Chapter 35 L.V.W. Misuse of Credentials –> WHERE ARE YOUR P.E.T. SCANS?

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L.V.W & D.W.




This message is to all four girls, I understand that L.V.W. is your godmother and aunt and that you are losing your family because of all of this the same way that I am. What I need you to understand is that the people that have been in your lives do not love you if they want to put you in danger or see you harmed. If they want you to live without your mom who loves you and has risked her life to bring you into the world and keep you safe. From what I have been told and seen with my own two eyes what D.B. has been honest about the people in A.E.V.’s family, E.M.M.’s family and I know you know right from wrong and that L.V.W. did not do the right thing when we went to her in 2012. What transpired has made it difficult to obtain justice and has destroyed our lives and stolen our time together from us. That is not love, that is hate, vengeance and ultimately greed. I need you to remember all the times that I asked you “Do YOU GOT ME?” and you said yes, and remember that you have me. No matter who did what, why or how you have me and you always will.  All I ask of you is to be yourselves, be honest, and be safe. 


I began dating A.E.V. when I was fifteen years old and had been accepted into the family because I would not allow him to do drugs and tried to keep him out of trouble. I called his parents Mom and Dad. L.V.W. was very hateful of me from the very beginning and demonstrated her jealousy of me and my relationship with “HER PARENTS” often. There were many arguments between L.V.M. and I she and I were not on speaking terms due to an argument that we had. When I became pregnant with M.M.V.M. she acted as though she dropped the issues and was willing to accept and M.M.V.M. as well. She tricked me into believing that she cared about me and M.M.V.M. and as if she was on my side. She became a role model for me and taught me not to say “BAD” when M.M.V.M. did something wrong and to instead use inappropriate Behavior as it attacks the behavior and not the child.


For a while L.V.W. and I talked on the telephone often and during one of those telephone calls she made the allegation that her friend D. had been killed by her husband S. for life insurance proceeds. D. was allegedly a “dear friend of hers” that had died of a young of alleged cancer.



D.B. had alleged that L.V.W. had purchased a life insurance policy on my life and that she had intended to collect on that policy along with her brother A.E.V. and E.M.M. and other family members. D.B. made the same allegation about the rest of A.E.V.’s and E.M.M.’s family as well. D.B. alleged that all of my family members were to be charged with having policies and conspiracy to cause my untimely demise as well as organized crime racketeering, witness intimidation, and witness tampering. Some persons were to be charged with other various crimes including attempted murder by way of forced or pushed suicide, or attempted murder by way of poison or any other means.

L.V.W. and I have had many fallouts throughout my knowing her which have included her not paying me to watch her children every Wednesday which was supposed to be a trade of babysitting time meaning that I watched her children so she would watch M.M.V.M. for A.E.V. and I.

There was also an argument in which L.V.W. attempted to have me uninvited from Christmas. At which she was told by her mother that she was not going to uninvite me and that if L.V.W. did not like it then she should stay home. B.V. told me about the incident and the Christmas was very tense L.V.W. stayed upstairs and I stayed downstairs with A.E.V. and the kids. There was also a time when I purchased a gift for her kids and she refused the gift by leaving it behind.

After my divorce from A.E.V., L.V.W. acted as if she was helping me to obtain the back child support from him and then when the Attorney tried to charge me for administering the trust account and I complained to her about it and asked her to speak to P.S. about it she called me a gold-digger in my presence as did he on the telephone. Since her parents were deceased L.V.W. was the head of the family and the person to go to with such an issue.


L.V.W. was very overbearing and controlling and would become angry if I was not able to attend a family function even if my car was broken down or stopped working all together. L.V.W. is very cold, and curt, and when her parents passed away, she did not cry at all she sat with a smug smile on her face the entire time.

I have four daughters and I needed someone who was young enough to care for them if something should ever happen to me and wanted all of my daughter’s kept together. I knew that L.V.W. was a psychologist and I trusted her to keep my girls safe and raise them to be good women should I pass away. Therefore, I asked Lesley and her husband D.W. to be godparents for all four of my daughters.

In June 2012, I contacted L.V.W. in regards to the poisoning of me for life insurance proceeds by E.M.M and asked to stay at her residence. L.V.W. did not know that I had been forewarned by D.B. what she and E.M.M. had planned if I should contact her, but I had been told in 2009 what they had planned for me though a telephone call that had been placed to me by D.B. that depicted the events that were going to take place during the week of June 10, 2012 including being put in to the psych ward for reporting crimes against me.


