppose I can see why they would be making the accusations that they have made as I have been brought up and conditioned to be afraid of police and not to call them not even in a time of need. Many officers have created that situation as well and from what I can tell there are many officers who are affiliated with D.B. and have taken his direction. D.B. has never had anything good to say about the Masons, except that he took me to them when I was young and was afraid I would be kidnapped, he asked them to protect me even if that meant from him, he alleged they promised to do so and then later alleged that he thought they would want something in return. I think he used this as a tool to scare me away from them and to put blame on them for something that he had cooked up and planned to do to me since I was a young girl and has more to do with his “gang-banger” and “political agenda”. He had men pose as masons, and wear hoods and he told me it was them that had sex-trafficked me, I hope he was wrong because I will be very disappointed if he is not. He has brought shame upon me, my daughters, this country, and the Masons and people who protect the people of this country with his attempts at keeping his freedom and his political agenda’s and “alleged sting”.

Additionally, other family members knew I was being poisoned and did nothing, other family members have poisoned me as well, other family members knew I was going to be sex-trafficked and have my kids taken away and when you sit down and look at it, the whole thing seems highly political to me. I am not happy about being used or forced to do other’s bidding for any reason, cause or anything else. If people wanted my help then all they had to do was ask.  I do not know if the masons are involved or not, D.B. has done a good job of attempting to make me think that everyone hates me, from what I can tell my family and he do. However, the people out in the world outside of these criminals do not hate me and many have shown me kindness and love in many ways. It’s the little things. 

D.B. alleged that at least one of the men that had participated in the sex-trafficking of me was of Mason Heritage. However, as in all things you can not hold the acts of one or two against an entire community of people. Its not right to do so, there are always people from different heritages, nationalities, races, creeds, and backgrounds that break moral codes and laws. D.B. alleged that the parents of the men who participate in these type of things really did not know what their sons were up to.  

I was told that much of his power over them came to him through both blackmail and by his paying them off and E.M.M. paying them off as well as lies and manipulations of them in that many assumed since my family members were criminals, alcoholics and drug addicts they mis-categorized me and stereotyped me and as a result have made many grievous errors. I was also told that many of my extended family members were also lied to and made assumptions based on those lies and as a result they have turned their backs on me as well without doing their due diligence in checking things out in my life for themselves.

Many people assumed that since L.B. was an alcoholic, and D.B. was a criminal that I must be the same way as well. Some people know the truth and many of those people are the ones that have been helping me to remember my past and the things that were said and rebuild my life and self-esteem so that I would have the self-esteem needed to stand up and tell the truth and tell what they have all done to me, the authorities, and my children as well as other victims of their crimes.

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