Chapter 32 Unlawful Surveillance and My Tools of the Trade

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I have experienced unbelievable hacking on my computer and realize that with this statement I am going to lose my primary form or way to earn an income and access to the outside world but it needs to be known what has been done as from what I was told since it was done to me it was going to be done to those who did it to me as well. Of course again I am the one who stands to be truly punished for the statement as I am the one who has no funds to replace my laptop once it is handed over to investigators who will confiscate it an may not find it due to it allegedly being in the root sector of the drive and stealth capabilities. D.B. alleged that the same thing had also been done to my cellphone as well, which again I finally agreed to get an I Phone and now it will be taken.

These items are my tools of the trade, not to be taken, destroyed or damaged, there is no respect from those involved, not for my life, not for my privacy, and not for my belongings. They do what they want when they want without any regard for the law, or for my rights under the law.

As a result of D.B.’s pack of lies and other’s invasion of my privacy D.B. has left me penniless, homeless, financially disabled, and without any tools of the trade to take care of myself. He has crippled my efforts in every way imaginable if a person is attempting to protect you and not do you harm they do not do those types of things they go to the government or the police and do things the fit and proper way they do not put you under surveillance and then use you and your children as minnows, worms, or grubs.

I do not know for sure but it seems to me that there is some clout to my father’s statements that my mother’s side of the family had vengeance in mind and ill will toward me and him, in store when my father took custody of me in the early 80’s. D.B. alleged that there were life insurance polices taken out on me when I was a baby and that L.B. did not really want me nor did he. It has been said in my presence that there were people who thought that killing an unwanted baby even after birth was not wrong. These statements were made to me by my alleged family members. Allegedly they had attempted to kill me but for whatever reason I allegedly would not die.

With familial gang involvement on both sides and with my two ex-husbands, and MOB involvement and my stepmother C.P.S.B.S.B. alleged MOB involvement when I was young and her being with my uncle R.L.B who is my mothers’ brother and who is the father of R.A.B. and then her seeking out an alleged relationship with D.B. there is something to what he has said as she came into D.B.’s life around the time he was taking legal action to have me removed from severely abusive situation that no child should ever have to live through or be forced to share or remember.

The death of D.G. and the purchase of an additional burial lot, which is still empty or was when I contacted the cemetery and asked for information regarding it was purchased by C.B.B.G.G. for either C.B.B.G.G. or for me. The death of D.G. is on C.B.B.G.G. and D.B. conscious according to what I have been told my entire life not one time, but in the double to triple of numbers of times throughout my life by not only D.B. but also by L.B. 

D.B. alleged that my vapes had been fitted with blue tooth chips in them and that they were also being purposefully damaged and destroyed as a method of controlling my behavior. I am a full grown adult and VAPEING is not against any law, it is my choice to vape I am not a child, or a pro-teen, I am an free thinking adult and am tired to being controlled, led, mislead, lead astray, defamed, and abused. I went to my MA.B. residence and while there both methods of charging including a wall charger and the vape itself were damaged and no not work any-longer.

The only vape that I have left has obviously been tampered with in that the screen is flipped upside down and the setting is set all the way up at 80 and will not turn down to any lower setting. I have also been put in a financial position where I am expected to sell my electronics including my laptop which will not ever happen as what very little I have left to my name including my socks with a reddish substance stained on them are evidence of crime, racketeering and the abuses inflicted on me by those around me.

In regard to other vapes have been purchased that worked for a day, I have woken up and the charger chip inside them have been broken while living with D.J.S. I have had them stop working and then work again later on without explanation, and I have woken up and the chargers for the battery charger was broken. Vapes have been stolen in a kleptomaniac style by D.J.S. my neighbor has come over when I walked into another room the canister was pulled apart breaking the seals, which also happened at L.B.’s house. The camera on my cellphone was hit with something to break it the way I was told it would be,

The cords go missing for electronics, and or the charging ports are broken on the inside which has happened to every laptop I ever owned so they can not be charged, ports broken on the sides so they can not be used for charging, the same happened to my portable DVD burner for my work, a printer was destroyed in that someone clogged all the colors other than black and blue on the print heads so the ink could not get through the nozzles ruining it completely. I had a $1500 dollar design plotter and woke up to the inner workings of the plotter head destroyed and the copper coil inside destroyed making it unusable after I had been using it and it worked fine the night before.

All these things are part of being a target of these persons, is not acceptable behavior and needs to be stopped. And I have been robbed of much of my belongings Gypsy style in that the person came to my house and then offered me some money said she would come back with the remaining money and wanted a refund acting as though I could not add, and stealing most of my belongings by taking what she wanted out of the house and adding things in exactly the way that D.B. had told me she was going to and trying to use evasive threats as if she was going to call the police on me if I did not let her back in to steal more from me. I have her alleged name and telephone number for investigators. The next day my house had been broken into and my floor had been sprayed in the manner that D.B. had forewarned me about prior, he alleged people were going to be trying to scare, intimidate. D.B. alleged people were doing everything in their power to stop, stall, and curtail me and my efforts and stop  me from getting to Washington D.C., turning in my case and report and seeking justice and they have been and refuse to knock it off and realize they are caught, were already caught, and nothing they say or do is ever going to stop true justice from being sought and carried out.

Remotely deleting files from my computers, and from my cellphone hacking my servers and my devices and stealing my evidence out of my safe, off my computer, from my person and doing anything else in their power to stop or detour me, what is not understood is that I am sitting on a huge paper trail of life insurance policies that can not be deleted, hacked, and  that no one can destroy.

D.B. alleged that he had the same sorts of problems and could not figure it out,  he also alleged that it was not right to do these types of things to a person and that it was being one to infuriate the person that it was happening to. D.B. alleged he had been being put through it for quite awhile and he thought it was a tool to push a person to spend money replacing things that they enjoyed because someone else thought they were funny, and that it was a method of power and control which is abusive, it also makes you feel like your just wasting your time, spinning your wheels in the mud and a method of trying to change a person all of these things are abusive as it is America and we all have choices it is not up to someone else to exert power and control over us be that government, family members, friends, nor is it right for a parent to exert power and control over an adult fully mature child.

D.B. alleged that he caught the family and people from Nathan Hale, Stagg, and Robert Morris, as well as those from my neighborhood, at what they were doing, and went to the government for assistance the way he alleged. At some point he must have changed his mind due to his crimes and what I saw in seeing the dead body in Palos Hills, Il. which complicated things for him, and he allowed those around me to nearly kill me as a result WHICH IS WHAT HE SAID.


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