Chapter 30 Socrates NOT Nietzsche

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Socrates (Soap-crates)  – Friedrich Nietzsche

In philosophy there are people called Nihilist such as Fredrick Niche who I did a report on in Mr. McCoy’s class in college,  and persons who file the teachings of Socrates. I am not a Nihilist, which means I do not think that people are bad and will do bad just because they can or can get away with it, D.B. on the other hand does not put anything past anyone.

I DO NOT BELIEVE that they are all out to get me, and have no morals or moral standing.  D.B. says they are, they are family, extended family and those that have allegedly bough insurance polices from him and other companies, are co-conspirators to the poisoning of me and taking of my kids, and those who are about to get caught.

D.B. on the other had seems to be paranoid and a Nihilist, he believes that people have no morals and no moral standing, he thinks all men want in my pants, and that if they think they can break the law or get one over on me on the police or on society or each other they will.

D.B. also has an agenda of attempting to keep me from turning him in to authorities, and has used every scare tactic he can think of including lying to officials and manipulating them.  I follow Socrates in that I think people are usually good and sometimes they make mistakes which is what criminal law is for and that is why they call prison’s criminal correction or rehabilitation facilities. This is another area which D.B. and I have had arguments and something that we do not agree on and also it seems he wants to change my viewpoints on which as you read on through this you will begin to see there are multiple things we do not see eye to eye on and he has done everything in his power to change my mind on.

However, the reality is I am dealing with crime, criminals, criminal corruption, and really nasty bunch of criminals, most of which are at least gang members, all of which have one primary objective and that is staying out of jail and keeping their lives and freedom even if it means taking my health, my life, my daughters, and my freedom from me. Its good to think like Socrates but for now, I need to use both philosophers because people don’t seem to be themselves around me lately and I am not exactly sure why that is. Again Deductive reasoning the reality is D.B. said I was walking around with a great big dollar sign above my head and I don’t know that there is for sure but I do have a great big question mark above it. 

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