While at L.V.W.’s residence she asked the girls and I if we thought E.M.M. loved us, no one at the table said a word. That was the gist of the conversation that was had about the situation. L.V.W. made sure to make herself unavailable to any statements and did not ask me about anything that had occurred at my house or why I thought E.M.M. was poisoning me. L.V.W. did not question me about it at all. If I attempted to go near her to speak, she would walk out the door, or go on her cell phone. I had told her alleged ex-husband D.W. in the car and he stated he was going to take me to the hospital for blood testing but then made himself unavailable to do so. I was getting ready to call an ambulance to get myself there and she and D.W. stood in the door-jam of her rec-room and would not let me pass. They both had big stupid smiles on their faces like twiddle dee and twiddle dumb.

While there I was awake and heard the door open in the middle of the night. It was extremely late at night; I could not sleep as I was not feeling well and it seemed that there was something on the couch that was grimy it could have been carpet fresh which I am allergic to or something else which seemed to be making me sicker than I was when I was brought to their house. The next day there were bagels on the counter, I took the bagel underneath the top one and left the rest. D.W. took the bagel from the top and was eating it in his rec-room on the couch he began to turn red in the face then got up ran to the bathroom grabbed a big glass of water drank it quickly and ran out the back door. 

D.B. alleged that Lesley had been caught by purchasing life insurance on me before I had ever met her and while she was working at Fasano’s Pizza. When her parents died, she used the money that she got to put in a new kitchen in her house and she had wasted no time going through the house and taking things from it. She threw most of their belongings in the dumpster as she did not want the money from their belongings because then she would have had to split the money that she did get with A.E.V. and she did not want him to have anything which was part of why she assisted me in obtaining back child support. She acted as if she hated A.E.V. when in actuality, she had been in contact with him the same way that his parents had been in contact with him and had not been candid about the contact that they had, in fact she was not candid with me throughout my entire time of knowing her.


On the day that L.V.W. misused her clout and credentials at Christ Hospital to defame my character which I was also told was the plan “B” had I figured out or known that I was being poisoned and went to the police, in advance on the telephone.  The house phone for the Widmer house had been left on the table and was dead just as D.B. had depicted to me in 2009. I took that as my cue that what D.B. had alleged was coming true and that I should make an exit with the children and go to the police at which time we left the W. residence and went to the Gas Station, then Walgreens, and then to a restaurant to charge the cellphone I purchased at Walgreen’s to call the Sheriffs or State police as I had been instructed to do.

I was unable to get through to their office and Worth Police were sent which I had been told that if I contacted Worth Police, they were going to unlawfully seize me and unlawfully transport me to Christ Hospital and unlawfully hold me and have me committed for reporting to them that I was being poisoned and what was going on.

It was said during the conversation with D.B. that if I did not leave the W. residence that night I was going to be held at gunpoint to take a bunch of pills and drugs or shot by E.M.M. when he came to pick the girls and I up from their house. Sunday morning M.R.M. came up to me and told me that “DaDa” was coming to get us to take us home that night. I had not spoken to E.M.M. myself and did not know where that information had come from but figured that L.V.W. had spoken to E.M.M. without my knowledge.

 As a result of L.V.W.’s misuse of friendships at the hospital, her credentials, and clout my reputation was tarnished and I have not been able to obtain justice for the attempts made on my life by alleged family members who thought that my life was disposable and I have lost custody of my children which it was alleged that she had played a part in as well.

D.B. alleged that much of the hateful things that were said to me and about me and the things that were being done to me as far as the idea to have people break into my house and move and rearrange things or steal them from me completely were a result of idea’s that she had come up with including gas-lighting of me and the taking away of my children and house were her idea at an attempt to push me into forced or pushed suicide. He alleged that she had been compelled by hate that had been fed by greed, fear, and jealousy.



When A.J.V.M. returned home in February of 2017 for a brief time she had been told she had to leave L.V.W.’s house, A.J.V.M. came home saying that she had been diagnosed with Bi-Polar and had very strong and addictive medication on her person one of which was a medication for seizures. She was wearing ill-fitting clothing that I am nearly sure came from L.V.W., A.J.V.M. was extremely upset and not herself, she alleged that Leslie had kicked her out of her residence.

A.J.V.M. is not Bi-Polar and is to be believed as she is a witness to crime, she is strong minded, strong willed, and outspoken she does not suffer from any mental defect but will not put up with back handed comments, indirect, or insults against her or her immediate family. I assured A.J.V.M. that she is not Bi-polar and that standing up for one’s self does not make them Bi-polar it means that they are independent minded and that is not wrong, but the way she was raised.  I raised leaders and not followers I also reminded A.J.V.M. that she is a leader and told her to start thinking for herself and to lead.

All four of my children may be fearful to stand and tell what they have witnessed and gone through out of fear of being mislabeled or fear of ramifications. It will take reassurance that they are safe and out of harm’s way and not going to be attacked or mislabeled for speaking in order for them to share what they have witnessed and gone through themselves.


