Chapter 28 Plastic People & Smiling Faces

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This Scene from Goodfella’s is an example D.B. shared with me of smiling faces, I deal with a lot of smiling faces in this disaster and could give many examples. Most don’t hurt me and just try to scare me or detour me from obtaining justice and getting my work done. Stealing, lying, wasting my time and day, and saying hateful things that I just keep track of but keep going in spite of them.  



It can be difficult to identify a “smiling face” a “smiling face” can harm you, They are monsters in closets, they will defame your character, or deliver a threat in a roundabout way. They are not your friends but will pretend to you and to everyone else that they are.  Most of the time you don’t find out they are a smiling face until it is to late. They also lie about you to other people behind your back and while they are telling those lies, they are a smiling face to the person who they are telling the lie to and to you.

The only real way I can explain what a smiling face is that they are pathological liars, psychopaths, and narcist’s. They have an underlying reason for their actions and that is not ever a good reason. They are plastic people, everything about them feels fake, from the way they shake your hand, to the way they carry themselves or even their fake smiles that they put on their faces, not the kind of smiles to hide their pain, but the kind of smile that you know is not genuine.

D.B., E.M.M., A.E.V., MA.M. are all prime example of a smiling face, as is W.E.V. and L.V.W. and L.Chorn. and C.P.S.B.S.B., R.A.B., and pretty much the rest of the family that are criminals. It is important to understand that what has happened to me is all part of my father D.B.’s insurance sting. There are more smiling faces too, but these are the primary ones I am focusing on for now.

Many people do not even know me or my children or anything about me that includes the people in the family’s depicted herein, and the extended families. They are trying to protect themselves, and the family member that may have been closest to me that have done me harm. D.B. alleged that all these people were involved somehow and afraid of getting caught. It looks as though I think the whole world is out to get me because of D.B.’s accusations but the reality is that is not the case. The problem is that there are people that have always been deceitful including him and those who are involved in the racketeering have done a good job of attempting to silence and intimidate me. It’s the same as dealing with a pack of bullies on a playground except worse because its not a controlled environment where as on the playground it is.

I get threats against my kids in round about ways, I could be sitting at dinner and all of a sudden be asked out of the clear blue sky for no reason at all “where is M.M.V.M.?” Where does she live?” “Where is A.J.V.M. where does she live?” I was told by D.B. that these questions were going to be asked and that I should consider them as threats. The person making the statement does not always have to have a smile on their face, but a lot of times they do. The comments and statements are often times made under the persons breath, or mixed in between other statements, or made between two people when you’re not paying full attention to what they are saying.

Sometimes, they come across louder or with more emphasis on certain words. D.B. alleged that this was some kind of code that they were using or that in some cases, their subconscious shining through. D.B. alleged that people spoke using a code that they developed and it was some kind of MOB thing and that I had been walking around in a daze for years because I speak plain English and do not talk in code.

D.B. alleged that I was going to be taught this code so I could follow along with the things people were saying and so I could be able to tell investigators what was going on as they were all under surveillance and they knew it, and investigators could tell something was going on but were not completely understanding what they were seeing because they did not know or understand the codes that were being used.

I thought this was crazy until I started to see what he was talking about, then again, he has people “acting” in an effort to get out of trouble therefore, that could be all that is really going on. Because people are “acting” that makes you take down your guard which I was forewarned about by D.B. who said “If you think they are acting or its all an act, I guarantee you it is not, and do not allow it to disway you, and do not take down your guard. If they act peculiar then it is peculiar, and then you know what you’re dealing with. If they are not being candid with you then there is a reason they are not being candid, use the deductive reasoning skills that I taught you how to use, that you don’t seem to be using, and I don’t know why you are no,t but you need to be using them, this is real and this is not a joke.”

This is how it is done; this is how people are killed inconspicuously without people realizing they are being killed or anyone else knowing that they are being killed, this is how the MOB does things and don’t get caught at it. D.B. told me that if people are acting, they are not being candid and they are not to be trusted, nor are they my friends. People who love you do not have to “ACT” like they love you, and they don’t act in any other ways either, and they certainly don’t play games with you. They are simply themselves.

When the statements are made or the people are acting in a manner in which D.B. depicted to me on the telephone prior, I pretend to ignore them and simply watch what they are doing and listen to what they are saying, I simply laugh off the statements and do not react to them as that was what I have always done and what I was taught and told to do. Do not react, and simply keep it in my memory bank, and then handle the situation later.

I also have to wait to see if any action is taken that goes along with the statements, so that things are not taken out of context. I have experience from dealing with and living with A.E.V., E.M.M. all those years and D.B. my whole life. Except D.B. is not a smiling face if he doesn’t like you, you should know it at least I usually did.

D.B. calls himself a straight shooter, he tells it like it is, doesn’t beat around the bush, if he wants to make a threat, he just makes the threat and does not use a special code to do it. I am a straight shooter too, I don’t speak in code, I speak in plain English. People don’t know what I want or need unless I tell them in English. D.B. doesn’t play games, he never would play games with me as a child, he bought me games and put them on a shelf but refused to play them with me. If I asked him to play, he would say “No, I don’t play games nor should you”.

