Chapter 31 Alleged Legally & Illegally Gotten Surveillance

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D.B. alleged that the surveillance that he obtained came from the CIA while other surveillance was illegally gotten and that there was a team of criminals who had done me harm and are suspects in this case were part of that team. Using Google Earth Live as was used in Katrina, as a tool to obtain surveillance and placing a virus in the root sector of my hard drive on my computer. If the virus is specially coded and named the Virus would not be picked up by a software program as the software program has to know what it is looking for. If the software program does not know what the virus is called it will be skipped right over.

D.B. also alleged that “They” had launched a “GO PRO” up in space and told me to search Youtube for footage to coal-berate WHICH I FOUND at the end of the video it says “I can’t believe you made it this far”. Its really long so you might want to skip ahead to see that he is not playing with me or anyone else. D.B. wanted me to see it so that I could see how this was being done. E.M.M. and R.Y were allegedly also able to use Google Live or Google Maps Live to do live surveillance. This is how they know my coming’s and goings, where I was, who I was with, and what I was doing. D.B. alleged the CIA had their own surveillance and explained to me how to obtain that evidence by suing them and then subpoenaing them. IT was not done lawfully so nothing can be used against me. D.B. also alleged that L.S.P.D. had been doing their own surveillance looking to prove that I had been doing anything wrong. He alleged they were chomping at the bit to find something, anything they could pin on me and that they were aware of the constant harassment and my neighbor and doing nothing about it. D.B. alleged my surveillance had surveillance, which means they were surveillance me and they were being surveillance “playing god” and not doing their jobs and the right thing in keeping me safe. D.B. said there was no warrant for any of this because they were just fishing. 

E.M.M. used this tool in front of me in doing roof estimates when he worked for R.Y. who is involved in this. R.Y.’s wife E.Y. worked for Shelter Insurance a company that D.B. alleged he was a secret owner or shareholder of. R.Y.

R.Y. was tied to M.W. and a social worker for the Indiana Dept. of Children and families and a primary person involved in the unlawful abducting of them from my care with the hopes that I would kill myself. D.B. explained that the taking of my kids, putting false charges on me, getting the judges to not do their jobs, and trying to coerce and stop me from obtaining justice has all  been done to steal my hope, break my will and is a form of murder, called  forced or pushed suicide and another way other people have been targeted and killed in this case. In addition to other charges here in stated on this page and website. 


D.B. has told me who was planning to do what, when where and how nearly a year and a half before everything took place. He has told me what peoples plans were, and their motives for making the plans. He has told me who I would meet, what they would say and what they were going to do. He alleged that those who were doing these things were all co-conspirators and the second they met me E.M.M. or my kids they were then placed under surveillance and watched like hawks. Their text messages and telephone calls were listened to, online accounts monitored and when ever he could video surveillance was obtained even if he had to have people break into peoples houses to do it when they went out.           



D.B. Told me I was Going to Meet M.W. an Alleged Undercover L.S.P.D. Officer and

The Husband or Ex-husband of a Indiana Social Worker that Helped take my kids.

M.W was also allegedly an undercover Lake Station officer and attempted to entrap me by offering me money after he engaged in deceptive sexual intercourse with me and I refused it throwing it back at him and informing him that I am not his whore which is part of sex-trafficking. This is solicitation for prostitution, and SEX-TRAFFICKING, as he is a person who was involved in the sex-trafficking of me. The name “W.” is on a document that was given to me with my family heritage book or documents that came with my heritage book as MASON M.W. was very interested in the Masons and trying to figure out a code. I met a man named “Bob” WHO LOOKED LIKE, AND SPOKE LIKE W.E.V. AND WAS W.’S FRIEND he had to of been a relative just like D.B. had told me prior.  I was informed prior to meeting him of what his intentions were by D.B. This man is now a rapist and has brought shame upon the Masons with his actions. I did not know who he was at first and did not remember what D.B. said until the second time I called him because a man in my neighborhood dropped me off  in -14 degree weather because I refused to have intercourse with him and is part of the sex-trafficking of me. And happened the way D.B. informed me it was going to. M.W. had malicious intent, and engaged in deceptive practices and as such is just as much as a rapist as all others that participated in the sex-trafficking of me.

E.M.M., R.Y., E.Y., M.W.

M.W. took me to a house which E.M.M. had taken me to in the past and I think was R.Y.’s parents’ house or mother in laws house or his house. I sat in the driveway knowing that I had been to the residence before with E.M.M., M.W. had a used Mercedes in his driveway that D.B. told me had been purchased to humiliate me and insult me, and when arguing with me M.W. alleged that he had “put himself out for me”. M.W. told me I was stupid for thinking I was ever getting my daughters back and for even trying and threatened that I would be put in jail for the rest of my life for the rest of my life for even trying it. M.W. was focusing in on making money rather than on saving human life.

I informed him that he was not my father, not my husband, did not want to be my boyfriend, asked him who he thought he was telling me what I should or should not be doing, and asked him who he thought he was. I informed him that he was the one with mixed up priorities, and that I would take what he said under advisement. It is those who put money before human life that have mixed up priority’s as money does not bring people back from the grave. M.W. worked for a company called “Handy Pro’s”. On the way back to my house M.W. said he had a “change of heart” but there was no way I was going back to his residence and would rather freeze to death in the house with no utilities than deal with his negative, abusive, vengeful and hateful demeanor.