De.W. has been abused by L.V.W in my presence and has been committed to the psych ward repeatedly. De.W has stated he was atheist and gay and listens to goth music and wears goth clothing and makeup I do not believe that De. W. is Bi-Polar either as he has been abused by L.W. and D.W. in the past in that I have witnessed them carrying him upside down at family parties while he was beat red in the face and screaming.  Once while on the telephone I heard her screaming at him while pushing feces into his but crack while she was screaming “Do you like the feeling of shit between your ass crack? He was very young and potty training at the time.

 I was so upset I called her mother B.V. and reported it to her immediately. Another time I had to go to L.V.W’s  and pick De.W. up and take him out of the house due to his crying and her screaming. I removed him from the situation and took him to the park for a while so she could cool off.

At least once De.W. was admitted to the psych ward; he was there for thanksgiving. L.V.W. mis-uses the psych ward or threat of the psych ward as tool to silence, and to exert power and control over him and has done the same to me and may have done the same to A.J.V.M. This abuse of the most horrific kind, to be mislabeled and then not believed as a result is not only abusive but horrifying for the victim of it.

  1. W. belongs to the Knights of Columbus and L.V.W. is a member of her church. I have found that persons affiliations have had nothing to do with the behavior that they demonstrate and that these things are being used as tools to deflect authority’s attention away from crimes they have knowledge of, participated in themselves, and have attempted to cover up.

L.V.W. is a cook and often makes food and brings it to people, she often brought B.V. food, and she often made me food including red-velvet cake for my birthday. When I was pregnant with M.M.V.M. she often made food dishes and brought them to me as a thing of “kindness”. I do not know for sure if she has ever poisoned me or anyone else but she has been a main conspirator of crime against me and was the executor of her parent’s estate her parent’s estate was in probate at the Bridgeview Courthouse.


D.B. alleged that L.V.W. had known that M.M.V.M. was going to be raped and that she was raped and she may also have information in regards to the alleged rape of A.J.V.M. and the alleged disappearance of her child.


It was alleged by D.B. that I was going to be illegally arrested and taken back to Lake County jail a second time and that during that time I was going to be transferred unlawfully to LSMH in an effort to discredit me and to defame my character. It was alleged that L.V.W. had planned on contacting the jail or that there had been contact from her with authorities and as a result I have not been able to obtain justice for what has been done to me and my character has been criminally defamed.


We used to celebrate the January and March Birthday’s at L.V.W’s  residence in Chicago Ridge Il. One year we invited Ed Malik’s parents to the birthday party that was for the March Birthday’s the kids that were included in this party was her youngest son Brian and my three daughters M.M.M., M.L.M., and M.R.M. E.M.M.’s parents had gotten to the house before we arrived and were sitting in the living-room with A.E.V. family. When we got there everyone stopped talking and conversing and it was very awkward for me after that point every time we got together as a family.

The last Christmas that was spent at the L.W. residence I was extremely ill and limping, I was in a great deal of agony and was undergoing testing for MS the doctors were trying to figure out what was wrong with me and I had gone to a neurologist to find answers. I was very upset and crying because I was scared about the possible diagnosis and what was going on with my body. I was talking to B.C. who is the wife of R.C., B.V.’S brother and A.E.V’s aunt and uncle. E.M.M once worked with R.C. at Cold Storage. I spoke to her about my ailments and health problems that I had been having and was crying, she was consoling me.

However, from what I understand she and the rest of the family were aware of what was going on and what was going to happen to me. They did nothing to stop them nor did anyone warn me the way that D.B. did. It was later found through proper testing that I do not suffer from MS. I was informed by D.B. that all of A.E.V. family members were aware that I was being targeted for life insurance and none of them contacted police nor did they warn me. I have not heard from them and they stopped sending cards to the kids after the June 10, 2012 incident. I contacted B.C. during the fire incident that occurred at my residence and J.K. and left messages on both answering machines requesting a call back and was ignored.

W.E.V.   had once said to me that his family had done something really horrible and that he had to think about what he was going to do about it as he was head of the family and it was his decision to make. W.E.V. was allegedly a millionaire and L.V.W. was the executor of his estate, then her mother B.J.V. had been the sole heir after W.E.V. allegedly died or staged his death. In either case L.V.W. was in charge and made sure A.E.V. got as little as possible. 

 In Addition to her work as a psychologist L.V.W. had me design a logo which she did not think I should be compensated for, that was allegedly for her personal company “HEALING TOUCH” which is supposed to be a type  of massage that is done without physically touching someone that moves the “ENERGY” around them. 

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