Chapter 33 D.B. Confessed to Alleged MURDER FOR HIRE : “GOONS” & “STOCKBOYS”

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D.B. admitting to setting me up with guys who he called his “GOONS” & “STOCKBOYSor alleged hired hitmen. These alleged “Stockboys” were also rapists as they had lied about who they were, it was pre-conspired and false pretenses. The primary “Stockboys” were A.E.V., E.M.M., and D.J.S. the other men that I was with were also “Stockboys” as some of them had ingested poison into themselves and delivered threats against my life and my youngest daughter M.L.M’s life by taking our birth certificates out of the house. Because I was not loved, and because I was only being used and D.B. hired both my ex-husbands I have lived an entire life of lies. D.B. has stolen my life to save his own and keep himself out of jail and so did they. D.B. also wants me to be to scared to love as once someone does this repeatedly to you it makes it pretty difficult to trust anyone, especially completely. 

D.B. traded me in for alleged money, because of what he had done in his past, because I am strong willed, strong minded, think and act for myself, and will not do what he wants when he wants it, I fight him, I ignore him, and I rebel against him, and I always have. D.B. cannot use me to do his bidding for him, I am to good, and says I have a superiority complex which I view as a good thing, however he alleges that no one likes a snitch, stoolpigeon, a canary, nor tattle tale nor does anyone like a mouse, mole, rat, or hamster, Bottom line is that nobody likes a goodie two shoes.

D.B. allegd he targeted me because I had witnessed bad things he had done such as his digging of a hole in Summit Il. where he allegedly hid a body, and because I found the dead body in Palos Hills Il. that he said will take research but will be found out about. D.B. also said greed got the best of him and he wanted money, and was tired of struggling so he kept trying to take my life and push me over the edge but it just would not work, then he said he could not figure out why I refused to die and attributed it to my being stubborn, he said I was so god damn stubborn I would not eat the oatmeal that he poisoned.

I remember it as I slept at the kitchen table all night long and refused to eat the oatmeal because it tasted nasty. D.B. then told me to pay attention to my cravings and if something did not taste right to not eat it and listen to my instincts because this thing was far from over since he had gotten so many other people involved and there were allegedly many other people that purchased and sold life insurance and pointed out how many people around me sold life insurance and asked me if that seemed normal to me, and also asked me if I ever saw so many sick people surrounding one person. 

D.B. targeted me and my daughters for the same reason as they are each, strong willed independently minded, little woman that I raised to be non-conformists despite the schools they went to. I raised leaders for business not civil servants, followers, or gang or Mob members.

D.B. then targeted others that had protected me and because of what they had done or what they knew.  

I did not believe him when he told me that he had hired “Stockboys” that were already killers and criminals, when he set me up with A.E.V. and E.M.M. I thought he was lying to me or trying to make me feel better about making poor choices in choosing my husbands but when I sat down and put my life together which I still have left to post, it all fits like a super giant jigsaw puzzle, and I suck at puzzles so it took me awhile.