D.B. alleged that the Jail where I was held the courtrooms and L.S.S.H. were all surveillance by E.M.M.’s work Universal Surveillance. When at Lake County Jail I saw signs on the wall that alleged the same. D.B. alleged that E.M.M. had shared recorded videos and then an IPSEC feed so that the jails, courtrooms, and hospitals could be viewed and reviewed. D.B. alleged he had a judges chambers bugged, and had watched E.M.M. going there to speak with the judge in private which no one is supposed to be doing as that is ex-parte’ communication and that she had been caught calling Washington and requesting “Judicial Comradary” which surmounts to corruption.


D.B. told me to obtain surveillance footage of all areas of the jail where I was housed or taken into and informed me that the audio files and video files are kept separate and to make sure I subpoena’ed all courtroom transcripts and if I am told that there are not any then I am to pose the question of why there are five or six camera’s in each courtroom if there are allegedly none. D.B. told me that I am to match up the transcripts with the audio files to ensure that nothing was taken out of the court records which will all prove my case as it is as solid as a mountain.


There is no excuse for what has been done, not by the criminals and definitely not by officials that have turned themselves into criminals by taking the actions they made and making the choices that they made. That’s on them, not on me as there is no excuse for their behavior and from what I have seen its not just me that is treated wrongly its a lot of people. I am the only one who has the KNOWLEDGE and proverbial balls to stand up do the right thing, and tell the truth. That’s how good of a job they do scaring people into silence and submission which is Tyranny and Coercion as well as Witness Tampering, and Witness Intimidation and because of the number of judges involved creation of an organized crime enterprise and racketeering under RICO. I will not stop, I will not submit, submission has almost gotten me killed multiple times, I will not submit to anyone ever again. 


Everything you say and do is caught on tape and recorded by written transcript. D.B. told me to use power of subpoena to prove what was done and looking at the docket itself speaks mounds. Since I am my own Legal Representation, no surveillance, transcripts need to be paid for, and none of it can be kept from me including employee rosters as many of the people hide their identity by turning their badges backwards or do not use their correct names because they know they are abusing people. D.B. also alleged that if I wanted, I could request a tour of the jail, and a line up of personnel by way of subpoena as well.

D.B. contacted me out of the blue and gave me all of this information including what the alleged conspiracies were, what the false charges were going to be, and all other pertinent information that was needed for me to be able to file this suit and obtain justice. During that call it was alleged that A.J.V.M. had been sexually assaulted and her child taken from her care unlawfully in an effort to falsely prosecute me, silence her, and push her to forced or pushed suicide as she is a victim and a witness to crimes against me and her sisters.


D.B  alleged that anyone who came in contact with me no matter who they were or for how long was then surveillance and that was how this thing got so big. He assured me no one was going to be allowed to flea the country especially not E.M.M. or A.E.V. with my kids. They will be stopped at all cost. I am also supposed to be able to roam free and not be afraid of anything as there are eyes and ears on the ground, and in the sky. 

I am to turn in D.B. for his crimes against me and other’s I have directives to follow and am not to allow anyone to stop me. He is in a wheelchair and alleged that he was being poisoned and  he is not safe. D.B. alleged that this insurance thing is his life’s work, and that he did not want his life’s work to go to waste. The last time i saw D.B. he had the most infuriated look on his face, he looked like he was going to get up out of his scooter and lunge at me for not remembering what he told me which is not my fault its his. He also told me that he has told me that he was a CIA agent multiple times and that he was spying on me, but it just was not sinking in, he asked me not to smoke cigarettes and told me to vape, he said it makes him crazy when he see’s me smoking.

D.B. alleged he was a serial killer,  Gang banger, a gang creator, affiliated with and married to the MOB, an Mason, and a CIA agent and political activist. D.B. said I was taught specific things throughout my life and had been groomed specifically for this task and that I had been being used by absolutely everyone on the face of the planet except for my kids an a few select others. Ultimately, D.B. used me my entire life, for his own reasons and stole my life and irreparably  harmed me and my kids in doing so. He does not love me, he never did, he used me and so did everyone else in my family. He alleged he loves me but you do not do this to someone you love, you do not watch them die and just let it happen, you do not conspire to have them raped, and then watch as they are being raped for your political gains or to get yourself out of trouble. No one who is right thinking does these types of things or says the things that come out of his mouth. I am not loved, never was loved by anyone other than my girls and he took them away. D.B. said it’s lonely at the top, and that you can not have both LOVE and money, due to the court case I am slated for money, I hope I don’t lose my love because officials want to sit on their hands and do the right thing. 

He asked me the very important question of what do you think they do with hackers when the find them? They do not put them in prison they give them jobs and pick their brains and find out how they did what they did so they can learn from them. The problem is, I did not get a choice about any of this, and D.B. said he was putting the “squeeze on me”. D.B. called me the magic bullet, I am the peoples magic bullet, the government’s magic bullet, the kids magic bullet, I am everyone’s magic bullet. I did not sign up to be anyone magic bullet, I am the rightful mother to M.M.V.M. A.J.V.M.  M.R.M. and M.L.M. and possibly a grandmother to a child that was taken from A.J.V.M. which was allegedly the product of purposeful rape, and illegally and unlawfully taken from her and adopted out which is another post. Which D.B. alleged the government and other’s knew about and were attempting to hide and trying to cover up. 

I am not to be afraid about his life, I am not to allow anyone use that to scare me or stop me I am to keep going and not stop no matter what anyone says or does. No matter what, no matter what happens to him, even if he goes down, they all go down he took precautions for in case that happened. 

D.B. bet his life and a whole lot of other peoples lives on me including the lives of my girls and possible grandchild.