People playing games with symbolism and messages, and use them as insults and a way to get me to dislike art. Talking in codes is a waste of time and energy as far as I am concerned but I needed to know the code so I could understand what was going on. I have real things to do with my life and time and do not have the patience for other people to sit around deciphering what it is I am trying to convey to them. I am honest, so painfully honest that I usually am the one in pain due to getting my butt kicked because of being honest. People do not like to hear it like it is, and when you tell it like it is without the sugar coating they get pretty upset.

The people I deal with that are allegedly my family including D.B. are not genuine, their concern is not genuine, and usually you can tell that if you pay close enough attention. They are not candid, their statements are based on falsehoods and assumption, and many times simply unbelievable in context and in nature. They think I believe them because I don’t call them out on the statements, and simply allow them to keep right on lying to avoid an altercation. Sometimes, you can feel their nervousness, hate, or nothing at all which means they are guarding themselves. You may see a slight smirk when they speak, not quite a smile just a smirk, sometimes you can see the glare in their eyes while they talk, or the glimmer in their eyes, which can be hate or greed, you can see the envy in their facial expressions and the statements they make. Most of the time their faces mostly their eyes do not always match their words. I was taught to watch everything, but not let them know I was watching, this includes eye placement, eye movement, micro-expression, inflection, tone, sarcasm, head tilt,  and even head nods and body language. I was taught how to tell the difference between sincerity and genuine v.s. plastic or dishonesty. It is a lot easier to do when your not blinded by love. 

Except for many years the hate filled comments, threats, and tongue in check comments went right over my head most of the time, or I made it seem like they did and walked away thinking boy this person is a real jerk, or hes so full of shit his eyes must be brown. Then I pulled away and just stopped talking to them. Which is what D.B. told me to do so that I do not allow myself to be abused by them or to have hurt feelings because of their devious hate-filled moronic behavior, he did not want me to allow myself to be provoked by it, as he alleged that was what they were trying to do most of the time.  

Smiling faces act like they love you; they say things like “I love You,” they act overly concerned about you, your health, and your safety, your life, they act overly concerned about what you eat how often you eat, what your weight is, and every other aspect of your life except the things that you need them to be concerned about or would want them to be concerned about. D.B. calls this “misplaced concern”, and he alleged that it is a pattern to watch for and that I learned about being married to E.M.M.

Then when you go to the authorities and tell on them, they act confused by it, “I don’t know why with the emphasis on why, she feels that way with the emphasis on way, I love her with the emphasis on love, her with the emphasis on her, so much and always have loved her.

During the time that you’re around a “smiling face” things are usually broken, stolen, or damaged in some way. You could go to sleep and wake up and find your phone is broken, or missing, your computer ports damaged, shoes destroyed, or anything else. Then if you say something, they act like its you or they do not know what you are talking about. They pretend like they are just as upset about it as you are but show little to no empathy.

Since D.B. told me prior to most of what these people were going to do and I then see that they did what he said I then become angry. Not just at the broken, missing or damaged item, but convinced that there is no shortage of stupid people as I am to add anyone who participates in this to the list of defendants for the part, they played in this. It is Organized Crime Activity, Racketeering and a form of Witness Intimidation, and Witness Tampering and since they are following D.B.’s instruction.  I was forewarned and it is abuse especially if you’re walking around with no clue that it is going on which I was for years. It is also conspiracy since he told them to do it and they conspired with him to do it.

 It does not matter who they are, what they do, what their job title is, how big their bank account, it matters not if they wear a badge a robe or have a medical degree, what their job title is, who they are or were supposed to be to me does not matter, not thier blood lines not if they are someone off the street or even if they helped me in some ways. No matter who stands in my way I am to turn them in and sue them, taking everything from them as they have taken everything from me. There is no excuse for participating in racketeering, or organized crime, nor is there any excuse to deny a person justice, or trying to hide or helping to hide or cover up any sort of crime, nor is there ever a valid reason to attempt to scare, belittle or coerce a victim into silence.

 Dismissing the statements made by the victim and dismissing the facts of the statements made, trying to explain away the statements in some way. They will use anything they can to explain away the accusations discount them or make you feel insecure in making them. This is very often allegedly seen in abuse cases, and in cases where old or elderly people are involved or in cases where small children are involved or even mentally disabled. These types of cases are rampant with “smiling faces”.

For Instance, many times an elderly person will make an accusation of abuse or even attempted murder to a nurse or staff member somewhere like at a hospital or nursing home and the staff member will be told by the abusive family member that they are suffering from a mental defect or that the elderly person has Alzheimer’s or dementia or has depression. Sometimes they blame it on medication or the disease itself. They will try to explain away the statements in a nice but firm way, and say that the statements being made are not valid when they really are valid. This causes a delay, in getting assistance to the abused victim if they can ever get assistance as it can cause them to be not believed thus causing them to shut down completely and simply submit to, and accept the abuse that they are receiving from the perpetrator who is the “smiling face”.

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