Chapter 29 An Example of Smiling Faces, E.M.M. & Spicy Chicken

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One example of a smiling face can be shown in the awkward dinner conversation that was had right after the Needle Incident at my residence. One of my favorite things to eat for dinner was Chicken Parm from Aldi with Spaghetti. E.M.M. made this for dinner except there was only one piece of chicken. M.M.V.M. and AJVM had chicken sandwiches, spicy chicken sandwiches. E.M.M. made the chicken allegedly for me and tried to give it to me. Because he was the man and there was only one piece  I told him he could have the chicken, he refused it and told me to eat it which seems like the “nice thing to do” which is what makes it a “smiling face”. It is also not like him to turn down food especially not meat.  He was very insistent that I take the chicken and that he did not want it and was overly insistent that I eat it, and his responses were short and curt. 

While sitting at the table, I told E.M.M., “I don’t want the chicken you take it, he replied quickly and without thinking about it at all, “no that’s ok you eat it”. “I don’t want it”, I replied “Maybe M.M.V.M. wants it,” he interjected quickly “NO M. has spicy chicken”, I responded “Maybe AJVM wants it,” he replied quickly again “NO she has spicy chicken to, you eat it.”  “Well I am not eating it”, I responded and I ate my spaghetti. The girls were already eating I knew they did not want it. 

Another example is purchasing gifts for the victim and or replacing items that are broken, an example of that is shown in things going missing like my vape, my vape vanished and then was replaced to keep the peace. The point is to keep the victim happy, upset them but not to much if you upset them to much you chase them away and its harder to take them out.

The point of stealing something to replace it makes no sense to me, but not all things are replaced, most of the time they vanish and are never returned. Mostly, it is to keep your mind occupied on being angry that something was stolen and then the person who is abusive or the one who stole it is then the “hero” for replacing it. It makes you feel obligated to stay with them and guilty if you leave, it also makes confronting them on it harder and makes you seem unreasonable if you do, ts psychological warfare really and all designed to take away your personal power, and guilt you into submission.

You would like to think that people are “being nice” because that is the way that they are supposed to be, but when things turn up missing and destroyed plus you were forewarned about it, or it keeps happening repeatedly, then deductive reasoning comes into play and you simply must ask yourself why is this person acting in this manner? What is it that is compelling them to do the things they are doing or saying? 

The jury is still out on some, but not all,  of those involved and the list of defendants just keeps growing. 

These are all things I was specifically taught to look out for, these are all behaviors D.B. has gone over with me repeatedly over the course of my lifetime,  and it did not take me long to see or understand what he was trying to explain to me over the telephone even though what he said seemed vague to me at the time.

Usually, D.B. makes me so angry with his statements, and because I do not understand what he is trying to explain to me that I explode and forget the conversation, even if he asks me to stay calm because this kind of thing really infuriates me and I did not understand it because I am not that way. Which he said he knew I was not that way but other people were that way so I had to learn about it so I could teach it to and explain it to authorities. If I save one life then it’s worth it in the end. Its difficult to grasp when it is explained to you unless you have apparently studied criminology or criminal psychology I am an artist not a cop, or criminal psychologist. D.B. alleged that these behaviors were not all that uncommon in gangs or mobs and it would be understood by investigators if I explained it to them in this manner.

I do not sit around at night thinking up ways to mess with another person, I do not steal, or lie though I was given permission to lie some just not to the people that count and not in court, I am not deceptive. I do not go and get my friends after you when you do me wrong because first of all I am a leader and handle the situation myself like I am doing now, and secondly I don’t have friends I have the law. I can not wrap my own brain around other peoples actions, all I can tell you is that it seems to me that I am left with little to no choice but to believe the other things D.B. alleged, even though sometimes I think the point of causing all these things to happen is an effort to force me to believe even if they are not true.

Like a “Twist” in the books I used to read in school when I was a kid called Twisters. This is why more hard evidence is needed like discovery of a paper trail, and the exhumation of bodies. When it comes to the law, and the officials there is a mountain of evidence to support my allegations in the form of video, mp3 files and transcripts and they best match up. Other than my own eye witness accounts, audio, video, and the one found canceled out policy online there is not much that I physically can hold in my hands to link those who are participating in the racketeering to actual life insurance. Although the last time I went to try and see D.B. he would not talk to me and kept hooting at me like an owl so “who” knows. I think I may have to call a spade a spade. 

That’s why I need witness protection and not jail or some psych ward, and assistance from investigators that have access to databases, and the ACH.  I was informed that “this was already known about by many investigators out there” by D.B.

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