Chapter 36 D.B. Alleged E.M.M. has Safe houses in Gary & Lake Station

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I then saw that same key ring at a house in my neighborhood which belonged to a friend of my daughter M.R.M.’s whose name is A. and whose mother is C. kiddie corner from my house. D.B. alleged that there were several “safe houses” that E.M.M.  had and during the fire incident that occurred at my house I went to stay at this house with my daughters A.J.V.M., M.R.M., M.L.M. While at this house I saw a bank statement inside an envelope for Midland Bank, which was a bank in Hobart that my daughters alleged they had gone to several times with E.M.M., and a stack of insurance papers that they alleged were for home owners insurance. They alleged they had been shopping around for home owners insurance it appeared that the stack of papers was more than a thousand pages in thickness as it was a very large stack.

I also saw E.M.M.’s old keys sitting there and wondered why they had E.M.M.’s old keys. While I was at this house, I was antagonized all night long by the smell of acetone being pumped into the room and use of a large attic fan that had once belonged to E.M.M. and had been pulled out of an house he had worked on when we lived in Lyons, I noticed the fan in the closet of the girl that was living there.

I put the blowup mattress over the air vent to try and keep the odor from entering the room where the girls and I were and stayed up all night watching over M.L.M. as she was stark white and I was getting concerned over the odor. While there, audio was played from one of E.M.M.’s explosion fires to make me believe that my car had been blown up and my house burned down the smell of wood was apparent throughout the house. I became extremely afraid and the next day around 6am I heard E.M.M. at the back door and the owner of the house say something along the lines of “didn’t you say there was a little dog too?”

I was unable to get down the stairs fast enough as by the time I got down there the door was closed and he was gone, E.M.M. returned to the house without me calling him and on his own accord around 12:30 in the afternoon alleging that he wanted to give me money for child support as I had gone and gotten an order of protection against him. I was scared and felt he was to powerful and I was never going to be able to get away from him so I ended up dropping the order of protection and allowing him to return home. When I returned home the front door lock had been completely removed from the door as there were no guts to the lock, Ed attempted to tell me that it had always been that way.

E.M.M.’s fire DVD was on the counter to indicate to me that he had been the one to make me believe that my house and car were gone by way of fire. A large knife was on the table and when I picked it up to put it in the sink Ed said “A., put the knife down”, I reported what E.M.M. said to me to D.B.W. of the LSPD immediately via Facebook.

Not long after I ended up kicking E.M.M. out of the house again and when I did I was afraid to leave the house empty or the lights off in all the rooms, one day a friend of mine L. N. asked me why my house was always lit up like a Christmas tree and it was so that E.M.M. would not know which rooms we were located in. I do not and did not have home owners insurance and had to protect the house as it was keeping a roof over my children’s head. After the fire incident I did not allow the house to be empty for over a year and a half, there always had to be someone “Manning the house” to try and keep it intact. E.M.M., D.B., and their co-horts have gone out of their way to instill panic and fear into myself and my daughters and they have enjoyed themselves while doing so.

I asked him why he said that to me. The container of laundry soap that was upstairs was missing, and the dog feces that A.J.V.M. had reported was on the floor by the front door had been cleaned up. I had sent A.J.V.M. home to check on the residence earlier in the morning.

After E.M.M. left the residence, I was sleeping in my room near the bedroom window and heard men in my backyard and they were laughing and playing either an audio clip or had a Chucky Doll, I heard “MAMA” in Chuckie’s voice coming from outside the window. I did not bother to call the police I simply laid there listening and waiting for them to leave as I figured they would be gone before the police responded anyway.

Around the time that E.M.M.  was leaving the house after the divorce people who work for the Lake Station Fire Department moved into the house across the street from me. One of the men called me “E’s Wife” the other attempted to sex-traffic me and I recorded all texts and put them on my website to prove that this is what has been being done to me. I also reported it to a Gary Police officer who drove me home from Mc Donald’s near the Miller South Shore line in Gary In. The man’s name was Dave and lives near my house. this may be another safe house and it may also have been a place E.M.M. may have stayed to harass me after the divorce when I kicked him out of the house and my house was constantly being broken into.

E.M.M. once came home with a BMW Key I do not know exactly where he got it from but found it in my office. He said something about DeKalb street it was a strange looking key. When I asked him about it, he was acting like he was pulling my leg about something like if he was trying to get me to believe he had possibly done something that he had not, however in the instance of E.M.M. I am not very good at detecting his candidness unless he makes Freudian slips or I catch him by his facial expressions and body language. He often acts as if he is pulling my leg about things and has enjoyment in gas lighting me and tormenting me along with his friends.