Chapter 38 “CLEANERS”? Investigation Request

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D.B. alleged E.M.M. had opened a crematorium in Gary and hooked the gas up to a funeral home located in Gary In. and had been using the crematorium to get rid of dead bodies. E.M.M. worked for NIPSCO and had hooked up the electric meter at the condo in Chicago Ridge after payment was made rather than wait for the meter reader. I do not know if he has the knowledge to hook up gas to a building or not but may have been informed how to by the internet or by D.B., E.M.M. had shown me photographs of an abandoned funeral home in Gary that he had gone to in order to take photos.

D.B. alleged that there were going to be ashes left in my refrigerator and alleged that the ashes were the ashes of either J.T. or a person that was killed at the crematorium. I did find what I believe are ashes in my refrigerator and took photos of them and kept the photos and ashes as evidence. I honestly do not know what ashes look like I only know they are not from the fire-pit nor old wood burning stove that I had.

D.B. could have had anyone put any person’s ashes in my refrigerator to scare me or to try and convince me that the crematorium had been being used by E.M.M.  Further investigation of closed down or abandoned funeral homes which contain crematoriums in Gary should be conducted to determine the validity of D.B.’s allegations. The ashes were in the center of the top shelf of the refrigerator and a keyhole was drawn in the center of them as shown in the photographs taken.

D.B. has made many allegations some have turned out to be true and other’s have seemed very far-fetched, at the same time it seems when I refuse to believe or accept something it ends up being true. Anything is possible as E.M.M. worked as a surveillance officer for the power company NIPSCO, has friends that work for NIPSCO and alleged to having a job at NISOURCE.

It was alleged by D.B. that the man named Williams that was allegedly removed from my garage has been disposed of by E.M.M. either at the crematorium or by house fire in Gary. I can not remember which. D.B. alleged that E.M.M. was a pro at getting rid of bodies and it was his specialty. E.M.M. is a fire video-grapher that has 600 videos on YOUTUBE. D.B. asked me what I thought all those fires were for. I don’t know maybe someone who has access to surveillance video and hard evidence can figure that out for me and let me know. 

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